Omar bin Laden condemns father’s killing -

Omar bin Laden condemns father’s killing

Says Osama was “summarily executed without a court of law”


Omar bin Laden, the fourth son of Osama bin Laden, told the New York Times on Tuesday that he wants to know why his father was not captured alive, and asked “why an unarmed man was not arrested and tried in a court of law so that truth is revealed to the people of the world.” Statements attributed to the family appearing on Islamist websites have also decried the U.S. government’s decision to bury bin Laden at sea, saying it “demeans and humiliates his family.” U.S. officials have acknowledged that bin Laden was unarmed, but also say he had given no indication that he would surrender. Attorney General Eric holder has deemed the killing lawful. But the bin Laden family is demanding an inquiry, saying, “we maintain that arbitrary killing is not a solution to political problems and crime’s adjudication as justice must be seen to be done.”

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Omar bin Laden condemns father’s killing

  1. What Osama bin Laden did was way worse. He was the mastermind of 9/11/01. Unarmed people. I think that what he got was justice. :) and I am glad he’s FINALLY dead.

  2. So which imam wrote this for you, Omar?

  3. How about you (Omar) and your entire family suck an egg!!!!!! Go back to your little palace and play prince of your rat race and mind your business! Be careful what you ask for you little terd!

  4. I have deemed it unlawful that you the 4th. son of Osama Bin Laden should have any say in the day to day matters of of the United States military or it’s people when it comes to the homicidal maniac that clapped and jeered as nearly 3000 people of all walks of life were snuffed out. Where was your voice then A$$ HOLE. Stay where your at, flap your face to your god and pray your not next.

  5. For those families of victims from terrorists’ attacks around the world, they
    should swamp the court with lawsuits against Osama Bin Laden’s Estate to stop
    nonsensical uttering from families of Bin Laden’s. They should also
    investigate what the family knew of Bin Laden’s activities while hiding. If one of the reports is right, the family members procured Osama’s latest wife as well as helped in sending some family members (and money) to him in Pakistan. Abetting and hiding a criminal is still a crime, isn’t it?

    Is this the same son who fought with him in Afghanistan, who does the complaining now?

    Imagine the sheer gall of complaining the death of one person, who masterminded so many gruesome senseless deaths of innocents! If I am not wrong, this son is doing this to gain notoriety among those jihadists who are looking for a leader to look up to. I will not be surprise to hear later that the son took after dad’s position. This is nothing but an active campaigning for
    the vacant position.

  6. “summarily executed without a court of law”

    You mean the same way OBL killed 10’s of thousands of victims worldwide over a couple of decades? Oh, the injustice.

  7. Bin Laden’s family has GOT to be kidding ! It should be policy of EVERY Western Nation when wronged by terrorist cowards by their violenc in ANY way to do the same ie : Canada should invest in som decent American helicopters & equipment and do likewise with JTF2 and Taskforce Arrowhead either within our borders or outside. Knock off a few of these lowly cowards in the middle of the night and you will see a drop off in their attacks. England should emply the SAS do the same with some of these radical imams within thier borders

    Steffano Muzzatti
    Thunder Bay, Ontario

  8. Omar bin Laden needs to be “re-educated” in what humanity is.