Obama’s a hippie?

The President reverses Bush’s policy on marijuana “compassion clubs”


Forget the talk radio notion that Obama is a socialist. Now we have proof he’s a hippie. The Hawaiian-raised President of the United States has reversed yet another George W. Bush policy, ordering the Justice Department to stop prosecuting marijuana “compassion clubs.” California and a dozen other states have okayed the medical use of pot, but the Bush administration ignored state wishes and continued to bust sick users. No more, apparently.

Los Angeles Times

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Obama’s a hippie?

  1. Obama is in Cali at the moment, maybe he wants to pick some up without worrying about being busted.

    • Why does he have to be a hippie to allow this. There are people who are chronic sufferers and Marijuana is used to relief pain, and much better then pain killers and cheaper. Obama understands that and he is a compassionate man.


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