Oilers management look to Seattle for possible relocation


With plans for a new arena in doubt, the Edmonton Oilers are shopping for a different city to call come, the Canadian Press reports. Yesterday, Oilers owner Daryl Katz, and team president Patrick LaForge were in Seattle to discuss a possible relocation.

While the Oilers management have said they would prefer to reach a deal with Edmonton on a new arena, talks with the city have stalled and the managers have begun to look elsewhere.

This week, the Seattle City Council approved a plan for a US$490-million arena that both sides hope will be home to an NBA and NHL team.

While the Oilers and the City of Edmonton had previously agreed on plans for a new $475-million cost-shared arena, those plans went array when the Oilers told city councillors they needed millions more dollars from the city budget. Mayor Stephen Mandel invited Katz to explain the new demands before council, but the Oilers owner declined.

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Oilers management look to Seattle for possible relocation

  1. If you actually believe Katz wants to relocate the Oilers, I’ve got a nice arena over here I’d like to sell you.

  2. F**k Daryl Katz and his organization. Dude could easily afford to build and operate his own arena, but doesn’t. Dude could easily decide to bargain in good faith with the City of Edmonton, but doesn’t. If he thinks there’s a better deal to be had elsewhere, I’d be happy to direct him toward the closest road that will take him far, far away from this town.