Omar Khadr questioned just hours after release from hospital -

Omar Khadr questioned just hours after release from hospital

Lead interrogator later convicted of abusing detainees


Omar Khadr was first interrogated about his alleged role in the death of a U.S. officer only hours after being released from a military hospital. Khadr, who was 15 when he was captured after a firefight in Afghanistan in 2002, was first questioned by an army sergeant identified as Interrogator One. As the military judge heard during Khadr’s pre-trial hearing in Guantanamo Bay this week, the sergeant, who has been identified as Joshua Claus, was later convicted of abusing detainees. In affidavits discussing Khadr’s abuse allegations, he referred to Claus as “the skinny one,” alleging that he “told me that I was lucky that I had been injured, he would know how to ‘treat me,’ meaning he would torture me.” But in a 2008 interview with the Toronto Star, Claus insisted that he didn’t abuse Khadr, which he described as his “first big case.” Claus’s testimony is crucial in determining the admissibility of Khadr’s self-incriminating statements.

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Omar Khadr questioned just hours after release from hospital

  1. i think mr.Khadr has been really mistreated and tortured. enough is enough… it's time they let him out.

    Guantanamo Bay is a rasict area where only muslims are sent. There are terrorist in every race. why are muslims being targeted. Ninety percent of the people there are innocent. Guantanamo Bay should be closed down!

    • Yup they are all innocent TERRORISTS or are we forgetting he was there shooting and throwing grenades. No "innocent person" in my area has gone abroad to kill anyone recently. Ps stay off the drugs they are melting your brain.