Omar Khadr is innocent, says his lawyer -

Omar Khadr is innocent, says his lawyer

Defence: Canadian’s confessions were brought on by torture and threat of murder and rape


In a military commission trial in Guantanamo Bay, Omar Khadr’s defence lawyer is arguing that the Canadian is innocent and that there is no forensic evidence to prove he killed a U.S. soldier during a firefight in Afghanistan in 2002. The Toronto-born Khadr faces accusations of throwing a deadly grenade, and is being tried on five charges, including murder in
violation of the laws of war. But his lawyer, Lt.-Col. Jon Jackson, argued that Khadr did not throw the grenade and was at the scene of the firefight because his father asked him to be there. Furthermore, Jackson said Khadr’s confessions to the crime were the result of torture and threats of rape and murder during his interrogation.


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Omar Khadr is innocent, says his lawyer

  1. Khadr should be sent to Afghanistan for trial since that is where he killed and terrorized people. Afghans deserve to see justice being done too.

  2. Every lawyer will call his criminal client an "innocent". That's one of things they are expected to say.
    Just let him rot in jail and deport all his family back to Pakistan.

  3. Philanthropist. How do you know Khadr killed and terrorized people?

    • What you think he may have been in Afghanistan selling Amway or scouting locations for Starbucks.

      • bepele, I guess those pictures of him proudly displaying the severed hands and feet didn't tip you off that Mr. Khadr has a few skeletons in the closet huh?…..

  4. WHAT!?!! His lawyer says he's innocent!

    Well then they had better stop the trial and let him go.

    Thank God for his lawyer catching that fact before it was too late.

  5. Prediction: The seven member jury will find Khadr "Not guilty".

    • I will see your prediction and raise it a '' Guilty ''

  6. Does that include unlimited ''I told you so's?''

    • Absolutely!!

      • Then Sir…You have yourself a bet..May the best ''Predictor'' win !!

  7. Still think he is innocent????????