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Oh, Rudy


Rudy Giuliani just gave probably the most morally corrupt and intellectually dishonest speeches I have ever sat through. He’s also a total creep. More later maybe, after I shower.

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Oh, Rudy

  1. Andrew that’s a lame criticism.

  2. Uhm, why is it lame? I actually agree somewhat….i’m just fact-checking some of the statements he made, and finding them to be dead wrong…

  3. Well he should have had his shower before posting. Tell us some facts. If I want rabble-rousing nonsense I’ll watch the speeches.

  4. I totally agree, saw some of Rudy’s stuff on TV, man, he’s lame!

  5. Potter, you’ve gotta stop holding back. Tell us what you really think for a change.

  6. Sometimes I rabble-rouse, sometimes I post weezer vids.

  7. I like Sarah. Now McCain is up there like some old man creeping everyone out.

    Anyone watching this on HDTV? How bad does he look?