Obesity gender link discovered

Overweight moms 10 times more likely to have obese daughters, study shows


The obesity link stretches from moms to daughters, and fathers to sons, but not necessarily across the gender divide, a new study shows. The study, done by Plymouth’s Peninsula Medical School, looked at 226 families and found that obese moms were 10 times more likely to have obese daughters; fathers, meanwhile, were six times more likely to have obese sons. But children of the opposite sex weren’t affected, leading researchers to suggest the link is behavioural, not genetic: daughters copied their moms’ lifestyles, and sons did the same with their fathers. “It is the reverse of what we have thought and this has fundamental implications for policy,” lead author Prof. Terry Wilkin told the BBC. “We should be targeting the parents and that is not something we have really done to date.” In the study, conducted over a three-year period, 41 per cent of eight-year-old daughters of obese mothers were obese, compared to four per cent of girls with normal-weight mothers, while boys showed no difference. For boys, 18 per cent with obese fathers were obese, while three per cent of those with normal weight fathers were. But there was no difference for girls.

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Obesity gender link discovered

  1. Wow. A whole 226 families?! They must have needed some sort of super computer to cope with all that data.

  2. Horse poop. I can point to a number of anecdotal examples, including my own, where one male sibling is obese, the other isn't and both otherwise share very similar physiological attributes.

    And SS has another good point: the sample size appears very small and this is one study.

    If mainstream media is going to report on scientific advances/developments, it needs to start doing so more responsibly. It shoud be honour bound to refelct on the empirical methodology employed, the availability of similar studies and how they correspond/differ. They shoud also avoid the sensationistic nonsense of headlines intended to shock and dismay or otherwise titllate. But then, thye have to sell something, right? The economic imperative must be obeyed.