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Obama wants more online freedom

U.S. president says China should loosen Internet restrictions


On his first state visit to China, U.S. President Barack Obama suggested the country should give its citizens more freedom on the Internet. “I think that the more freely information flows, the stronger the society becomes, because then citizens of countries around the world can hold their own governments accountable,” he told students in Shanghai. Obama also dismissed notions the U.S. and China are rivals, saying, “we do not seek to contain China’s rise,” and urged greater cooperation between the two countries. Following his address to students, Obama met with Chinese President Hu Jintao to discuss environmental, trade and economic issues.


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Obama wants more online freedom

  1. Interesting that Obama is lecturing ChiComs about how 'information flows' and what that leads to while he's deciding domestically which news programs are legitimate. I would have thought Obama and ChiComs could find some common ground on how it's best to keep your people exposed to propaganda or ignorant of actual news.

    • if fox news was fair and balanced it would be like when you are in a room full of people some think one way some think another ..fox, though entertaining is a pawn of big business and not a good reagan kind of conservatism but a mean kind of rush limbaugh ..if i were obama i wouldn't talk to them as$es either

  2. China just enforces their version of a "Fairness Doctrine". Obama should be congratulating them on being so progressive and asking for tips on how to move his backwards nation in the same direction.

  3. does anyone else here think that obama is not quite a democratic kind of person?

    • What country is run by democratically minded people or interests?

  4. Headlines like these make me laugh and yet paint a scary future.