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Olympic mitts


Heritage Minister James Moore  sports some official Olympic mitts.


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Olympic mitts

  1. The way he is holding his hand in the shape of a C with the maple leaf in the middle makes it look like the Conservative logo!

    • My God! you are right – quick email Hedy Fry if anyone can get to the bottom of this she or marlene can !!!!!

  2. Those are the colours of the Liberal party of Canada !!!!!

    The Liberals did this !

    They're politicizing the Olympics, they got the BC Liberals to help them out.

    • It's part of harpers machiavellian plan to rule the world – first he lines up povincial liberals across canada with him – then he lines up american democrats with him – next stop world domination = MUHAHAHAHA!

  3. Stop in the name of love is probably harder to sing than "A Little Help from my Friends":

    • Let's just be glad Moore isn't wearing a sparkly dress and go-go boots.

  4. It's too bad Moore is not wearing a cpeedo.

  5. I saw him gabbing during the remembrance day ceremony as though he was a guest star on shindig. the more i see of him the more i like his dog.