Obama signs off on indefinite detention for Guantanamo detainees

Also orders resumption of military trials


Two years ago, Obama vowed in an executive order to close the infamous military detention centre in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Today, in another executive order, the U.S. president created a formal system allowing the indefinite detention of Guantanamo prisoners. His administration also announced that it will start new military commission trials for detainees of the prison. Officials said that Obama is still committed to closing the prison, while he did not mention it himself in a short statement on Monday.

Washington Post

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Obama signs off on indefinite detention for Guantanamo detainees

  1. 0 comments eh! – why does this NOT surprise me. Another Hopey Changey thing thrown under the bus. I wonder if anyone has counted up the Bush Policy items that Obie has continued as implemented … would be interesting to find out. Easy to target Bush as he was a walking talking target and liked it that way .. however . Obama the golden child of the DemocraticLiberal future – now making it official as a Bush Clone – I wonder how many of the left will stand up and protest or will they become as the very people that they insulted for a few years and fall to the usual level of hypocrisy and denial that is so rifte in that particular poltical philososphy

    • What makes you think the O has anything today with the left to begin with?

      As you say, he is Bush 3.0. Anyone who still supported Obama after bringing in 2/3 of "The Committee to Save the World" and painted themselves left is either intellectually dishonest, uninformed or simply confused. Did anyone ever talk about the option of nationalizing these banks instead of bailing them out? A real communist would have done that, socialized the creation and quantity of credit through full reserve banking, end all taxation except for the LVT or land value tax (following Henry George), distributed whatever actual assets the banking system had to regional soviets and set up the infrastructure for centralized labour and gift exchange. Obama didn't even give anyone a bullet train as far as I know.

    • Probably he's just trying to be green? Waste nothing and Recycle everything ?

  2. Unsurprised, but disappointed. If politicians actually had to face the consequences of talking s___ to win an election,,, well, we'd probably have more responsible moderate politicians.

  3. Most of them are gone now, and the rest will be shortly. Plus there'll be no new ones.

    Takes awhile to undo Bush's messes.

  4. Welcome to the fierce moral urgency of no change.

    Officials said that Obama is still committed to closing the prison,

    Is that the same committment he has to a balanced budget? Y'know what, don't bother answering that…

    • Gosh, you mean Obama doesn't have a magic wand?

      He couldn't change the world overnight??

      You must be sooo disappointed.

  5. Hilarious hypocrisy from a bumbling socialist, what a disaster as a 'President'.

  6. It's amazing really. When Bush does something, it's a war crime and a crime against humanity. When Obama does it, its no big deal.

    And a similar thing in Canada:

    When Conservatives transfer money in/out of candidate's campaigns it's illegal, and when Liberals and NDP does it it's fine.

    It's a complicated thing, the law.

  7. What you lelfties don't and will never realize is 'reality bites'. To honestly believe this guy is right wing is hallucinatory beyond the extreme. You left wing crazies will vote for your kind no matter how unbelievably stupid the position. What the right needs to do is get the independents in the middle and totally forget posturing to the left. Hear me, Harper. .

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