Oh thank goodness


Julie Couillard’s autobiography coming in the fall

The woman whose revelations toppled foreign affairs minister Maxime Bernier will tell her life’s story in an autobiography to be published this fall.

Julie Couillard’s book will recount a unique life from her modest beginnings in a working-class neighbourhood of Montreal to her spectacular emergence on the national scene last May, her Canadian publisher McClelland and Stewart said in a new release Friday.


Oh thank goodness

  1. I guess every person has there Poison. I could think of a few songs for the moment for Mr. Bernier:

    Poison: Mama’s Fallen Angel

    I guess for Mrs. Copps it was:

    Poison: Every Rose Has It’s Thorne

    As long as we don’t drink too much Tequila. I’m sure Dr. John knows what I’m talking about.


    Best of luck,

    I guess you always have to find the right song for the right occasion.

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