Omar Khadr is more dangerous than Russell Williams?

That’s what Canadians think, according to a new poll


Clearly, none of the 991 people who responded to this poll were inside the courtroom for Russell Williams’s sentencing hearing last month. For three days, prosecutors laid out—in gruesome detail—the chilling truth about the ex-colonel’s depraved double life as a sexual predator and serial killer. His first murder victim, Cpl. Marie-France Comeau, begged for her life; instead, Williams placed a piece of duct tape over her nose and videotaped her last breaths. He told his second victim, Jessica Lloyd, that as long as she obeyed his orders, she would live; after 18 hours of rape and torture (again, all caught on video), Williams strangled her and dumped her body in his garage. Lee Burgess, one of the Crown Attorneys, put it best: “Russell Williams is simply one of the worst offenders in Canadian history. He is one of the handful of despicable, heinous, self-centered individuals who terrorize and traumatize victims without a shred of remorse.” And yet somehow, there are still people who believe that Williams is less dangerous than Omar Khadr, a grenade-throwing 15-year-old who, if not for his al Qaeda dad, would have never ended up in Afghanistan—let alone in a firefight with U.S. troops. Abacus Data, an Ottawa-based polling firm, asked Canadians which of the two headline-grabbing defendants is the greater threat to Canada’s public safety. Thirty-four per cent of respondents said Khadr, while 24 per cent said Williams. Even more shocking? Women were more likely than men to choose Khadr as the bigger threat (35 per cent versus 23 per cent). Thankfully, the justice system got it right. Williams will never again walk the streets, while Khadr could be a free man as early as 2013.

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Omar Khadr is more dangerous than Russell Williams?

  1. Canadians have gone completely crazy if they think that.

    But then again, we're used to women being killed so maybe it doesn't make much of an impact anymore.

    • In a litany of stupid comments this is probably her dumbest.

      • The poll is dumb…or at least has dumb results. And not a day goes by we don't hear about women being abused, raped, murdered….and we accept it.

    • I agree with you 100 per cent, Emily. When we send soldiers over to foreign countries where they might find themselves in harm's way, we shouldn't be surprised when one of them dies when a grenade explodes in his lap. However, we don't send our daughters outside to be raped and murdered by serial killers. If you ask me, I think Russell Williams betrayed his country more than Omar Khadr did. Certainly, he has no clearer a concept of what it means to be a patriotic Canadian than Omar Khadr.

  2. I find the comments on the original Sun article even more disturbing

  3. In this article: Canadians are ****ing stupid.

  4. If this poll actually does capture the sentiments of "the average Canadian", then put me right over here <whoosh> with the "elites".

  5. Canadians are not stupid or crazy. The responders to this poll gave answers freely. Let us pray that their answers are not banned in the future for provocation or some other asinine, multicult excuse!

  6. Khadr is more dangerous to Canadians at this point. Williams is locked up for at least 25 years but Khadr will be free in probably 15 months from now.

    • By that asinine logic, the elderly lady next door is now more dangerous than Williams…I'm double-locking my doors tonight.

  7. Let me play devil's advocate here: if you believe that Omar Khadr is an unrepentant terrorist, then he is potentially capable of planning and carrying out the mass murder of dozens, perhaps hundreds of people. While Williams, as a serial killer would probably only kill one at a time.

    Personally I think Khadr is a kid who was brainwashed and is capable of rehabilitation, but I can understnd why people who think he is a terrorist also think he is more dangerous than Williams.

    • Yes he was thoroughly brainwashed and since age 15 has been marinated among adult prisoners…he is definitely
      capable of being rehabilitated…it's sad day for both the US and Canadian governments, and of the US justice system..
      Both governments will pay dearly in the long run…no longer can they go tell other countries about human rights abuses,
      doing so is hypocrisy on their part..both governments ignored all laws pertaining to child soldiers..the court in Guantanamo
      was essentially a "kangaroo" court, a pliticized one…the prosecutor, judge and jury drag US justice in the mire and for
      what purpose?
      This tragedy will come back to haunt them, as it is said, "what goes round, comes round"..I'm just waiting for some third
      world country to tell either governments, to practice what it is they preach, when they advocate that the former adhere
      to human rights…
      Omar Khadr, shouldn't do on minute in any jail…and with him, I agree, sue both governments to the hilt…hopefully he
      will recover sufficiently to make something of his life…

  8. Well obviously the collective viewpoint again shows the wisdom of the ordinary canadian .. of course Khadr is more dangerous – Williams is no longer any danger as the key has been thrown away to his cell – NOW – were we to say that Khadr will be tried for treason and either deported or locked away in the cell next to Williams then Khadr would no longer be a danger – personally I don't see the error in the collective will of those polled makes perfect sense which is probably why frustrated left wing nuts go into a form of rationalistic denial .

  9. This proves that public opinion is not always the best. So why do we rely on it so much? Like when it comes time to elect our representatives. I know I would not want these 991 people vote next election.
    These people who responded were obviously misinformed or completely ignored the background of these two men, before taking part in this poll.

    • Yeah, that`s it, I`m sure.
      And also because you are really a lot smarter than those 991 people.
      Yeah, that`s it.

    • The great thing about a democracy is that EVERYBODY gets a vote, even the people who don't agree with you. I am not sure what upsets you more – that there are so many Canadians who are truly disgusted with Khadr's behavior or that those Canadians refuse to keep their opinions to themselves.

      • But what do these people know about his behavior? Did they read the details of the case? Michelle Shepard's book? Watch the tapes of the CSIS interview?

        Or did they watch the CBC interview with his mother and siblings and conclude that the apple can't have fallen far from the tree and why did we let these people into Canada in the first place?

  10. It's not an immigration issue, after all, Khadr was born in Canada

    The issue is that his detention, trial and conviction are a complete sham and a mockery of justice, and make us look like hypocrites. And certain people don't appear to be concerned about it at all.

    • Also, whereas Col. Williams' crimes were captured on video, nobody actually saw Khadr throw the grenade he is alleged to have thrown…. and Williams freely confessed to his crimes, whereas Khadr confessed under torture and the threat of permanent imprisonment.

      So while Williams is most certainly a murderer, whether Khadr actually committed any such crimes has yet to be proven in a legitimate court of law. Right now the only legit reason to believe Khadr is dangerous is because we tortured him in an illegal prison camp for 8 years and he's probably mad at us for doing that.

      • And when he is inevitably released and he inevitably employs the Khadr family way of violence, we will hear the inevitable excuse from his excusers that it is because " we tortured him in an illegal prison camp for 8 years and he`s probably mad at us for doing that ".

        • Right, well, if we wanted him locked up safely then we should have gone through the proper legal channels to prosecute him as a criminal. After all, if he is a criminal, and it is soooo obvious as certain people keep telling me, this should have been trivial to accomplish. He may very well have been found guilty.

          Instead, we inexplicably broke our own laws and violated his human rights. Once he is back under the jurisdiction of an actual court which respects the rule of law, his tainted conviction will be discarded. We have only the torturers and their apologists in our society to blame for this outcome.

          • Proper Canadian legal channels, the same channel which freed Omar's father and enabled him to kill more in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and elsewhere? Due to that same channel, also freed a sicko father and empower him to train his sons and more sickos like him and his family how to kill in mass? Yes, many of us could not forget the culpability of the Canadian judicial system to the crimes comitted by this family.

  11. Maybe you can enlighten those of us who don't have brains, instead of grumbling about abstract partisan wankery

  12. You are missing the detail that with our parole system he will likely be out building bombs a year after he gets here. It will be nowhere near eight years before Khadr gets to kill again!!

    • Good point, He will probably be on the street quicker than you can pull a grenade pin……

  13. Russell Williams is a terrible criminal who needs to be locked away for a long time.

    But he didn't fly an airplane into a crowded office building, killing perhaps a thousand people at once.

    Omar Khadr voluntarily chose to fight on the side of the Taliban, a group that sheltered Osama bin Laden, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. Hence, we must assume that he may possibly be willing to engage in a suicide attack of similar destructive potential.

    He is a traitor to Canada who fought on the side of Osama bin Laden and against the side that included Canadian soldiers. His actual crimes so far may be less serious than those of Russell Williams, but because of his link to terrorism, he presents an immense potential danger.

    • I'm not sure how a 13-14 year old should be able to make all these decisions you attribute to him. It's not like he packed his bags and went to Afghanistan on his own after 9/11. He was already there when 9/11 happened, and for the subsequent invasion by US/NATO troops.


  14. And yet somehow, there are still people who believe that Williams is less dangerous than Omar Khadr, a grenade-throwing 15-year-old who, if not for his al Qaeda dad, would have never ended up in Afghanistan—

    This is a very weak argument. How we define dangerous is ket to anyone's reasoning. Willimans, who is likely a sexual sadist,is exceptionally dangerous. But dangerous on a small level. Kadre, who is a jihadist, could easily be part of a plot to blow up a subway, killing hundreds if not more.

  15. I think that many people use Omar's case as a sort of proxy for his entire family. Because what most Canadians really want, but nobody will give it to them, is an opportunity to 'officially' comment on the entire Khadr clan that produced Omar, and some assurance that they would be prevented from influencing Omar after his eventual release. Despite this survey most Canadians do realize that he was only a child when he was taken overseas, and that his family is really to blame here. Hopefully Omar is not beyond rehabilitation, but with no legal way to prevent contact with his family Omar tragically pays the price.

    I'd be willing to bet that if the question was reworded to ask Canadians to rate the dangerousness of:
    1) the Khadr family
    2) Russell Williams
    3) Omar Khadr
    …it just might come out in the order listed above.

    • I believe you are right.

      And I think most of the people who have proposed rehabilitation plans for Omar Khadr have included conditions that limit/prohibit contact with his family. Mr. Edney has proposed that he live with him in Alberta, for example.

      And on an odd side note, I read in the paper a while back that his sister Zaynab married a catholic guy from Ottawa (the son of a judge, I believe).

  16. Russell Williams received due process. That is why nobody is clamoring for anything.

    Omar Khadr received anything but. Therein lies the issue.

  17. As a society we just seem to be getting stupider as we age. Fear of the almost impossible verses the more likelihood of a women getting raped is not silly nor funny but an unfortunate result of the impact of how the media portrays the world around us.

    We really don't no if Omar Khadr even committed the acts he was charged with. Making it all the more depressing/disgusting.

  18. Khadr should rot in US jail and all his jihad-loving family should be deported (together with bunch of other sharia-loving muzzies).

  19. It IS all about 'potential'. And Russell Williams is NOT a serial killer. Not unless or until they prove he has killed at least three people. Please get this right. ____I'm female and no pushover. I'm probably one of a handful of people of people who feels very sorry for the victims, the victim's families and for Russell Williams. Clearly he has a mental problem which escalated quickly or he would not have risked everything. ____I am the mother of a son. There but for the grace of God for I, with my son. ____It's very sad. __ ______________________ __

    • Was/is Russel Williams insane? I don't know. He has certainly made me ponder the nature of sanity and insanity, and good and evil. How could someone who had everything that society says we should strive for, throw it away for brief periods of sick thrills culminating in murder?

      Willimas himself gave a very interestting answer when asked by the interogator if he ever asked himself why he committed his crimes. "Yes I've asked myself" he said. "I don't know the answers, and I don't know if the answers matter."

    • Really? There's a number you need to obtain before you can be called a serial killer? Can we count intent? Attempted attacks? He almost got another woman, he was hiding in her house when she found the message on her screen saver. She had a male friend at home with her when she found it, they noted the threatening intent behind the message and left the house, he was still inside (see the fifth estate for the details) – I'll throw his intended victim in for #3. Okay, now he's a serial killer.

  20. It a silly question. i don't know if Khadr is dangerous. Williams isn't now.
    What is far more dangerous than either or both is a government that violates the human rights of anyone, but especially their own citizen.

  21. Who ever raised the question should have their head examined. Non sequitur

  22. This is the dumbest poll I've ever seen. What's next — who'd win in a fight, Superman or the Incredible Hulk? The feedback would be about as useful. No wonder our society is getting stupider by the day.

    • You guys are nuts, Professor X would just turn them into mindslaves, hands down.

      Elites rule!


      • 1) Lex Luthor tried to make Supe a mindslave in Action Comics #357 and he failed. If you're going to take part, why don't you pick up a comic

        2) Professor X wasn't in the question!

        Elite my a**.

  23. You and I are on opposite sides on this issue, that's fair enough. I know in my commenting I've stayed away from the 'anti-immigrant' card. There have been very good defenses offered by commenters for the government's position on this. However, as you're scanning the comment boards… I'd advise checking out the Sun board connected with this story in particular… and tell me with a straight face that anti-immigrant sentiment isn't playing a role in this debate. There are some ugly, ugly things being said.

  24. That just tells me 51 per cent of people don't know what they're talking about because Hulk would totally win.

  25. Just goes to show how effective the propoganda around the "war of terror" has been.

    Some kid who'se been locked in an illegal prison for nearly a decade without trial for defending himself from professional soliders, versus a bonafide sociopath who has prayed on women for years under our very noses?

    And they think this kid is the biggest danger?


    And here's a hint for some of you: Neither Russel nor Kadr will ever be free of constant supervision ever again, so incarcerated or not is a moot point.

    • I actually think the time he spent in Gitmo illegally/rightfully, whatever your take, makes him more dangerous, not less. I wish they had got him out sooner, less time to completely radicalize him – now he's got a cause. He's got a score to settle with the west. Just because the governments screwed up on his file doesn't make him safe. It probably makes him a hardened, edgier militant.

      Also, I find it interesting we were celebrating Remembrance Day with the last of the WWI soldiers a few years ago – all of them had joined the war at 17, one had bluffed his way in at 16 years old. Khadr was 15 – the line between soldier (16/7 years old) and Child (15 years old) seems a little arbitrary.

    • Remember the father? He was freed by the same Canadian judicial system, and that does not stop him from comitting for mass murder and training of mass murderers? Where was the supervision then?

  26. I believe this ridiculous poll just shows how frustrated are Canadians towards our justice system. After all, this same justice system freed the father of Omar Khadr which enabled him to kill more in Pakistan and Afghanistan and who knows where else.

  27. I think the question could have equally been posed; Who do you not find attractive? If I remember it correctly, "Women love fascists in boots."

  28. Boy, your really up on your history, aren't you? We supported the Afghanistan invasion under Jean Chretien, remember way back in 2001/2? We committed and built up allied forces in Afghanistan under Chretien and Martin. Harper simply inherited the war, as Obama did.

  29. What a load of pompus commentary. How dare the writer tell us we all have it wrong because we do not agree with his views. It is truly unbelievable what the news papers and newscasters have come to. Many probably feel Khadr is more of a threat because he is hoping for ( and trained to)have as many westerners killed as possible, is that not what the Taliban's focus is? Williams is a sick bastard no doubt, but the likely hood of him planning mass murder is much less then Khadr's. Again how dare this "journalist" think he has the right, and is so enlightened as to tell us all we are wrong. Completely unprofessional and out of line.

  30. Omar Khadr will get out of prison more than likely within the next couple of years. Is Khadr more dangerous than Russell Williams? I highly doubt it. Khadr has done some serious hard time in a very nasty place and he can see light at the end of the tunnel and freedom. What he does with that freedom is his decision because I think that once out of custody he will not want to go back. When Omar Khadr is released back into Canadian society, he will be highly monitored for the rest of his life and he knows that one screw up and he will be re-admitted to the crowbar hotel again.
    I think Omar will be a model citizen when he gets back.

    Williams on the other hand is extremely dangerous. Just look at his facial expressions. The lights are on but nobody's home.
    I don't think he feels remorse or has feelings for anything. If he managed to get out of prison I don't doubt that some woman would die at his hands.

    So the choice is: Would I rather have Omar Khadr as a neighbour or Russell Williams?

    I would have to pick Omar Khadr because in my respectful opinion I don't feel he is going to be a threat.

    • Barbara Kay (National Post May 23, 2008) said it best: punish the parents of child soldiers. Where were Omar Khadr's parents when he was injured and incarcerated? They took their Canadian born child and put him in a terrorist training camp. They taught him to hate. They deliberately put his life in danger. Isn't that child abuse. Any other Canadian parent who is suspected of putting his or her child in danger would be visited by the police and the Children's Aid Society. I also hope "we will put the world on notice that Canada will hold responsible any Canadian parents who encourage and abet terrorist activities in their children." Mr. and Mrs. Khadr, after all, ARE the real criminals.

    • Haha. I'm not defending Russell Williams, but he may never kill again. Why not have them live on either side of you? You may or may not lose your undies, and you may or may not get blown up.

  31. Khadr is a terrorist and comes from a terrorist sympathizer family. Why they haven't been deported is beyond me. How much of a wake up call does the West need before it realizes that we are dealing with an ideology that won't rest until the West is defeated. What's next – a dirty bomb in our financial district?
    Our freedoms are gradually being eroded bit by bit as a response to terrorism. Taken an airplane trip lately? Searches, body scans, no cutlery etc. etc. Wake up society. Now that the West is running scared instead of getting rid of Muslims there response is to limit our freedoms. Now the terrorists sit back and laugh at our politicians as they limit our freedoms and still allow Mulsims to immigrate to our country. And before you bleeding hearts try to bleat about good Muslims and bad Muslims, think about this. If Muslims feel so bad about 911 why didn't they put out a fatwah on the 911 ringleaders? Why did they not donate money to rebuild the twin towers? Why do they not expose the 'radicals' that go to their mosques?
    The problem with sticking your head in the sand and not doing anything is that it leaves your ass end exposed.


  33. Is Omar Khadr more dangerous than Russell Williams? Russell Williams is defeated: he lost his job and his rank and the respect of his country. Do you believe if he was let out soon that he would do those things again? He's being punished by being locked up for at least 25 years. He has 25 years to think about what he's done and to seek help if he wishes so. Perhaps consider this: Omar Khadr could be walking the streets in a little over a year. What if he disappears into some sleeper cell? How well would you sleep if you're wondering if he has, or still has the mind of a terrorist? Russell Williams targeted women. Terrorist target large groups, the more people they kill, the more they will celebrate. Both dangerous , but one would soon be free.

  34. if them Jews were exterminated by the millions, then the world would truly indeed be a better place….

    jewish people are the curse of the earth….they eat babies, blow up buildings with innocent civilians in them, and kill kill kill…whoever murders them shall enter paradise!!!

  35. murdering jews will result in a quick way to paradise – the only problem though is that many Americans and Canadians and Europeans will have to be killed in the process…cause they love them filthy jews and their non-existent holocaust