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Obama tuned into network miscues on health care


Not event the leader of the free world is immune to misinformation.

President Obama’s Affordable Care Act may have been upheld by the Supreme Court, but two news outlets delivered early reports that the mandate had been struck down. The screwups live — on TV and online — got just about as much press as the ruling for a time.

Both CNN and Fox News Channel rushed to deliver the ruling to their viewers. They just happened to have been wrong. Each outlet reported that the mandate had been ruled unconstitutional, a crushing blow to Obama.

Turns out it wasn’t just average viewers that CNN and Fox tripped up. Obama was just outside the Oval Office when he was told that the act wasn’t upheld. Senior administration officials say that the president stayed calm. It was only a few more minutes until White House counsel Kathy Ruemmler gave him thumbs up and the correct information.

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Obama tuned into network miscues on health care

  1. It sounds like the networks were more concerened about being first than being right.

  2. Fox News is always wrong anyway. The only difference is that this might have been unintentional.

    • Actually Fox News has been cited as having the more balanced news reporting of all the major networks (by Pew Research Centres – NOT a right wing research centre).

      I realize that it is popular to trash Fox, but as usual most people are wrong.

  3. It would have been cool to see his face as he found out the truth. lol