Omnibus crime bill C-10 passed; a Conservative election promise kept -

Omnibus crime bill C-10 passed; a Conservative election promise kept


As promised, the Conservative government in Ottawa has transformed the country’s legal landscape within the first 100 sitting days of its majority mandate. Last night, the Harper Tories finally passed Bill C-1o, otherwise known as the omnibus crime bill, with its laundry list of legal changes the Conservatives had failed to push through Parliament during their years in minority government. These include mandatory minimum prison sentences for drug offenders, harsher penalties for violent crimes and sexual assault, and a provision allowing victims of terrorism to sue perpetrators more easily.

“These are very reasonable measures,” said Justice Minister Rob Nicholson. “They go after those who sexually exploit children, people in the child pornography business and it goes after drug traffickers. So this will be welcomed, particularly by victims, those involved with law enforcement and, as we know, Canadians are supportive of what we are doing in this area.”

But not all of them. In fact, many view much of the legislation as ideologically motivated and detached from reality. The Canadian Bar Association, for instance, has released a list of 10 reasons to oppose Bill C-10, saying it will unjustly send many people to prison—on the taxpayer’s dime—while neglecting to pursue avenues of crime reduction proven to be successful, such as poverty reduction, diverting young offenders from the adult prison system and offering more services to the mentally ill.

The Liberal government of Ontario has questioned the bill’s price tag, saying it will unnecessarily cost the province more than $1 billion due to an expected influx of new prison inmates in the provincial prison system. Quebec’s Liberal government went further, saying the bill “harms” the province’s youth rehabilitation programs, and vowing not to pay the $600 million in extra costs it expects the legislation will bring.

And by the way, Canada’s crime rate in 2010 was at its lowest point in nearly 40 years.


Omnibus crime bill C-10 passed; a Conservative election promise kept

  1. How about quoting someone other than the government who likes the new bill? Nah, that would be fair to the Tories. Can’t have that.

    • Such as?

    •  I agree 100%. it’s sickening

  2. Heaven help us all.  Private prison lobbyists have registered in Ottawa, and Harper is bankrupting the public system for them.  We need a revolution.  We need to boot Harper out.  He has committed treason against the people of Canada (proroguing parliament).  Complacency will sink us all…..

    • Amen!

      • Careful you sound like a religious zealot.

    • omg, read my last post

      •  My Goodness!!! You are such extremists and so hysterical. LOL LOL BOO!!!

    • @

      the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery. Concerned, that is not the only treasonous act being committed by our current government. Revolution on its way, as long as we don’t wind up in jail before it happens. I’m pretty sure my internet posts are being monitored now.

  3.  It is estimated, that 20% of inmates require treatment for mental health disorders and substance abuse problems, MOST who suffer from severe depression, bipolar disorder, and schitzophrenia, will NOT receive treatment while incarcerated, many of these individuals will end up in especially harsh conditions , such as isolation, which in turn, can place them at risk for acute psychosis and/or suicide. THIS IS WHERE YOUR TAX PAYING DOLLARS ARE GOING!!AND WE ARE WORRIED ABOUT A GUY NAMED KONEY??? Give me a break.

    • can you not throw out random percentage stats with out a source? just makes your argument look stupid.

        •  Exactly, where is this hysterical extremist getting these #s? Also, as if they wouldnt get treatment!! A1 brother!!

          • Don’t forget that most offenders will be set free again. Most of them do not, in fact, get treatment (I work in such an institution). I see first hand the destruction that untreated mental illness can do to people. The Omnibus crime bill discriminates against people with such an illness. We should be putting money into preventative care and early detection instead of simple housing offenders after it’s almost too late. It will put young offenders (young adults and teenagers) in with serious offenders, and what happens to those youths when they get out, with only receiving an education from a hardened criminal? There is lots of research to back up the numbers. Check out the open letter to the Senate Standing committee by the Canadian Psychological Association – it’s a quick read but an informative overview of the research

    • Quit with your hysterical propaganda!! Some of these troglodytes need to learn from their mistakes and pull up their socks. LOL

    • the majority of your tax dollars in canada are actually going to corporate welfare
      Personally, I’m way more pizd off about that than I am about people maybe getting longer sentences or longer pardon times.
      The people that should be going to jail are the ones that we give the money to.

  4. Pa-shaw… the opposition and their facts put together by lousy pencil-neck dweebs are no match for Conservative anecdotes, rhetoric and hyperbole!

  5. This crime bill is to justify the privatization of prisons in Canada.  An American Corp. Geo Group, based in WA state, is the 2nd largest private prison contractor in the US.  They make untold millions from this business.  They build, maintain, and staff prisons, and are paid by the govt.
    Geo Group is the main lobbyist for C-10 and  has contributed likely millions of $$ to influence the passing of this bill by this fraudulent Govt., assuming that they will get the contract (and they will) when this bill is passed; first to build, then operate, staff, and maintain these Cdn prisons, and you can bet that the ‘staff’ will be poorly trained and paid minimum wages.

    So you see, harpo has his reasons for being so bullheaded on this bill … he wants to continue the dismantling of our unions, our workforce, and our country.  Just like he’s been doing with everything else to date….. he’s just carrying on his agenda – so don’t be fooled about the reasons – this isn’t about legalizing marijuana, this is about playing ‘big shot’ to his rich American cronies, and padding their pockets at the expense of his own country.

    • Yeh and one troubling fact about the private prison system, they have to maintain a minimum occupancy in order to get funding from the government. So, do you suspect maybe there are some people being incarcerated unjustly?

  6. If there is so much worry about the additional cost, why not attenuate them by bringing back ‘chain-gangs.’ Really, is it such a bad thing to have these criminals work their debt to  society off? We could save millions having these people doing the manual labour no one else will, have them sort recycling, digging hole, etc. Put them to work. For crying out loud they live in better conditions than many Canadians. Hell, if many of our honest citizens had the nutrition that these crooks do, we would have far less chronic disease than we do now. 

    • I agree, i mean we can even pay them minimum wage. (deduct some towards food and shelter that is supplied). i mean prison is suppose to be a rehabilitation facility, what better way then introducing or re-introducing them to the workforce.

      • I’m also good with this.  Prison itself should be a last ditch.. used only for violent offenders.  It’s not like we don’t have adequate tracking/audio/visual technology to avoid using it in almost every instance where it doesn’t put the public at risk.

      • so fucken dumb, better to take someone from off welfare than a prisoner cleaning our streets, the rate off escapies were huge back in thr days is to why they dont do it noe duhhh

    • Hey, we could have prison farms! Oh wait, Harper already got rid of those. 

  7. This bill is ridiculous. As an active supporter of the Conservative party, I am embarassed to have voted for such a party in the past election. 

    • I also am a supporter of the Conservative party. However, this bill makes me angry. More so about hte way it was implemented. While I am all for tougher sentences, Im not impressed with the immediate increase to the wait times for a pardon. Someone that was about a month or two away from being able to get a pardon on a summary conviction (bar fight no injuries), now has to wait another two years. They should be subjecting people to the rules of the system to which they were convicted. Rob Nicholson, mentions all the horrible crimes that will be affected but neglects to talk about the very petty crimes that are grouped into the bill. While breaking the law is breaking the law no matter how you look at it, they should have left the pardon process the way it was. 3yrs for a summary conviction, 5yrs for a summary conviction of a sexual nature, and 10yrs for an indictable conviction.

    • Wow, I’m impressed to hear you speak so candidly Guest_02. Most people wouldn’t have the courage to admit they’d made a mistake like that.

    • You all should be ashamed you voted for that moron. H espoke of this bill pre-elction. Maybe if people actually reaserched their parties and what they saytheywilll do for the public,we wouldn’t have such dipshits ruining our world

  8. This bill is absolutely absurd. The mandatory minimum sentences for marijuana is more than that prescribed for child sexual assault. How is that logical?

  9. Finally, the Canadian justice system is going to get some teeth in it. I am amazed at how much criminals are coddled in this sytem. I don’t care if criminals are being given sensitivity training. I just want them punished. Personally, I think our justice system still has a way to go. I think the death penalty should be reinstated for murderers and rapists. Also, I think that our self defense laws should be revised(along the lines of the Castle Doctrine laws inthe U.S.). I also think that violent offenders should be put on hard labor jobs like braking rocks up north. Jail should be a place where a criminal looks around and says “I’d better straighten out because I don’t want to come back here.” i could care less if the prison is public or private. My concern is that jail be a punishment not a taxpayer subsidized resort.

    • Hint: Most people who commit crimes aren’t thinking about the sentences.  They’re thinking they won’t get caught.

      Deterrence only works for those people who are smart enough to think through the consequences of what they’re doing. Something that most people who are in prison already didn’t do in the first place.

      • Agreed 100% if people thought of the consequences they wouldn’t do it to begin with. As far as getting some “teeth in to it” goes – America has done it and it hasn’t helped in the least bit. The crime rate falls to an all time low and these jokers responsible for policy making are trigger happy in sending the crime rate back up. This will only cause people to reoffend and have more pissed off individuals without any sense in societal progress like Dante emerge.

    • Please move to the United States Dante. You are an embarrasement for all of us.
      Thank you.

    • I am now retired but I spent from 1974 thru to 2001 inThe Canadian Pen System.  I received 61 1/2 yrs in Arizona State for 4 counts of Burglary in the 1st degree.  Trandferred here under the transfer of offenders act.  I think the Canadian System should follow Arizona State.  HARD TIME. Fields and chain gangs.  Here I was able to wear my own clothing, have my TV, Stereo, Computer, And Nintendo.  I got my University degree thanks to the tax payer, and I was fed like a nice Family owned restaurant would feed.  I am not proud of my past and have received a Pardon since.  But the problem is that the country Clubs and Golf Course prisons have got to go.  It is a farce.   If I had stayed in the US I would have been out earlier. But each time I came up for Parole in Canada, they refused because I was thought as a product of the Pen system. damn rights.  Money, drugs, everything you want including a few days with the common law in a nice house. lol  it is about time Harper.  I owe ya a beer.

      • Pardon my skepticism, but this story doesn’t ring true. 

      • Nice fiction buddy. Anyone who has worked in the prison system knows these lies for what they are.

  10. I thought the 10 Reasons To
    Oppose Bill C-10 was hilarious.  Here’s
    why: (please feel free to comment)


    Point 5. Wasted Youth – One tip
    for the youth who choose to offend and “waste” their own youth, (and I’ll say
    this again and again,) STOP breaking the law and learn from your mistakes!


    Point 6. Punishments eclipse the crime – “…The slogan for one proposal was Ending
    House Arrest for Serious and Violent Criminals Act, but Bill C-10 will
    actually also eliminate conditional sentences for minor and property offenders
    and instead send those people to jail. Is roughly $100,000 per year to
    incarcerate someone unnecessarily a good use of taxpayers’ money?”  Hey, I know it costs a lot to have people
    incarcerated, but if that’s the cost for SERIOUS AND VIOLENT CRIMINAL ACTS,
    then yes, I am okay with it.


    Point 7. Training Predators –
    “…Almost every inmate will re-enter
    society someday. Do we want them to come out as neighbours, or as predators
    hardened by their prison experience?” 
    What??? Here’s a tip to the ones committing these offences, once again,
    STOP breaking the law!  It’s not my fault
    they ended up in prison because of their offense (small or not).  Becoming “hardened” because of a prison
    experience, if that’s what these offender take from them their experience, that’s
    their own fault, I would hope they would come out better because of it, not
    worse, and learn from their mistakes.


    Point 9.  Victimizing
    the most vulnerable – “…people in
    remote, rural and northern communities will be shipped far from their families
    to serve time. Canada’s Aboriginal people already represent up to 80% of inmates
    in institutions in the prairies, a national embarrassment that Bill C-10 will
    make worse.”  Embarrassing, yes, for
    me, no.  Again it’s these 80% that should
    feel embarrassed.  Again, STOP breaking
    the law!, just a little tip.  Breaking
    the law comes with consequences for your actions, common sense, and if that
    means being shipped away, well too bad.


     The article also starts by stating that Canada
    already has some of the safest streets and communites in the world and also a
    declining crime rate?? WHERE are these people getting their facts, crime is definitely
    on a rise here in Saskatoon, (which comes with population growth) but still, it
    needs to be dealt with and this is a good way to do it. 


    I’ll end with this, I think
    whoever wrote this article and also whoever agrees with it (not all, but some)
    have something to hide.  I know a lot of
    people against this, some of whom commit these “undeserving” offenses, and I
    guarantee you the reason they are against this bill is because they put
    themselves in the offenders shoes and think, I wouldn’t deserve that.  Well, I’ve got news for them, and this is the
    bottom line, an offense is an offense. 
    Good for you conservatives for following through with your promise.

    • are you retarded?

      • Wow, good argument. 

        • Seriously are you retarded??? 

          Go live in The States you would fit in perfectly….

          • Retard say what?

          • I think why they, like probably many others, are wondering if you are retarded is because the logic and rationality displayed in your argument is severely flawed. I think you should read what you wrote, think about it critically, and then see if there’s anything wrong with it.
            While some of the crimes associated with this bill I agree DO deserve stricter sentences, there are others, that were lumped in with those deserving crimes, which do NOT deserve harsher sentences. I’ll give you an example, minor marijuana offenses and their mandatory minimums. This means that an 18 year old KID that just moves out of his parents house, goes to university, is caught and is charged with a minor offense involving marijuana, instead of being able to obtain a conditional sentence, he is GOING TO JAIL. This is what people mean when they say those things (your point 5, 6, 7 and 9. Oh wait…that’s all of them. )
            Add to that the fact that this has been TRIED AND FAILED in the United States, they even admit it (

            I’m a political science student and I generally like to ask, who/what is benefitting the most from this crime bill? If its going to cost the Canadian government billions and billions of taxpayer dollars, someone is making money.

    • Yes, because young offenders are so well known for having such good judgement. That’s why we let them do things like drive and drink and vote and the like before they’re 16.. 

      Oh wait.. we don’t.

      $100,000 for a guy who grows a pot plant in his college dorm and hands some off to the guy next door (thus using the real property of a third person for trafficking) seems a tad insane. That’s what this bill proposes.

      Your point about people getting better in prison simply has little correlation to reality.  You might as well wish for a rainbow pony while you’re at it, because you’ll have a better chance of success. In the meantime, the reality is that people who go in for minor offense will be incarcerated with people who are in for more significant offenses, and if they hope to protect themselves from those more hardened criminals while in prison, they’ll need to learn and become practiced at the use of violence, threats, and intimidation.  Skills which they will take with them when they leave.

      Separation from families isn’t just a “ha-ha so there” thing, it adds to a person’s feelings of isolation. When they don’t get visitors while in prison, they lose connection to the outside society, meaning the only connections they have are to those from prison — connections, which, as I’ve already explained, aren’t the kind that help a person get along peacefully once they get out. The last thing we want is someone who gets out of prison and, because he feels no real connection to anything outside, finds himself wanting to get back in where he knew how things worked.

      Nothing about what the CBA said is about coddling criminals. It’s about using our brains to actually look ahead at what consequences our actions will bring, and setting up the system to make it easiest on us outside the prisons, instead of simply being animalistic morons who just think “Hurt them back!” and don’t get anywhere beyond that.

    •  wow, you really are retarded. Go to a reserve & go to the inner city & tell these people to stop committing crime. Poverty & ignorance are the leading causes of crime. Instead of building more prisons, build more schools, rebuild & invest in the neighbourhood – not by incessantly criminalizing them. How the hell is the gov’t bringing non-violent crime like marijuana using & giving it a heavier sentence than pedophilia.

      What an amazing future we have, complacency & apathy will be the end of us.

    • You’re one of the prime examples of how our society has continued to fail. No wonder people in parliament passed such a ridiculous bill – after all if someone like you exists then it’s no surprise those morons in the house of commons and the senate made such a stupid decision.

      • Aw gee, thanks :)

    • did you ever consider sociological reasons why people are committing crime? Have you considered that many people suffer from mental disorders or FASD? Some people live in poverty and can’t afford not to commit crime. Instead of being given access to rehabilitation programs that have been proven to reduce recidivism rates, these people are going to be locked up behind bars where they will learn to be better criminals because their environment is composed of criminals. I agree that in order to deter offenders the crime must be swift and certain, but that is based on the assumption that people are engaging in crime because they are hedonistic. Many people engage in crime for other reasons that i stated above. Bottom line… fuck bill C-10.

    • Mr Hondaboy99;

      It hurts to see that there is such a lack of understanding of the issues at hand so let me make a couple of remarks about your logic. It has been proven through sociological research that the Idea of sending someone to Jail for a minor crime is actually damaging for the fabric of society.  I am not making the mistake of thinking that there should not be consecuences to our actions, but this is the worst approach to this problem.  The problem is a social problem more than an individualized problem.  If you rather spend a 100.000 dollars a year to keep someon in prison or spend 50.000 in educating them and turning them into people with the tools to enhance the lives of others in their community then I would ask you from the bottom of my heath to please do move to the United States because to have you live in Canada is a shame for the rest of us.

      Thank you.

      • Thnk I’ll stick around, I like the government here, thanks though :)

      • I agree, this new bill will also make it harder for people to get a pardon and as we know, if you have been convicted of a criminal offence for which a pardon has not been granted, you are not going to be hired by any employer. this statement is on any job application. This creates a bigger burden on society and hte tax payer.

    • hmmmmmm Hondaboy99 eh… did your daddy buy you that fancy honda?I bet he did….. I bet he bought your education too.
      Crime comes from oppression, people who are oppressed because of poverty, racism, lack of education and other reasons commit crimes out of desperation or because thats all they learned .
      Of course anyone wants to be protected from violent offenders …..but really wasting money on court costs, legal aid and putting people in jail who harm no one but themselves instead of using that tax money for giving help to people who dont have the resorces to help themselves become better members of society DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!
      I don’t commit crimes but I am for reducing crime in the LONG TERM and improving the quality of life here in Canada for everyone not just the rich ones.

      • First of all, what the hell are you talking about, stay on point. I’ve earned and paid for everything I’ve ever had and done.  Second, and I’ll end with this, clearly there are alot of angry minorities here wanting to complain, if I was in the minority, I’d complain too.  But I’m not, I’m in the majority as a conservative and proud of it. 

    • some of your points make sence, however please note that there really isn’t any fair justice in Canada anyway, justice=dollars, most people who get arrested can’t even afford a decent lawyer to represent them, it will cost over $20,000 for an ok lawyer or over $50,000 for a good lawyer, most people don’t have that so they end up making a deal cause the lawyer wants to be finished with the file and move onto the next, cause thats what we are are just files not people. Funny thing is i have heard so many stories from people saying that they just want to plead guilty just to have it over even if they are innocent. Obviously the person who has writen this hasn’t been thru the court system. Also it seems that everything in Canada is illegal, while big name companies break the law regular citizens suffer most recent example is google, they hacked in and stole millions of personal data and passwords from people all over the world including Canada and not one person has either been charged or fined, nothing, meanwhile a reporter hacked into a few celebs emails and is facing 16 years in prison

  11. Unforunately the bill also goes after and unnecessarily hinders non violent or sexual offenders from rehab and joining society. If a person commits theft or fraud at the age of 18 but wants to change his/her ways – they can’t. Not for 5 years if it was a summary offense and 10 years for an indictable (and that’s after the sentence is carried out!). If a “record suspension” is denied they have to wait another 5 years before applying again. If I were in their shoes, I’d just resort to a life of crime – pay’s better than McDonalds.

    I guess the tories just don’t want people to reintegrate in to society. As far as this election promise goes, with the whole story about election fraud – who knows if Canadians even wanted this to begin with?

  12. I’d just like to repond to all the attacks on my comment, I was simply stating my disgust for offenders small or large, that’s all, so relax already, that’s all I was getting at

  13. I would rather shoot n kill a cop then do time for growing some marijuana plants and I am a very peaceful kind person.

  14. If the American justice system “tough guy” approach is so horrible than why has their crime rate plummeted so much? The U.S. murder rate is expected to hit its lowest rate since 1957. Other violent and nonviolent crime levels are back down to where they were in the 1960’s. How do Americans do it? One, they follow through on their sentences.  They actually execute some murderers and have policies like the 3 strike law. Second, they actually have no problem with long sentences(and policies like 3 strike laws that make it in your best interest not to offend.  3rd strike and you are in for life with no parole). Third, the average American citizen has a greater right to defend themselves. Over 35 states have a castle doctrine law which allows you to defend your home or business from an intruder(without the duty to retreat). As compared to Ontario and New Brunswick where the justice system has recently given grieve to law abiding citizens who were defending their property and selfs. The lesson of the American system is that if you commit a crime you are going to get punished.. Also, American society allows people to defend themselves and not be lambs to the slaughter. In Canada, the criminals(the wolfs) prey on the citizenry(the lambs). The legal system restricts our ability to stand up for ourselves. Does a 70 year old law abiding Canadian grandmother have the right to carry a pistol in her purse to defend herself from a guy looking to mug or rape her? I think not!
    The truly amazing thing to me is all the NDPers and Liberals who are into rehabilitation and showing sensitivity to our criminal element. You guys give this “I fill your pain crud to crime victims.” Then, you turn around and condemn any harsh sentence that comes down. It is thanks to people like you that Karla Holmulka can get a degree from Queens University. It is because of  people like you that the B.C. pig farmer and Paul Bernardo are still breathing. It is because of “sensitive” people like you that we had to wait 30 years for Clifford Olson to rot in hell. If a family member of mine gets murdered what happens? Maybe the guy involved gets life and I get to attend parole hearings every so often. However, he does get a taxpayer subsidized education(like Holmulka) so isn’t that nifty? What would my leftist friends say to me about this? They would say that they feel my pain but aren’t I a far more enlightened person for letting my relative’s killer live off my tax dollars. Maybe some day the killer will see the error of his ways  and we could find some form of harmony and balance? Why don’t I send him flowers while I’m at it too? Most Canadians are sick of the current justice system. Why do you think that the recent Angus Reid poll shows 61%-34%  support for reopening parlimentary debate on capital punishment? Why do you think that Harper’s crime legislation normally polls well above 50%? The reason is because most people are sick of the NDP, Trudeau Liberals,  and Brian Mulroney policy of coddling criminals. The old PC party(of Mulroney and Joe Clark) went through the motions but really had the same crime policy as the Liberals. Has anyone considered that tough on crime policies may have helped to attract people to the Reform Party in the first place? The question to Harper is whether he plans to be simply another Mulroney(water downed conservative)  or the first Canadian prime minister that represents the law abiding majority!

    • You bet I would see Holmulka, Bernardo and other killers be hung(as long as it was proven behond any doubt) and as a lefty I would pay for the rope to hang your family members killer.But this is not what this bill is about !The smaller jails that would house the people who are in jail for non -victim crimes dont have schools its the pen system that pays for that stuff !So the guy in jail for growing pot WON’T get any education but people like Holmulka still will even after this stupid bill!!

  15. So now mom/pop gardens of medecine will dwindle as “life time earned propertys” are seized because of the cultivation of a curative herb … Good samaritan herb tenders will almost vanish to avoid beeing assaulted by any wich gang(beating on people and stealing herbs and opperational fundings) because stealing for one day is less demanding, more profitable and legistativly less risky than tending a garden year ’round … The quality of the medecine will not be on par with what are needed by paliatif, cancer, aids, fibromyalgia patients of the herb … Prices will soar again making herb a viable trading commodity for less than helpfull things by, for and through agressive violent groups … Molecular legal substitute for hashish and herb exsist and are sold under the guise of “bath salts” as well the(advertised) similar phisical high of other things too: coca~mdma~ect , all legal to sell to anyone. Big trouble with shinking kidney and other extremly painfull long lasting symtoms, as these products are not tested for human consumtion by the cartels who produce, ship, market them but are protected by “not for human consumption” labeling … more violence, more guns, more blood, less medecine, no quality control for the herb medecine cannabis, higher prices, less availability(much like our current pharma crisis of no meds in the country for cancer and many other patience … huh weird btw ) …. 2010 record low ciminality rate country wide, watch it soar … Why have Juges in the first place if your going to stifle their experiance by imposing mandatory sentencing in their court room …  I have much more to say, but … you know ….

  16. To put weed growers and sexual predators in the same basket is absolutly apauling, but to have heavyer sentencing for pot farmers than rapists is an act of treason agains Canadian Society !! How on earth has this happened to us ? This is a blatant attack upon the Canadian civilian by the harper gov !!! WHAT DO WE DO ???  idly stand by sounds good … meh, nice cup of hot coco, some shaved tobloron on the whip cream, lemon cake on the side … forget about it … unti… I’ll let you fill in the unplesantries when the rapist gets out years before the medecine care taker … OHhhhh CAnadaaaaa ….

  17. Quote me, I don’t like it.

    As the statistics clearly show, the crime rate is the lowest in 40 years, so what could be the real reason to change something that is obviously working?

    Could it be all of those prisons that Harper is building need inmates, so lets create the inmates?

    The provinces need to band together and refuse to accept this flawed, unsubstantiated and misguided bill. It clearly does not serve the public good, it is solely designed to provide income for the new owners of these prisons that Harper will end up selling to private interests.

    ..I told you his legacy would be ‘Canada’s Nixon’ when he was elected, and here it comes…

    There must be enough legal minds in Canada who have enough money that they can contribute some ‘free’ time to getting together and legally destroying this bill.
    Harper is far too anti-social to be an acceptable politician. He seeks to damage society, not improve it.

    All other political parties, draft your legislation NOW to eliminate this atrocity when you get elected. Advertise it, publish it, point to it, brag about it. It could be the single most significant factor in a new majority for any other party.

    These include mandatory minimum prison sentences for drug offenders…

    said Justice Minister Rob Nicholson. … and it goes after drug traffickers..

    There is a difference between ‘offenders’ as stated in the bill and ‘traffickers’ as stated by Nicholson when he is trying to sell the legislation.
    I have an idea, politicians should use invisible ink, then politics really would be totally transparent!

  18. Hats off to the progressives!  As the progressives say “Take my guns! Raise my taxes up the ying yang!  Declare unborn children as disposal during all 9 months of pregnancy! But take my pot and its war!”Now,  I know why the left are such big pot fans. You have to be whacked out of your mind to vote Liberal or NDP to begin with.The Canadian left is mostly a pack of demented aged hippies and wanna be hippies. The country’s been going down hill since the 1950’s. Finally, we have a prime minister who will actually push back!  

    • What was that I heard? Was it a goat crossing your bridge while you’re away?

  19. great one step closer to police state is there realy ppl dumb enough to think stephen harper cares what canadians need or want

    watch,, as he ignores protest after protest fact after fact all for his own agenda

    and by the way marijuana can be used to cure cancer THATs why its illegal
    the united states goverment even holds a patent on it # 6630507 cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants

    we need to start calling him the terrorist he is!

    its all a corrupt puppet show now that harpers in the house his corporate overlords are in full controll of the country i only pray its still salvagable when we hopfully tar and feather him before we boot this kid out of his sandbox

  20. OH YA lol now the price of pot probaly gonna go up too soo much for our low murder rates as the gangs start fighting over it even more THAT BLOOD WILL BE ON YOUR HANDS HARPER GOOD JOB MAKING CANADA MEANER NOT SAFER

  21. I am totally pissed off about Harper and his stupidity. I laughed at his new agenda to punish elder abuse criminals. The Moron, PC goverment is the biggest abuser of elders in the country. Building jets and ships to fight some war that hasn’t even been though of yet. Seniors are starving and living at the bottom and Harper wants to take even more away from them. This in the face of CEO’s at CPP drawing millions of dollars in wages and thats OK with Harper. 

  22. Really you want to send taxpaying citizens to jail for 2 years for a joint of pot. Grow up the cost of taking these taxpayers out of their jobs for 2 years so the balance of the country can pay for them, and lets not consider the fact that their families might have to use the welfare system if the main moneymaker in the family is in jail. So how much is 1 joint worth to the Canadian public. Looks like the $200 fine it used to be is cheaper. And lets face it jail is not a deterent, look at prostitution its been around for thousands of years and illegal  has it gone away, no it just keeps costing taxpayers dollars to fight. Legalize POT and PROSTITUTION and tax it, control it and regulate it, there goes the national deficit. Canada would be debt free if this were handled correctly.

  23. stephen harper- having clearly ignored all the facts on the causes of crime and what constitutes successful rehabilitation- is only using the bill as a way to push some sort self-glorified private agenda to rub his own ego. id love to strip him of his title, money, and fancy suite (for rags, no need to see him naked ugh:S), place him in a ghetto area and see what he thinks of billc10 then! 

  24. Having the conservatives in power for so long, something like this is inevitable.

  25. We should definitely have tougher crimes because then we would have more people in jail and other people can pay for those people in jail and then we would have more food for us because they would be in jail and that would be good because they would be on a diet which we should also pass the law for. Also, the conservatives should legalize marijuana because that would be really sweet and totally relevant to this crackdown on crime. Go green. Literally

    • I think this guys a freakin genius man. Go green.

  26. hey you guys just better watch what you say, because after this bill is implemented, you will be an enemy of the state and you will soonafter be one of the inmates in the private prisons for talking like that. You just watch. I cant wait to see the looks on all the faces of the Harper loyalists, after they realize that they defended these criminals, er politicians, and let Canada become a fascist state.

  27. – 3. Spin triumphs over substance. The federal government has chosen to take a “marketing” approach to Bill C-10, rather than explaining the facts to Canadians. This campaign misrepresents the bill’s actual content and ensures that its public support is based heavily on inaccuracies.

    That pretty much sums up all the communications coming out of the Harper government since the “majority” government took office.

  28. a sense of
    dispare is more like it, after having been laid-off, I have been applying
    everywhere possible, where these days many companies are demanding a criminal
    record check. I am thoroughly discouraged after having discovered that I must
    wait another three years instead of one to apply for a “record

    over two
    years ago (after 15 years of getting myself out of the canadian criminal
    system) I decided to apply for a “pardon”, discovered I had a couple
    of outstanding fines, paid them, and started the three year wait…

    thanx a lot
    Harper & Co., my family’s quality of living will suffer because of your
    ridiculous Bill-C10, bravo.
    for the record, I had only summary convictions, of which none were sexuallly-related, violent, or drug-trafficking crimes.

  29. This BillC-10 takes my rights as a human and flushes them down the toilet. This Bill will ruin society and the government will have no one to blame but themselves. God please send us people who live their lives to honor you and protect your creation and our families. Open the eyes of other people in legislation to what is right for our country.

  30. Harper and his buddies have no idea how to run a country. Canada needs a leader that we can follow and lo0ok up too not someone who turned canada into a Dictaorship!

  31. There is a class action law suit that is in progress by lawyer Mr. Julius Grey to challenge Bill C-10. Mrs. Louise Trudel who works out of Mrs. Paulina Ayala’s office (NDP member for the riding Honoré-Mercier, Quebec) will be assisting Mr. Grey in this matter. However, in order for this bill to be successfully revoked and deemed unconstitutional, Mrs. Trudel & Mr. Grey need a list of names of the people who are directly affected by this Bill. Their names will not be published anywhere or available to anyone but Mr. Grey and Mrs. Trudel.

    Please email if you are directly affected by this bill and would like to do something about it. If you have any further questions, please send me a message via face book.

    The more people we can gather the more likely this bill is revoked.

  32. Hopefully after the new election, amendments will be made to this bill. If you followed this bill from C23 to it’s royal assent as C10, you’d see only the conservatives wanting it. They were shown so much data and statistics proving how passing this bill would be a HUGE mistake, but proceeded without even acknowledging the information presented to them.

    Canadians need to be more involved in the decisions made by the gov’t, especially the current one.

    “Canadians Celebrate as Online Surveillance Provisions Excluded from Omnibus Crime Bill

    September 20, 2011 – Under the intense pressure of a 70,000+ signature petition, the government has omitted “Lawful Access” (Online Spying) bills from the larger omnibus crime legislation announced today.”

    As you see here, when even a fraction of the population cares, a difference can be made.

  33. Does anyone know what will happen to the alternative measures ? And will the Justice Committees in communities be still active ?