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Olympic officials: stay off our turf!

Canada denies foreign athletes access to Olympic grounds


It’s our home field advantage, and Olympic officials want to keep it that way. Citing rules of access to competition sites, Canadian officials have denied foreign athletes the ability to train on the grounds of the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver. “I guess I can intellectually say I understand,” says Ron Rossi, who directs USA Luge. “But as an honourable thing, I don’t support it, and I think it shows a lack of sportsmanship.” For decades, an open-access agreement between the U.S. and Canada allowed athletes from each country to train on the other’s competition sites. Now, American athletes are arguing that Canada should honour that practice. “They’re playing nasty,” charges American speedskater Catherine Raney. But committee rules allow Canada to bar foreign athletes from practicing on Olympic grounds and some say we must exercise that right if we hope to excel in 2010. “We’re the only country to host two Olympic Games and never have won a gold medal at our Games,” explains Cathy Priestner Allinger, executive V.P for sports at the Vancouver Organizing Committee.

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Olympic officials: stay off our turf!

  1. And this is a bad thing how?

  2. Hah, I found this article amusing.

    The only thing that I don't like about this is the fact it seems like we did indeed have an agreement with the Americans in particular. If they allowed us access to Salt Lake City, we should give them similar access to Vancouver/Whistler (and let's not forget they also host many many many more Olympics than us, like 5 to 1, so they'll certainly have ample time to pay us back, so long term, this may be bad strategy…)

    Then again, all is fair in love and war, I suppose, and I would like for Canada to own that podium. One day the "gentleman's agreement" was bound to end. So for once it was the friendly Canadians who took the first shot.