Or, why Ottawa makes me mental part XXXVII:

Date: Jan. 13
Time: 13:30
Participant(s): BeaverTails Canada Inc.
Location: Ottawa – Rideau Canal Skateway at Fifth Avenue and the Queen Elizabeth Driveway, near the BeaverTails Kiosk.
Subject: Photo opportunity and a free “ObamaTail“ for the public.

We have obtained the secret ObamaTails recipe:

Cinnamon, sugar, maple, and… a big chocolate “O”.



  1. This makes me mental too. I will never buy a beavertail again, the Obama-lovers can have them.

    • Oooh, ObamaTails! Can’t wait!

  2. FYI – The wonderful aroma of a warm sweet pastry is becoming common place at many tourist locales across Canada – but there is nothing common about this delicious confection that is uniquely Canadian. Named for its resemblance to one of Canada’s foremost national symbols, BeaverTails® is the creation of Grant Hooker who together with his wife Pam, have taken a family business and turned it into an immense Canadian and, recently, international success.

    Just another food vendor trying to milk Obama’s name for some cheap publicity? This happens all the time with restaurants down south and nobody really seems to notice or care.

    • That paragraph seems a little overblown, I had never heard of them ’til I arrived in Ottawa.

      Maybe it is cheap publicity, but I don’t remember this sort of thing happening with Bush 43/41, Clinton or Reagan, or any other foreign politician. It seems creepy to me.

      • Hilary did a serious Beavertail photo-op during a First-Lady-skate on the Canal some years ago. And as for Bill’s successor, would you really want to eat a “Bush-tail”? Ew. I’d just keep spitting out imaginary hair.

  3. Why is it that the same people who have railed against the Conservatives for being too pro-american have suddenly jumped into bed with Obama as if we were the 51st state? The pathetic adulation with Obama is not endearing. You don’t even see this level of obsession on Entertainment Tonight.

    • Why is it that the same people who have railed against the Conservatives for being too pro-american have suddenly jumped into bed with Obama as if we were the 51st state?

      It’s just exuberance and relief to finally see the backend of the Worst American Administration in history.

      As for Conservatives being pro-American; they aren’t. They’re pro-Republican.

      • A Strategic Counsel poll back in June showed that an overwhelming majority of Canadians preferred the Democratic presidential nominee to the Republican one, regardless of their political leanings (i.e. most “conservative-minded” voters also preferred Obama.)

        • “most “conservative-minded” voters also preferred Obama”

          Didn’t I hear somewhere that Jason Kenney (gag!) is a big fan?

  4. Never heard of BeaverTails until a moment ago. Had to google to see what it is and it turns out it is one of our core Canadian identities! Who knew? They don’t sound too appetizing, who likes whole wheat pastries.

    • They’re not appetizing – they are dough with lots of sugar piled on top. You’re not missing anything.

      • Yes, yes, sf. They are not the star of Canada’s Food Guide. (I can’t believe you guys have never heard of them)

        But they’re yummy!

        Not sure about the Obama thing, though, for the reasons stated above about fawning all over the man. And I can’t imagine he’d see it as a compliment, either. Then there’s that whole other line of thinking–the one in the gutter.

        Beaver Tails good

        Obama Tails not so much.

      • You have to eat them after skating on the canal.

        • …’cuz you’d have to be freezing your toes, brain and assorted other anatomical parts to be prepared to consider ingesting these culinary coronaries…

          Hmm, a huge hot donut-with-no-hole coming from a hut on the ice. Two please!

    • Northern version of the Hush Puppy. If they were really good, Vachon would be making them, Yes?

      • The converse also tells a story: if Vachon were making them, they wouldn’t be really good any more.

        • Sad…… but true.

  5. Wait until Palin wins in 12/16. How does moose nose strike you?

    • Palin isn’t even popular in her own state anymore. Politically speaking, she’s as dead as the dodo.

      • I know, but when’s moose nose ever gonna come round again?

  6. What does an “Obama Tail” look like? Let’s play Pin the Obama Tail on the Donkey on skates in the freezing cold in French (I’m new to Ottawa but always ready to join in the fun and even brave enough to decide what’s fun for everyone!).

  7. beaver tails= artery clogging delight
    Obama tails= creepy

    • I worked for BeaverTails for 3 years in high school, and still have the schtick memorized. (yes, please pity me)

      The pastries themselves aren’t as horribly unhealtjhy as most believe. They’re no celery stick of course, but cholesterol free, not oily (when cooked properly), whole wheat, etc. Even the traditional toppings (cinnamon and sugar, lemon) are healthy in the correct quantity. But like anything, moderation is key.

      After working there for 3 years, moderation came easier and easier each season!

  8. Potter, your stuff is terrific, but this eternal hate-on for Ottawa is pretty boring.

    • Aww come on. Now you’re sounding like my mom.

      • Now, Andrew, don’t be saying that like it’s a bad thing. And go to bed, dear. It’s late!
        PS You’d know what I sound like if you CALLED once in a while…

        • I am a bad son.

  9. Now if they were called Obama coat-tails, that would be funny. And everyone would want them.

    • You should go tomorrow and set up a stand selling Obama coat-tails. I’ll be the media would even report it.

      • Just make sure you suggest they “dress warm” in the media advisory.

      • I’m glad you had a change of heart and opened your comment threads today.

  10. Several mental images are conjured up by the phrase “Big Chocolate O”.

    None of them are suitable for general audiences.

    • I have no idea what you’re talking about.

  11. Andrew, you and your Mom should have lunch sometime. Just to refresh your mind as to what she sounds like.