Obama’s signature and the RCMP’s first turbaned officer


To mark the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Senate Speaker Noël Kinsella hosted a reception in honour of the Dominion Institute’s Passages to Canada, a program of speakers that highlight the Canadian immigration experience. Below is Kinsella (right) with Greg Thompson, Minister of Veterans Affairs.


RCMP sergeant Baltej Singh Dhillon, who is one of the program’s speakers, told his tale about being the first RCMP officer to be able to wear his turban and keep his beard on the job.


NDP MP Peter Stoffer helped serve the food.


Stoffer with fellow NDP MP Jack Harris.


Marc Chalifoux (left), the Dominion Institute’s executive director, with Liberal Senators Dennis Dawson and Lucie Pépin.


Chalifoux used to be  Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff’s aide.


Immigration Minister Jason Kenney spoke at the reception.


Montreal Liberal MP Marlene Jennings.


Montreal Liberal MP Justin Trudeau.


John FitzGerald, Newfoundland premier Danny Williams’ man on the Hill.


Iggy aide Michael O’Shaughnessy.


Iggy staffer Adam Goldenberg.


Liberal Party man Mathieu Gravel.


Young Liberal Pam Hricks.


The book Barack Obama signed when he was on the Hill.


The crowd.



Obama’s signature and the RCMP’s first turbaned officer

  1. That’s some grandiose signature.

    • It’s clearly an elitist signature.

      • Beta Theta [Pi] Fraternity (he didn’t get all of his letters)

        • LOL. Could be! For those who are unaware I should point out that Beta Theta Pi is one of the best fraternities.

  2. Actually, I’m kind of surprised they have the guest book with Obama’s signature on hand, apparently unprotected, at a social event where red wine and sloppy hors d’oevres dips are being served.

    As I recall in a distant tour of the Hill, there was a display of a duplicate copy of the 1982 Constitution that they used to show to the public until some political protester or whatever defaced it with a bottle of red paint/nail polish etc.

    This seems rather careless if unprotected. Maybe it was under cover, though.

  3. Elitiste’s signature? Obama is very left-handed (I’m not talking politically) and his signature is typical of that……duh

  4. Definitely a practised Sig – more than likely a class at Haaavaaad! teaches such…

  5. I find it incredibly ironic that a government of whom probably the vast majority of its members and supporters were probably virulantly opposed to Sgt. Singh Dillon’s quest now have to celebrate his story.

    What’s next, an anniversary party for the two Mikes?

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