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Obamamania officially over

Obama’s approval rating close to the bottom for any newly elected president


President Barack Obama’s daily approval rating of 53 per cent reflects the steepest decline in popularity of any first-term U.S. president in 50 years, the Telegraph reports. Gallup recorded an average daily approval rating of 53 per cent for Obama for the third quarter of the year, a sharp drop from the 62 per cent he recorded from April. His current approval rating is “hovering just above the level that would make re-election an uphill struggle” and “is close to the bottom for newly elected presidents,” the paper reports. The bad polling news comes as the president returns to the campaign trail to prevent his Democratic party from losing two governorships next month in states in which he defeated Senator John McCain in last November’s election. On the hustings, Obama delivered a plea that seemed almost as much for himself as the local candidate: “I’m here today to urge you to cast aside the cynics and the sceptics, and prove to all Americans that leaders who do what’s right and who do what’s hard will be rewarded and not rejected.”

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Obamamania officially over

  1. Scott, of course, is unfairly cherry picking, with rasmussun and Gallup/usa today having him down. Rasmussen is the only one to use "likely" voters, which may be the truest.

    The best way to measure it is use two things: 1) the aggregage, the Real Clear Politics average of all the major polling is the industry standard,


    2) the trend.

    Both are very bad for obama. The RCP average looks like a downward ski slope (conversely the "dissapproval" numbers are skyrocketing).

    Scott can cherry pick. And it may make Scott feel better. But the reality is Obama is now, at best, an ordinary politician, far from the vaunted great hope he once was, and perhaps even a failed one-termer.

  2. Baloney, BIff. Rasmussen has been shown to deliberately skew their models Republican (and Scott Rasmussen is a known supporter or Republicans) so I dont take anything the Fox NEws of pollsters says seriously.

    If you and other Conservatives/Republicans want to feel good about Rasmussens polling.. knock yourself out.

  3. By the way Biff.. while we're talking polls.. if you want to comfort yourself with Rasmussen and Gallup.. this new poll today should hardly give Republicans/Conservative sympathizers any comfort, regardless of Obama's numbers:

    CNN, releasing the results of its new poll this afternoon, reports, "The Republican Party's favorable rating among Americans is at lowest level in at least a decade, according to a new national poll."

    If this doesn't make the GOP nervous, it should. According to the poll, just 36% have a favorable opinion of the Republican Party, while 54% have a negative opinion. When was the last time a CNN poll showed Republicans with a worse rating? According to the internals, it was December 1998 — 11 years ago — the same week House Republicans impeached then-President Bill Clinton and the GOP's favorability rating dropped to 31%.

    Obama has come down obviously in his ratings.. but he's still above 50%.. the Republicans are doing worse then he is.. and when their star attractions are Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh.. Obama probably doesnt have much to worry about in 2012.

  4. Virginia Scott.

    As goes Virginia so goes the country. And in the Blue of Blue states NJ, a Dem may be losing as well – the reason why Obama wants to rush through health care btw, these canaries in the coalmines spell disaster for the dems in 2010.

    And the RCP average downward ski slope in Obama's approval?? Also, several polls out show that more Americans that ever, identify themselves as conservatives (rather than liberals) than in recent history.

    As for the Republicans, check out the generic ballot vote, with Dems and the RNC almost dead even. Further, there are many conservatives that refuse to identify with being "republican", not because they are Dems, but because they don't feel the RNC is conservative enough (RINOS is a favourite term on the right, meaning republican in name only). If you think they'll vote for the Dems (and Nancy Pelosi's radical leftward lurch) instead of the only conservative candidate, well, I've got some Obama hope and change to sell you.

    2010f is shaping up to be a very tough

    • wasn't there a recent pol that only 20some per cent of people support the republicans? there is no doubt that they will be back somewhat but right now they have no real leader and no real policy… for instance, what is their health care policy? i surely don't know …other than that maybe they want to keep it like it is and it doesn't really phase them that they pay the most in the world with results closer to the middle of the pack

  5. KK, Im not saying its truth but check out the Obama deception on youtube and then get your friends too see it and make the call for themself

  6. Some of this is due to the outrageous reporting on the Fox news network. I was in Peru last year and visiting a family that considered the Fox network that they were able to pick up on satellite a "comedy channel". Comedy on Peru TV is evidently pretty poor stuff, but the Fox network provided the best english language comedy they could ever wish for. Mostly they found it funny that anyone in the US actually believed any of the stuff they reported.

  7. Democrats and Republicans are equally corrupt, and not very different on most policies. That people find this surprising in 2009 is the shocking thing.