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OECD: Canada’s income inequality well above average

Job market, tax breaks widening the gap


A labour market that rewards high-skilled workers and increasingly shifts towards temporary and part-time jobs, coupled with tax breaks for the wealthy, has widened the income gap between rich and poor to record levels in Canada, a new study by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Developed found. Inequality in Canada is well above the organization’s 34-country average, though still considerably lower than in the United States, the Globe and Mail reports.

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OECD: Canada’s income inequality well above average

  1. Maybe the Occupers had a point.

  2. The Occupiers definitely have a point!

    • I wonder if those Pundit/Economists who ridiculed the idea that there is increased inequality will climb down from their high horses? 

      • Is Andrew Coyne still here, or was his ridiculous piece his job application for National Post?

        • In transit, no doubt.