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Oil spill could be permanently plugged

BP: Tests show no damage to undersea well


BP is claiming success after a sealing cap has managed to block oil from gushing into the Gulf of Mexico for the first time since April 20, with tests showing no damage to the undersea well.  The experimental cap could remain in place until the well is permanently plugged by cement and mud, says Doug Suttles, the company’s chief operating officer.  The U.S. government estimates the well pumped up to 9.5 million litres of oil into the sea every day since the initial explosion.

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Oil spill could be permanently plugged

  1. Finally! Time to mop up.

  2. While the news out of the Gulf is, finally, maybe, promising. BP apparently still feels the need to retain outside assistance in handling the fallout from this oil disaster.

    Check out the transcript of what Steve Jobs, BP's new Chief Speaking Officer, had to say on behalf of the oil giant.


  3. Good news, but it's inexcusable that they had to solve this on the fly rather than preparing contingency plans beforehand.

  4. President Obama, how about admitting that the crude oil is toxic, and demand BP provide respirators for the oil cleanup workers, and compensation for the Gulf unemployment caused by the disaster.

    In 1989 Exxon told the cleanup workers the same story, that the crude oil is not toxic. Some of us are living proof of the toxic exposure, and many others have died. Please view the YouTube video, and help get the message to Gulf residents, BP crude oil cleanup workers, and President Obama. Respirators need to be supplied to oil cleanup crews.
    Thank you.

  5. Leave well enough alone. This exact situation occurred in the Gulf back in 1979 and 1980 when Pemex's well Ixtoc 1 blew out and caught fire. The well flowed 3.3 million barrels of oil over 9 months.

    You can read more about it at:


  6. The media should use cup fulls instead of litres. Would sound worse.

  7. It could be stopped but it ain't! Notice how the construction of recovering the oil continues in full force?

  8. Any chance we could use the Senate as 'junk shot' to fill the pipe. No. Sigh….

  9. just do it!!!

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