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Obama’s approval rating highest in 2 years

More than 50 per cent of Americans want a second term


U.S. President Barack Obama’s approval rating has hit 60 per cent, according to an Associated Press-Gfk poll taken after the death of Osama bin Laden. The results are being attributed not only to the assassination, but also to a surge in support from independent voters and an improvement of how Americans perceive Obama’s foreign and economic policy. 73 per cent of Americans say they’re confident that the president can handle terrorist threats, and 52 per cent approve of his handling of unemployment. But the news, which comes as Obama gears up for a lengthy re-election campaign, wasn’t all good—the poll also found that 52 per cent of Americans still feel the country is on the wrong track.

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Obama’s approval rating highest in 2 years

  1. Darned if I can remember where, but I recently read something showing that US Presidents have almost always realized a popularity bump after similar successes (granted, these things are hard to compare), but that such bumps are always short lived.

    It’s not like the Obama campaign can identify concrete and measurable benefits that resulted from this action: beyond the symbolic and visceral satisfaction, life will pretty much go on as before. (I’m not saying it shouldn’t have been done, just that you can’t campaign on hypothetical outcomes).