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Olympic protests turn violent

Two officers injured in clashes with protesters


Anti-Olympics sentiment heated up on Saturday as protesters clashed with police, smashed windows and kicked cars in downtown Vancouver. Local newspapers reported that protesters threw objects at police—injuring at least two—spray-painted cars and buses, intimidated passersby and pushed over mail and newspaper boxes. Riot police arrested several demonstrators at the scene. The violence follows Friday’s demonstrations, when roughly 100 demonstrators briefly blocked the route of the Olympic torch relay, and later 1500 attempted to disrupt the opening ceremony.

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Olympic protests turn violent

  1. I heard a lot about the protesters , not very clear what they were protesting about , I think the media was more focused on their actions just like the protesters were focused on being violent. I do not have much sympathy for protesters but remember during the summer Olympic in China , How much the same media felt sorry for the protesters who were trying to protest there and the always cruel dictatorial and,simply just bad ! Chinese Govt did not allow them to , Some Canadians were loosing sleep over it , poor Chinese can not even protest . Now is the time to hug and kiss the feet of protesters if you really believe that politics and sports is a perfect mix . Remember how the Govt of US and Canada tried to disrupt the summer Olympic torch , just to insult China, How the cops were trained to look helpless when supporters of Dalai Lama , supported by the Canadian Govt disrupted the flame , do you remember ? tonnes of sympathy for the poor supporters of Dalai Lama and it was ok to mix sports and politics at that time so it is ok now!

    • It's like they were protesting against China all over again!

    • All may protest whatever they like whenever they like in Canada, the US, and the West. None may riot…ever. That's the difference between the summer Olympics and the winter, Trim. Be proud of China, but don't confuse traditions of Western law enforcement with systematic Chinese political oppression. Were the two elderly Chinese sisters who protested the destruction of their home to make way for the Olympic stadia and sentenced to one year in prison REALLY a threat to public order in China? Jesus, they were only holding hand-made signs not firebombs.

  2. Well Canada's dealing with china and all it's horrible, ugly past times,
    like eating cats and dogs, and now tigers. Chinese people hate God
    and all of creation it seems. They don't even have enough respect to
    make fewer children, they'd rather make plenty and give them over to
    sex deviates.; Chinese people take pleasure in cruelty – they're truly
    sick people. They even want animal parts to make them better than
    what The Good Creator did (make them what they are). I have no
    pity for any human who destroys, makes fun of, tortures, uses, or kills
    God's beautiful, wonderfun animals. Why are these protestors
    there and what are they protesting – well hopefull not for something
    evil.Why can't humans live right – oh, you don't know what that exactly
    means. Respect all what the Good Creator has given to all living
    things, animals, humans, and plant-life. Animals don't do the horrible
    things humans do. Humans – limit your human population and learn
    to live a simple life and respect all what God has put on this plant –
    dont' try to be God and change things .

  3. i followed the protest for a few blocks, it wasn't violent at all other the the police shoving people and using an unprecedented show of force outnumbering them at least three to one ..an onlooker was in far more danger of being struck by the police than the protestors …apparently they threw a camera man down to the ground

  4. but yes there were the idiots who before hand did some vandalism .99% were just kids …little left wingers or something somehow loosely tying their ideology into the winter olympics

  5. I don't mind an "unprecedented show of force," quite frankly.

    Whether you think hosting the Olympics was a wise decision or not (and I didn't think it was), and whether you want to smash the state and let Garth Mullins run the world instead (and I'm not sure I do), tens of thousands of visitors are our nation's guests in Vancouver right now, many of them simply athletes or reporters with no agenda beyond getting on with life. We're responsible for protecting them, their lives, their property, and yes, even the quality of their experience.

    It's one thing to make Harper or Chretien or Campbell's life miserable, quite another to disrupt an international event intended for the world itself. I don't think it's unfair to have a far higher standard of protection and policing for such an event. And from protesters, I think a higher standard of behavior should be shown and expected, even in dissent. And should a peaceful protest go wrong, the first and only thing legitimate protesters should be doing is dispersing so the others can be isolated with minimal risk of damage or casualties.

    The moment someone lifts a hand to throw a projectile in the Greater Vancouver Area for the next few weeks, significant and decisive force is fine with me, and protesters have no reason to expect anything else.

  6. Protest is always violent when it comes with mobs.