Old man on campus

A “student” who has lived in a university residence for two decades is on the brink of eviction


The University of Victoria has won a bizarre court battle that will allow the school to finally evict a “student” who has been living in a campus residence for 18 years. Alkis Gerd’son moved into his room in 1991, completing a bachelor of arts degree three years later and a bachelor of education degree in 1997. But he never left. Although the B.C. man hasn’t enrolled in any credit courses in more than 12 years, he says he is registered in the business management program and therefore has the right to stay on campus. A judge disagreed— but the case isn’t quite finished. Gerd’son argues that the university is trying to evict him because of his disabilities, and in 2008 filed a complaint to the B.C. Human Rights Commission. A hearing date is set for June 1. No word yet on where his lawyer lives.

Victoria Times Colonist

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Old man on campus

  1. This "clip" is extremely mis-leading and in no way gives the scope of information that one "needs to know". The subject in question is in fact a student at the University, only in non-credit courses. The University is using this status to deny him as a student and yet are happily accepting his tuition money–double standard? It seems so.

    • There ia alot more to the story that is yet to come out. You will be shocked when Uvic is actually investigated about this matter.

      • I'll be shocked if this guy ever gets a job and becomes something other than a sponge for someone else's money.

  2. Ah yes – a "human rights" complaint. The last refuge of the scoundrel.

    • Good thing you have never lived in China or N. Korea. So he is a scoundrel, well I guess you know him or is this just a narrowminded low intelligent opinion? Feel like making a "human rights" complaint?

  3. Arts then education degree, no wonder he can't find a job and move out.

  4. i know this guy from childhood and he is far from a scoundrel. perhaps one of the brightest minds in this country

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