Kathleen Wynne on deleted emails, rebuilding trust and being Canada’s first gay premier

In conversation with Aaron Wherry

On deleted emails, rebuilding trust and being the first gay premier of a province

Photo by Blair Gable

When Kathleen Wynne succeeded Dalton McGuinty as Ontario premier in February, she became Canada’s first gay premier. The Liberal also inherited a number of her predecessor’s troubles, from a massive debt load to troubled negotiations with the province’s teachers to the contentious decision to cancel two power plants that has since become a controversy over deleted emails. Wynne came to Ottawa last week to make the pitch for a national transit strategy and new investment in infrastructure.

Q: Let’s start with some of the news from this week: your predecessor testifying before the legislative committee investigating the gas-plant controversy. Were you satisfied with what he had to say? Do you feel like the issue has been put to rest at this point?

A: I was very pleased that the former premier agreed to come a second time and to clear up some of the issues around the information, the emails and so on. And I think he answered the questions straightforwardly and my hope is that the committee got what it needed.

Q: Can Ontario voters feel at this point that the government is forthright with them on these things? Can voters trust the government at this point?

A: Voters can trust me, the public can trust me, that I am doing everything in my power to get the information that’s being asked for. You know, it was a commitment that I made during the leadership and I knew when I was coming into this job that we were going to need to broaden the scope of the committee’s ability to ask questions about a whole range of issues. I’ve said that we made mistakes. We should not have located those gas plants in those places in the first place. There should have been a better process. We’re putting a better process in place. So my hope is that people will see that we are being straightforward and that they will have confidence in that.

Q: Have you ever had a feeling of, “What did I get myself into?” You came in with a number of outstanding controversies that you had to deal with, you’re now facing five by-elections, you’ve got a minority parliament—there are lots of reasons that this isn’t the ideal job. Have you ever thought, “Wow, this is even bigger than I imagined?”

A: No. I foreshadowed all of these things in my leadership. I talked about the issues that we were going to need to confront. I talked about rebuilding the trust with teachers and the education sector, I talked about the documentation on the gas plants, I talked about needing to get back to the legislature and to work with the opposition. And what I’m proud of is that we’ve hit those markers, that we’ve been able to do the things that we said we were going to do.

Q: The attack ads are already running. The line seems to be that you don’t represent change—you and your predecessor are basically the same person.

A: He’s way taller.

Q: Yeah, you’re very different people. But how do you put your own stamp on this? I know it’s only been five months now, but how do you signal that this is a new administration, that this is a new government?

A: Well, I’ve been very clear about my pride in the work that I’ve done over the last 9½ years as part of Dalton’s government and very proud of the work he did. Having said that, I came in saying there were some things that needed to change, whether it was on the processes around siting energy infrastructure or whether it is the collaboration and the partnerships that I want to form across the province. My particular style, which is collaborative, which is leading from within a team, I think that’s what’s needed right now. Clearly the party felt the same thing, so I’m going to be spending the summer doing just that: talking to people around the province and tapping into their ideas.

Q: Do you need a big issue, though? Do you need something like transit? McGuinty obviously left with education as his hallmark—is that what transportation and infrastructure can be for you?

A: It is a focus, because it’s so necessary. But have I decided that because I need a political brand that infrastructure is going to be it? No. I believe that it’s a pressing issue right now that needs to be dealt with and is difficult to deal with. I’m not anxious about wading into a difficult conversation with people because I think that that’s what’s expected of leaders right now.

Q: Last night you referenced the revenue discussion for transit infrastructure in the general Toronto area. Is there anything specifically that you’re open to considering at this point? When we talk about revenue, are we talking about road tolls?

A: Metrolinx has put forward some recommendations, but what has to happen now in the next few months is we need to refine that discussion with people. We need to engage the public. It’s not just about transit. It’s about infrastructure in rural and northern municipalities as well and that’s roads and bridges and water systems. The infrastructure discussion is one that has not, in my opinion, had the attention that it needs over the last 30 years, so I’m determined to bring that to the people of Ontario.

Q: What about using revenue tools such as taxes to pay for the deficit and pay down the debt? Are you open to considering that at all?

A: Well, you know, we have a big job as the government of Ontario—we have a lot of services that need to be delivered. We’re on track to eliminate the deficit by 2017-18. We have strategies in place to do that. We’ve overachieved on those targets every year for the last few years, so we’re going to continue on that path.

Q: But even if you eliminate the deficit, you’re still left with that debt. And you’re proudly a progressive—you believe in the power of government to do good things. At what point does that debt limit the government’s ability to do things, and at what point do you have to think about what you’re going to do to get rid of it?

A: Well, you’re absolutely right. We need to get to the point where we’re in a position to be able to pay down the debt. We’re not in that position right now. It’s a huge burden. But we’re not willing to slash services in order to deal with that because I don’t think that that is in the best interests of either the economy or of individuals across the province. So I agree with you, and once we eliminate the deficit I have made a commitment to constrain spending to keep it at one per cent below the growth of the GDP, in order to be able to deal with the debt. But we’ve got to stay on this trajectory first.

Q: Not to belabour the point—you can restrain spending, but at some point do you need to raise taxes?

A: At this point, that’s not the discussion that we’re having. We need to focus on our strengths and address the gaps. And infrastructure is a huge gap.

Q: I don’t know if it’s just because there’s a woman in the premier’s office now, but I read a column recently basically all about your clothes. And before that, there was the issue of the dress code in your office. Are we going through some kind of adjustment period due to having a female premier?

A: You know, the social historians will have to pull all that apart. I remember standing beside Dalton one time, early on when I was a candidate, and I said to him, “You know, men are really lucky in that there’s a uniform. You got a tie and a suit and a shirt and you change ’em up, but there’s a uniform.” And he said to me, “I always thought women were lucky because you get to change it up.” It’s just different. I don’t mind talking about clothes, if that’s what people want to ask me about. It’s not what determines who I am. It’s part of who I am, but it’s not definitional.

Q: With the speech you gave at the convention, with this discussion about clothes, you’ve obviously steered right into personal territory. When you became premier, you were the first woman, the first gay premier—do you mind these sort of labels or do you want to move beyond it?

A: I don’t mind it as long as it doesn’t take away from the other discussion. If that’s all you wanted to talk to me about, then that would be a real concern. But we’ve talked about a whole lot of things this morning. And I respect that conversation. The fact is that human beings bring their whole selves to their jobs. I bring my whole self to this job and if people want to ask me about my whole self, that’s fine, but I’m in the job because I want people to have a job; I want this province to thrive.

Q: Do you feel any extra pressure because of it? Especially being the first gay premier?

A: Well, it’s interesting, I have nothing to compare it with. I’ve only ever been the premier as a lesbian and a woman. I don’t have any way of knowing what it’s like to be a man in this office, but that’s true of my whole life. I know that there are women in every corner of this province, because I’ve talked to them, who are proud to have a woman as a premier. There are men proud to have a woman as a premier. So if my being in this job frees people to think differently about this office, that’s fantastic. And again I’m happy to bring my whole self to these discussions.


Kathleen Wynne on deleted emails, rebuilding trust and being Canada’s first gay premier

  1. This comment was deleted.

    • Your last paragraph is a bit confusing. Record corruption as in Ehealth, Ornge, gas plants, larger debt than all the other provinces combined, have to have-not status, lowest electricity prices in North America to second highest, emails, back door wind contracts with foreign companies, removal of democratic rights for rural citizens, c difficil deaths, watered down chemo drugs are all things that happened under the Dalton regime. Psssst, come a little closer so I can tell you something. He’s a Liberal.

    • It’s always fun to write “delabour” and “Wakerton” when denigrating somebody else’s intelligence.

    • Ya; because the money they’re dealing in has even gotten “any” rating from the IMC yet.

      She’s fun though.

    • Let me guess, you’re one of the bright bulbs that actually believes a $40B deficit is a “balanced budget”? Maybe you can explain that part of economics to the rest of us?

  2. She needs to update her look for the campaign trail….she looks stiff and old school-marmy…but she has a sense of humour and comes across as sincere.

    Hudak doesn’t connect with voters, and his policies are out to lunch…..so she does well in comparison.

    • It’s beyond astounding that you think she comes across as sincere. She was the right hand man of Dalton McGuinty and the most corrupt political party to ever hold office in Ontario. We’re smothering under the massive debt while these idiots just keep spending like there’s no tomorrow.

      Please tell me you live in another province and won’t be voting in any Ontario election. This province can’t handle any more bobblehead lemming Liberal voters.

      • It’s beyond astounding that you think your partisan attack ad is of any interest to me.

        • You have no idea which party I would vote for, so how can you call my comment a partisan attack ad. Do you even know what that means?

          What did I say that was incorrect? She was at Dalton’s side for most of his major policies — all of which turned into billion dollar fiascoes. We are smothering under a massive debt. And they just keep spending like there’s an endless supply of money from somewhere.

          I guess you must be fabulously independently wealthy and can afford this burden they’ve placed on average taxpayers, but most of us can’t and we desperately need to get these thieves out of office as soon as possible.

          • You’re a Con….Cons do Kitchen Table Economics, and know nothing about reality.

            The only thing you missed mentioning was Greece. LOL

          • Just going back over my comments to see where I said anything about voting Con. Nope. Don’t see it. Now you’re imagining things. That’s okay. In the lala land of Liberalism, all sorts of things are imaginery…..infinite taxpayer dollars to name just one.

            And you never answered my question. What did I say that was incorrect?

          • Your entire post was/is Con. But if you want to play games…like denying the obvious….play them by yourself. I’m busy.

          • Yup; denying the obvious comes with big costs.

          • Well, you’re clearly not Liberal. Your views on economics don’t sound NDP. And you’re dodging the question rather than giving a straight answer – which, if this were a discussion of federal politics, would be a dead giveaway that you’re a CPC supporter.

            So if you’re not willing to claim your affiliation (or definitively state your lack thereof) then Emily’s assumption seems a pretty good one, based on available evidence.

          • What question am I dodging? I was never asked a question. I asked Emily which part of my statement was incorrect. She’s the one who has chosen to play the dodge game rather than answer my question.

            I’m not affiliated with any provincial party. I don’t like any of them in particular. When you vote in this province, it’s more along the lines of the lesser of three evils. So since you decided to jump into this conversation, what did I say that was incorrect?

            If you and Emily are so rah-rah Liberal, why don’t you whip out your chequebook and start bailing us out of the mess you and the Dalton Gang have gotten us into and give the rest of us hard-working Joes a little tax relief?

          • Hey, ‘hard-working Joe’….Ontario is doing just fine….we supply 40% of Canada’s GDP…, we live in a great place….so enough with the victim routine. You sound like an Albertan doing that.

          • Yep, you and Keith are definitely bobblehead lemming Liberals. Neither one of you can answer the question I asked, but you’re very good at deflect, deflect, deflect. It’s hard when the tough questions get asked, isn’t it?

            I’m not playing the victim. I’m just tired of Liberal thieves with their hands perpetually in my wallet, thinking they’re more entitled to what I’ve earned than I am.

            You and Keith are either public servants or on the dole. Either way, kindly get your damned mitts off my money.

          • Noop sorry. Just because you have a political ideology doesn’t mean everybody does

            Hey, you don’t like paying taxes? Move to Somalia

          • Still dodging the question, huh? You must have been a political aide to the lying criminal Dalton McGuinty. Well he taught you well.

            I never said I didn’t like paying taxes. Again, dodge, dodge, dodge. I would just like to keep some of the money that I work 60 hours a week for rather than have a criminal like McGuinty or Wynne decide for me how they want to spend it.

          • Ahhh the Con insults routine again. Yawn.

          • Yep, just like McGuinty and Wynne … wouldn’t answer a direct question if their lives depended on it, so too goes their blind braindead followers. No problem Emily.

            You refusing to answer my question, answers the question for you. Poor sad little bobblehead lemming Emily. Can’t think a single thought on her own, unless it’s right out of the Liberal handbook of deception, deflection and lies.

            What a sad life you will have Emily. Too bad you’ll never know what it’s like to stand on your own two feet and the freedom that comes with that. Have a good day, if that’s possible.

          • You haven’t asked a question….you’ve just blared propaganda.

            And I’m 66, sonny boy

          • I’ve asked you over and over, what part of my original comment about the McGuinty legacy was incorrect? You have refused to answer the question, instead, you act like a little child who doesn’t want to go to school.

            So, if you’re 66, I guess you don’t care that the Lying LPO has wasted billions and billions of taxpayer dollars on one disaster after another. You’re not the one who’s going to have to spend the next 30 years working to pay for this mess. Now it makes sense.

          • You didn’t make a ‘comment’ about McGuinty….you made a partisan attack.

            Just like you did again in your last post.

            You aren’t interested in answers…..you’re just campaigning for the 5 upcoming byelections

          • I’m not campaigning for any election as I’m not a fan of any of the three major parties in Ontario. If asking a question about facts and truth is a partisan attack, then you have more serious issues and problems than what Wynne’s fashion style is.

            Again, the entire rest of Ontario would thank you if you abstain from voting in the next election, as I’m sure you’re one of those women who intend to vote for Justin because you think he’s “hot”.

          • You weren’t asking a question….you were attacking Libs and McGuinty.

            I wasn’t commenting on Wynnes ‘fashion style’ either…..and I’m afraid women don’t vote on the basis of ‘hotness’….only sexist men would think like that….another sign you’re a Con.

          • Wrong on many counts. You’re very first comment you said she needs to update her look because she looks school marmy.

            Funny that. You think I’m a sexist man. Good one.

            All one has to do is remember the days of P E T and how women swooned at his feet and then see the same thing today whenever you see a picture of his son. There’s always hordes of women standing around him smiling like Stepford wives. And I’ve heard more than a few women make comments such as, “I’d vote for Justin. He’s HOT!!” So don’t tell me it doesn’t happen.

          • I said Preston Manning needed to update his look as well….in politics, image is very important. It shouldn’t be, but it is.

            Harper finds it so important he has his own make-up artist and photographer….and hair you keep in the fridge.

            Women didn’t swoon at PETs feet….some teenagers were hired to follow him and scream though….it being a Beatlemania era….

            And no, you haven’t heard any such thing.

          • Oh yes! I have! And I’ve called these women out when they’ve said it. And the response is always, “But he’s so cute!!”

          • Nah you haven’t

          • Sorry Emily. Valewood is right. I’ve got so many female friends who’ve said EXACTLY that same thing!

            “I’m going to vote for Justin! He is SO hot!!!” Yeah but what about his policies and views on Canada? “Who cares!!? LOOK AT HIM!!”

            “I’d vote for Justin if I could have just ONE night with him!!”

            “I’d give anything to run my hands through his hair!”

            “I think we need a really hot sexy Prime Minister for a change, don’t you? I’d vote for him in a second!!!”

            It really ticks me off when they say such stupid things. Women weren’t given the vote so they could elect whoever is the sexiest and it really embarrasses me when I hear them say that.

          • Let’s be serious eh?

            If it was that easy, choosing which candidate to run would take no time at all.

            Women weren’t ‘given’ the vote, they demanded it.

          • Stop splitting hairs. All I’m saying is that Valewood wasn’t lying when he said that.

          • Valewood talked a great deal of nonsense.

            So far on here I haven’t seen one word about Ontario and it’s future….just a lot of attacks on Libs. Partisan party stuff.

          • Well unfortunately, you can’t separate the past from the future. Not when there’s such a mess to clean up, Surely you agree that our financial situation is in dire straits. Our debt is unsustainable and yet Premier Wynne and her cabinet don’t seem to take it seriously.

            How long do we let this debt continue? Don’t you agree that such a massive financial hole prevents us from doing things that we could be doing or from providing services that we could be providing if we had our fiscal house in order?

            We’ve had so many OHIP services delisted since McGuinty came to power. How much more do we let slide? Isn’t this preying on the poor and the most vulnerable? Look what’s happened to services for Autistic children? Benefits for the disabled?

            It’s only going to get worse as long as these problems aren’t addressed. Wouldn’t you agree?

            Our unemployed in this province is over 600,000. Businesses are closing up and leaving for places where electricity rates aren’t so high. How do we address those issues?

          • There is no ‘mess’ to clean up. Our financial situation is fine.

            In 1840 we’d borrowed heavily in order to build canals….and then a huge amount of immigrants from Ireland showed up….with typhus from the potato famine.

            And yet here we still are….and we’ve been thriving all this time.

            Debt is a standard financial tool….and it goes up and down over time. Why Cons panic over it, I don’t know. Must be their kitchen table economics crap….where they equate a married couple at the table figuring their finances over 30 years to a govt existing through time, and with multiple sources of income.

            Ontario is a very rich province….diverse too. Lots of room, resources we haven’t even touched yet, lots of water, and universities…..including the top one in Canada.

            We supply 40% of Canada’s GDP

            So relax….we’re alright. What the govt is doing is forward-planning….Manufacturing is disappearing. Everywhere. It moved to China, and it’s not coming back. Beyond China and other low cost countries there are robots. And 3D printing changes it all again, even for China.

            So what we need is education…..for other kinds of jobs….and that’s what McGuinty concentrated on. It invests in human resources…and will pay off handsomely.

            We now have one of the best systems in the world, and are well prepared for the Knowledge economy.

            All this partisan squawking is just that…squawking…ahead of the byelections. It’s the same squawking done before the last election when McGuinty got back in anyway. LOL

            Govts come, and govts go….and this has been a good one. Been in a long time, and voters get restless so whether it’ll survive or not I don’t know….but I’m not interested in this constant campaign Cons run.

            Nor am I concerned about debt. The province….the country even….started in debt….and we’ll have debt a century from now….or as long as the capitalist system lasts….so don’t get your knickers in a knot. Life goes on.

          • I am just stunned at your callous and selfish answer. I can’t believe what I’m reading.

            I don’t even know where to start. I can’t wrap my mind around your arrogant, ignorant, disconnected, uninformed and uneducated response. I’ve never read such mind-numbing nonsense and rhetoric in all of my life.

            You, dear lady, are certifiable. And I can only hope that by some miracle, you are unable — for whatever reason — to vote in the next provincial election. Your selfishness is …. there’s really no words to describe it. The only thing I can think of to say is, “Shame on you. Shame – on – you!”

          • Oh do stop being silly….everyone knows you’re campaigning for Hudak and you’re over-the-top like all Cons are.

            Now go find something else to do with a Sat afternoon, because I don’t intend responding to such nonsense.

            Oh…and the Temp job? FAIL

          • I don’t know what temp job you keep referring to on this board, nor am I campaigning for Hudak.

            You, are a Class A nut job. Thank goodness you’re in your 60’s and won’t have too many more elections to vote in, if we’re lucky.

            My children and my grand-children shouldn’t have to pay for your penchant for being in debt as long as YOU got the services and programs in your lifetime that helped you. To hell with future generations right? You selfish old hag.

          • Off you go Laura….I’m not interested in Con kooks.


          • And we are not interested in your inane ramblings Ciao

          • Wonder if they can pull her vote when she shows full symptoms of dementia getting pretty lose now.

          • well said, E1 not worth replying to any longer.

          • yes we have many resources we have not tapped yet, but the left leaning environmentalist will scream loud enough that we don’t touch them. debt/deficit is bad, to double our debt in a decade is crazy. for you to say our “financial situation is fine” leads me to believe you are insane. no more talking to you.

          • Good….I hope that’s a promise.

          • I tend to agree with you – things are a mess. But in one breath you bemoan the debt and deficit, and in the next you complain about delisted OHIP services. How do you keep the debt from climbing even higher without making cuts? Or raising taxes?

          • Well, let’s just stick with OHIP services, shall we? Ohip should be for medically necessary services ONLY, NOT lifestyle choices.

            We shouldn’t be paying for endless numbers of abortions. One time, fine. 4, 5, 6 times is a lifestyle choice and the taxpayers should not be responsible.

            Gender reassignment surgery. I don’t think we should pay for it at all, but let’s say we do. Under NO circumstances, should we be paying for the person to switch back again, because they’re not happy with the outcome. Now it’s a lifestyle choice. Pay for it yourself.

            In vitro fertilization or artificial insemination. How many kicks at the can should a couple get at how many thousands of dollars for each try. I’d be willing to pay for once, maybe twice. If it doesn’t work, adopt. Why should we be paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for one couple to try to conceive? It’s NOT a medical necessity, it’s a privilege. And there’s no divine right that says everyone should be a parent.

            All day kindergarten. We know what that’s costing us.

            And don’t even get me started on the energy program, that already has us paying the United States upwards of 200 MILLION per year, to take our excess power off our hands, but we keep building more wind turbines so that we can pay the States EVEN MORE to take our excess power off our hands. And we know that because wind turbines are unreliable and intermittent that they need backup gas plants built to kick in when the wind doesn’t blow (because nuclear can’t be ramped up and down that fast). Meanwhile, as one recent report put it, Ontario is ‘swimming’ in energy. We’ve got so much we don’t know what to do with it all. So we PAY Bruce Nuclear ONE MILLION DOLLARS per day NOT to produce power, because we’ve got too much already. So why are we still building more wind turbines? 4,000 more planned to be built in the next few years. WHY??? The insanity of it all is beyond words.

          • So you are in favour of cuts to OHIP; just not the ones the Liberals made. Fair enough. I generally agree with you on the ones you suggest – though unless things have changed in the last few years IVF and AI are covered only at 50% and only certain circumstances (my girlfriend tried some years ago while with her former husband prior to adopting).

          • Not 100% sure about the funding of it, but there has been some discussion about it on T.O. talk shows in the past while and I’m pretty sure the reason for having that particular topic, was because of the unlimited # of times a couple could have the procedure.

            I’d be interested in hearing your views on the energy issue.

          • Honestly? I don’t know enough about it. Though you have piqued my curiosity & will have to pay it closer attention.

          • Keep fighting the good fight.

          • I think the trend is we have no future with the Liberal’s in charge. we need a few lean years of cutting and pissing people off to get the books in order. then a decade from now everyone can scream that the Conservatives destroyed Ontario, just like they continue to attached Mr Harris, many years after the fact…

          • Sadly, every party has backers for reasons that have little to do with politics per se or the best interests of the nation. But how many of these women would actually get off their duffs and vote? Odds are, if that’s the extent of their interest in politics, you won’t find them at the polling station come election day.

          • And they were how old?

          • All different ages, but mostly in their 30’s. And trust me, they were serious. My wife is as disgusted with that sort of attitude as I am. If that’s what they’re going to base their vote on, it’s an affront to the women who fought to get the vote in the first place. It’s a privilege that shouldn’t be treated so disrespectfully or casually.

          • so don’t comment on looks of people, unless its you commenting on PM Harper’s hair. that’s what I love about the left, do as I say not as I do. our attacks are only advice, Conservative attacks are mean and sexist and back to mean…

          • She needs to update her look for the campaign trail….she looks stiff and old school-marmy

            Yes, clearly you weren’t commenting on her fashion style. Obviously you were talking about her campaign bus.

            Stop lying Emily. You’ve lost all credibility.

          • really, woman don’t vote on “hotness”, this is just the thing that keeps Justin in the news…since he has zero policy

          • They do love their disasters….

          • you’re 66 and senile.

          • so have you been a retired teacher for 11+/- years?

          • That’s your IQ?

          • :

            Good one

          • dodge, dodge, dodge, is good.

            Very interestingly said.

            I think, maybe, Ill invest in that. Keep callin them out.

            ” I would just like to keep some of the money that I work 60 hours a week for”

            That’s gotta be worth, quite a lot.

          • *cough*;

            Where the democracy picture of a little boy at the end of his water tube waiting for the bigbad corporate guy to let the pressure back on was taken?

            The Somilians dig their own Wells.

            I see your point, though, I’m not sure you do.

          • Hey, you like paying taxes? Then pay mine.

          • you sound as if you have maybe a little bit of political ideology…

          • Emily no one likes to pay taxes, not even you I am betting.But it is a necessary evil to allow a government to ensure that certain needed services are provided for.Where many people differ is how much a government should provide for the people?While I see the merit in some services being provided and regulated and mandated by a government, I have my limits on how “free”a government should be with experimenting with new “programs”with no accountability and nothing to show that if a program is not producing a consistent level of positive results, the program should be terminated, and the revenues funding the program should be invested back into established services the government already provides.The last ten years of provincial government under Dalton McGuinty’s leadership has shown a colossal failure in leadership.If you are talking about Ontario’s economic strength, lets look at a breakdown of jobs.Where I live many people are stuck working jobs that pay minimum wage or barely above minimum wage.Some people have had to move back in with other family members because they cannot afford to live on their own.Easy to say just increase the minimum wage, but that puts financial pressure on small and medium sized business owners, who do not have the resources to pay the higher wages, and would even lay off workers in response to paying higher minimum wage.We really need to find ways to bring back more skilled jobs in the manufacturing industry, which was almost destroyed under McGuinty’s leadership, and is only reasserting itself in Ontario at a snail’s pace.The government has a role to play in supporting business development, growth and economic health.Jobs make people feel that they are contributing to their families and society, it gives them a sense of self worth and value, especially if they can support their families, with a decent wage.I am not talking wages like what government employees and public sector employees get but a decent living wages that offers some sense of worth and achievement for more people in the private sector in Ontario.

          • Humans have paid taxes for thousands of years….the only argument has been over how much. For most of that time, the king set the amount….today we vote on it….but not paying isn’t an option.

            It’s not an evil, it’s a bargain….and an investment.

            Taxes are the price we pary for civilization.

            No one is ‘stuck’ at a minimum wage job….this isn’t Victorian England…we have upward mobility. You can be any ‘class’ you want to be….simply get the education and training you need. Which is what McGuinty was ensuring.

            As to manufacturing…..McGuinty had nothing to do with it….companies are moving offshore….mainly to China. That is happening to every country in the world. China has become the world’s factory. After China comes other low-cost countrie, and then robots. 3 D printing ends most of it altogether.

            McGuinty didn’t have anything to do with the 2008 financial crisis or the bankruptcy of GM and Ford either. Anymore than Obama did. All either of them could do was trying and fish the companies out of their mess because their bankruptcy would do enormouse amounts of damage in the midst of the crisis.

            We have lots of jobs we can’t fill….thousands of them in fact….because we don’t have people with the right training to do them….it’s called structural unemployment.

            So McGuinty brought in Second Career….a program to train people to do the jobs we already have.

            He stressed education and the environment….and did a good job.

          • 1) Not affiliated with any party (though, federally, am rabidly anti-CPC). Just asked you to be clear about yours when you dodged Emily’s accusation of being a Conbot.

            2) Work for a publicly traded company – same one for over 20 years; am not in a union. So no – neither a public servant nor on the dole. How about you?

            3) Now that you have stated you also are not affiliated with any party, I’ll take you at your word on that. Though statements like “I’m just tired of Liberal thieves with their hands perpetually in my
            wallet, thinking they’re more entitled to what I’ve earned than I am” make me think you are much more likely to vote PC than NDP come election time. You clearly won’t be voting Liberal.

            4) Please don’t lump me in with Emily just because I came to Emily’s defence on one particular point (your seeming evasiveness as to party affiliation, which you have since addressed). As I’m sure Emily will attest, we are as often on opposing sides of a debate as we are on the same side.

            5) I’ll stick to polite responses for now, but when people call me names I’m not afraid to respond in kind. Ask Billy Bob. Or Emily :-)

          • Sorry. The entire topic of this Liberal government gets me so rankled, I can hardly see straight. The arrogance with which they throw away MY money is staggering. Even when a policy of theirs is proven time and again to be wrong, wrong, wrong, they forge ahead with it, with no regard for the money that is being wasted.

            I love this province and have always been very proud to live and work here. Now, for the first time in my 40-some years, I’m actually considering packing up and moving to another province, just so that my kids have a chance at a future. Because the way these thieves are flushing money down the toilet, this will be a have-not province for many decades to come.

          • Emily needs a reboot.

          • Ahhh the temps had to send for the cavalry eh? A spammer this time.

            None of you ever have anything to say….it’s just all games for the campaign.

          • Let’s start with a boot, then we’ll go with a re-boot.

          • largest debt, deficit and biggest cheque from Ottawa due to having no money. larger debt per person than California. manufacturing decimated, so yeh we are doing awesome.

          • Like you, I’m not affiliated with any party. But when Emily said you were a conservative, you simply said you had not said “anything about voting Con.” That struck me as evasive. And like I said, your views seem pretty congruent with those of the Conservatives.

            Provincially I don’t know who to vote for. The Liberals at first were a refreshing change from Harris & Co., but have gone seriously downhill since then and – barring a complete turnaround under Wynne – badly need replacing. Hudak makes Harris look good (definitely NOT an endorsement). I’ve never been a fan of the NDP, but Horwath seems a better choice than Hudak and my MPP Jagmeet Singh seems pretty on the ball so I may just vote orange for the first time in the next election.

            BTW – I never said you were incorrect – that was Emily. Though I would list the Harris government as being at least as corrupt as McGuinty’s.

          • Well, I’ll disagree with you there. In my opinion, I’ve never seen a more corrupt, lying band of thieves than the Dalton Gang. McGuinty and his entire cabinet should be behind bars. The arrogance with which they blow billions after billions of dollars with no remorse, no pause, no guilt whatsoever, as if they’re entitled to waste my money that I work so damned hard for just infuriates me. Just my view.

          • It’s amazing how you Liberals attack someone as being partisan, but then disregard everything they say simply because of the party that person allegedly comes from. Could one of you even address a single one of his points? Of course not. Can’t get much dumber than EmilyOne.

          • Hey “Rick” – my comment was solely about Valewood’s evasiveness to Emily’s question of affiliation. The comment you are replying to made no reference, one way or the other, as to the validity of the statements made about the Liberal government (many of which I happen to agree with BTW).

            I’m not a capital-L Liberal; I’m fiscally conservative and socially progressive – so that means I have historically voted Liberal more often than PC, though each party has seen my support. I actually voted PC the last time that option was available federally (that’s PC not CPC; there is a major difference between the two, and the latter will need a major shake-up in leadership and policy before I’ll cast a vote in their favour).

            Provincially, I was very opposed to Harris, and Hudak seems even more of a dunderhead. I won’t be voting Liberal next time either. So by default I’m left with the NDP. Fortunately I’ve been very pleased with my local, NDP MPP after eight years of an absentee Liberal, so voting orange for the first time won’t be as hard as it might otherwise have been.

            Re the “Can’t get much dumber than EmilyOne” line – maybe not, but you succeed regularly and spectacularly.

          • SO you’re a liberal. Liberals are born with normal brains but manage to fry them pretty fast. Nowdays between the Libs and the Dippeers the only difference is the name they choose

          • Noop. But you sure are a Con.

          • Actually Emily kitchen table economics are the best economics for dealing with economic realities.You assume that kitchen table economics is about people who know little of what goes on outside their personal views?Well I have sat around the tables of families and friends struggling to find jobs, keep jobs and keep a roof over their heads and food on the table and I will tell you I will take kitchen table economics over the “blue sky””pie in the sky”, spendthrift political party currently in power in Ontario.They have decimated the provincial economy and the people of Ontario are partly to blame for allowing them to be re-elected to continue the carnage.As for Premier Wynne, yes she seems sincere, but at the end of the day she is really no different than McGuinty, no matter how hard she tries to separate herself from him.If she wanted to be seen as different, she should have distanced herself from McGuinty’s cabinet, long before the last election.Same leadership, different clothes……

          • Two people sit down at the beginning of a marriage, and plan for the future….they have 50 years at best….maybe only 30 depending on their age….in which to buy a house, have one or two cars….raise the kids, provide for their education….pay the bills along the way…..and plan for retirement.

            They will have to take on debt….mortgage, car payments etc….it’s extra debt that often gets them in trouble. A big screen TV, or a holiday and so on. That they try to avoid even though it makes life a grind sometimes.

            Countries are quite different….so are provinces and states. You are working with a thousand year time frame, not 30-50 years before the nursing home. Income is from a thousand sources, not just husband and wife wages….which are themselves subject to layoffs, strikes, job loss, illness etc

            Govts look after standard crises…..but they can also, and must, do long-term planning. And in all sectors of the economy.

            It’s not like the kids are going to leave home, so some obligations disappear over time.

            There is no ‘blue sky’ ‘pie in the sky’ about it. There is ‘politics’ and that is damaging….because they convince some people their ideology is best. But events determine what has to be done, and all parties end up doing much the same thing.

    • Hudak or a fence post would do better than any Liberal crop you have in Ontario now!!!

      • More blatant partisanship.

        • At least I’m not afraid to admit that a party I’ve voted for has supremely F@#%ed up. I’ve voted for all three parties over my lifetime and if they turn out to be incompetent thieving corrupt criminals, a la the Dalton Gang, I don’t keep voting them back in over and over and over again. Unlike some people whose brains couldn’t kick into gear if you tried to jump start them with some cables and a battery.

          Far better to stick blindly to your party, no matter how badly they’ve screwed over the province for their own gain. Do us all a big favour in the next election Emily and stay the hell home.

          • Sorry….your post screams Con and I’m not interested in your bumpersticker slogans.

          • Let’s see. YES! There it is on page 119 of the Lying Liberal Handbook.

            “When confronted with the truth, the best defence is to try to dodge and weave, hoping to somehow distract the other person. If that fails to work, accuse them of being a Conservative *ugh*, that will surely deflate them. If that still doesn’t work, stick your fingers in your ears like a little 2 year old and holler “La la la la la!!! I can’t hear you.”

            Poor little Emily. Totally incapable of engaging someone in an adult debate, especially when you can’t deny the truth about your hero McGuinty and his sidekick Wynne.

          • Gawd, if you guys are trying for the Summer Temp jobs….you suck!

            Stealing my lines. For shame! LOL

          • Still haven’t answered my question.

          • You haven’t asked one.

          • If you go back to my second comment to you, I asked, What did I say about McGuinty and his legacy that was incorrect?

            Since then, you’ve done nothing but dodge and weave. Senility getting you down now too?

          • All of it was incorrect….it was an attack ad, not any genuine question.

            I work online, and some days are busier than others. I don’t have time to unravel attack ads to suit Con posters.

            You’re just campaigning for the upcoming 5 byelections and have no interest in either Ont or it’s future.

          • Both matter, yes

          • Then ACT like they do, and leave the cheerleading out of it.

          • You just can’t stop yourself from trying to deflect and dodge can you Emily? What part was incorrect? You’re such a staunch defender of the Liberal Party of Ontario, please go into detail about what was incorrect?

            You keep assuming I’m campaigning for the upcoming elections which is absolute nonsense. I’ve already said that I’m not partial to any of the three major players in Ontario. But you just keep falling back on that to avoid directly answering my question in detail.

            In typical Lib fashion, you wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped you.

          • Yada, yada.

          • I rest my case with you Emily. Anyone reading these comments will see exactly what I’ve said about you is true. You’re like a little 2 year old petulant child, which is normal Lib behaviour.

          • No hon, they won’t.

            They see Cons playing games….badly

          • Except that I’m not a Con. Not only can’t you understand basic English, but I’m afraid your eyesight is failing you as well. Better get that checked out. Of course you’ll have to pay for the test. Thanks to McGuinty, eye exams are no longer covered under OHIP.

          • Yeah you are. Not a good one, but a believer.

          • Go take your medication dear. The nurse will be coming to tuck you in shortly.

          • LOL so you immediately prove you’re a Con

          • Emily, you don’t “work online”. Being a Liberal troll is not “work”.

          • Of course

          • Perfect marriage.

          • Ok let’s try this:

            1) Valewood Did you vote conservative in the last election in your riding?

            2) Valewood do you plan on voting conservative in the next election in your riding?

            3) @valewood What you said about Premier Wynne being at Dalton’s side, while not incorrect it is misleading in the sense that as a member of the Liberal caucus Wynne along with all other caucus members standing beside their team. Just as Harper and Duffy stand together. Just as Peter MaKay stood beside Harper with the fighter jets, etc. Just as Eves, Harris, Hudak et al stood together when attempting to privatise energy in Ontario.

            Saying that Wynne was the right hand of Dalton suggests that you only follow PC spin versus the fact that Sandra Pupatello would more easily fit that description or then finance minister Dwight Duncan.
            Calling eHealth corrupt also suggest that you follow spin or that you are not familiar with general modern business practices (as I am assuming you are referring to the expense claims of the third party company that was initiating the program.) Were there cost over runs, yes but that is not corrupt.
            Attacking Samsun for being “foriegn” suggest that you again follow PC spin or are zenophobic. What does the company having to do with originating outside of Canada have to do with anything? Can you suggest a Company from Ontario that has the resources, techinical know how and where withall to do this job for the price and provide the jobs that have come since they opened up their factories in Windsor etc?
            Gas Plants? Well ya,… that is a sh*tshow. One that Premier Wynne acknowledges.
            I vote Liberal (Had in the far past voted PC) but at the end of the day, I don’t follow the Liberals blindly, I believe that besides the mistakes (show me a government that doesn’t have any), the Ontario Liberal Party best represents my views of social and fiscal governance. Chain gangs are not going to provide jobs, education or create the future that I would like to see for my grand children.
            Conservatives have taken a turn to being nasty, vindictive and closed minded. There was a time when I voted “Progressive Conservative” but there is no PC party in Canada and the one in Ontario is name only.
            ps. I don’t trust that Mr. Hudak’s only “business” expierence of working part time at the Candian Border in Niagara during summer breaks from studying to qualify him to run Canada’s larget economy. He was elected at 27 and hasn’t known what it is like to hold down a job in the private sector affected by world markets, etc.

          • Agree on this, Sam. I was PC for years, but it doesn’t exist anymore

          • Answers:
            1) Yes.
            2) I haven’t decided who I’m voting for yet. It definitely won’t be the Libs. This province won’t survive another term of mismanagement and outright theft of public funds. What this province desperately needs is a new serious party to come along.

            One that understands fiscal responsibility and management. One that isn’t going to saddle my children and grandchildren with a debt they had nothing to do with creating. One that’s not going to kowtow to the unions. One that isn’t going to strip certain citizens of Ontario of their democratic rights, but rather treat all Ontarians equally. One that isn’t going to squander untold billions of dollars on policies that aren’t well thought out or given due diligence before implementing them.

            A party that isn’t going to flush almost a billion dollars down the drain just to save a few seats in an election. One that doesn’t create policies specifically to line the pockets of their Liberal friends. One that doesn’t prorogue parliament for almost a quarter of a year, just to avoid scrutiny into their underhanded illegal dealings.

            Wynne, in her acceptance speech proclaimed how proud she was to have served at McGuinty’s side. That she was proud of what they had done over the past decade and that she intended to stay the course. Of course there were other Liberal cabinet members involved in the decisions, but they aren’t now sitting in the Premiers seat.

            I have, over the course of my life, voted for all three parties, if I felt they had the best interests of the taxpayers / citizens in their policies. I never voted for McGuinty because I could tell the first time I heard him speak that he was a sneaky slimy lawyer who knew how to tell people what they wanted to hear, just to get them to vote for him.

            I voted for Bob Rae, I voted for Brian Mulroney and I voted for Jean Chretien. At this point, I’m disillusioned with all three parties. As I said previously, whenever the next election comes up, it will be a matter of holding my nose and voting for the lesser of three evils. I KNOW what the Libs have done and what they plan on continuing to do. Good god, this province just won’t survive another 4 years of their corruption. The NDP have no morals whatsoever for propping up this clearly corrupt government.

            Hudak, hasn’t had a chance to govern, but I don’t know if he should. I like some of what I’ve read in the white papers, but are those just campaign lies that will be dropped as fast as McGuinty went back on his word about no new taxes?

            I do know that we are in serious serious trouble in this province. And I don’t see how anyone is going to get us out of it, without making some unpopular decisions. Our present course is unsustainable. Eventually this will all come crashing down around us if we don’t get our debt under control asap.

            I don’t have the answers, but it angers me when I see people continue to vote for a party, even though they are corrupt as the day is long, and the members of that party openly admit to their corruption.

          • First you say ” I haven’t decided who I’m voting for yet.” Then you go on to say it won’t be the Liberals; it won’t be the NDP; and you list plank after plank of the PC platform. Makes it hard to believe you haven’t made up your mind.

            Not that having made up your mind is a bad thing; I just think you should be honest about it.

          • I haven’t made up my mind. I’d personally like to see all three parties dumped in the trash and let’s start over again. I’ve said several times that next election it’s going to be the lesser of the three evils. I’m leaning towards PC, but no, I haven’t definitely decided yet.

            I won’t vote NDP, because as far as I’m concerned, by continuing to prop up this corrupt Liberal party (2 years in a row) and the Libs haven’t even come through on the promises McGuinty made Horwath last year, tells me that Horwath is too chicken sh!t to go for an election right now, because she doesn’t believe her party would win. So instead of putting the province and the taxpayers first, which is her duty while in office, she’s put herself ahead of us. I can’t vote for a party that is just shades of the corrupt one that’s in power right now. Not to mention that both the Libs and the NDP — in my mind — only view us taxpayers as their own personal bank account to just squander the money any way they see fit.

            I don’t know whether things would change under a PC government or not. This province desperately needs a party that’s going to get our fiscal house in order. How dare we squander our children’s money to satisfy our own selfish desires. And they’re not even our own selfish ‘needs’, but rather our desires. As far as I’m concerned, we have no right to do that. We don’t have the right to saddle future generations with our debt. All the Libs and the NDP want to do is keep kicking the can down the road.

            I don’t know what the answer is. I don’t know if the PC’s could deliver such a thing. But we can’t keep carrying on with the status quo. Our debt is going to be the death of any hope of recovery or prosperity. We have to get a handle on it.

            And that’s my spouting off. I’ll get off my soapbox now.

          • I’ll repeat my earlier reply to H7B7:

            Hudak declared he would vote against the budget before he even knew what it would contain. Horwath looked it over, forced the government to make concessions, and managed to have changes her party wanted implemented in exchange for her support.

            So we have one “politics first” leader (Hudak) who is more concerned about forcing an election than doing anything, and one willing to work collaboratively to achieve results (Horwath).

            Partisanship or pragmatism – hmmm. I know which one is more likely to get my vote when the time comes to toss the Liberals.

          • That sounds pretty partisan EmilyOne. Brain dead troll.

        • Non

          Guess again.

        • It’s not partisan to point out that the Liberals are a pack of crooks, it’s simply stating a fact. In your mind, anyone who doesn’t like lying, stealing, corrupt Liberals is a “partisan”. Whatever. There’s a lot of partisans in Ontario then.

      • Between Hudak and a fencepost, I’ll take the fence post; likely brighter and less wooden. I agree we need a change of government; I really wish we had better options to choose from.

  3. Infrastructure’s hemorraging like a gored elephant on speed. (good point) Public service has some issues too. How large is the psychologists and hospital administrative workers union these days anyways?

    “If you and Emily are so rah-rah Liberal, why don’t you whip out your
    chequebook and start bailing us out of the mess you and the Dalton Gang
    have gotten us into”



    That’s very g ood ad vice.

    One step at a time, right Kathleen?

  4. Shame on you, NDP, for backing this scandalous government to enable it to remain in power.There is nothing new about it; it’s the same old corruption with the same old players, now deleted emails to hide it all. Premier Wynne has been involved with all of it over the past 9-1/2 years. Have a look at what the schools are teaching about sex — unbelievable — all done while Ms. Wynne was the Minister of Education. Good luck keeping any economy going while giving away Crown land and enacting an illegal mining act that overrules the Supreme Court of Canada and its 2004 ruling in Haida.

    • Hudak declared he would vote against the budget before he even knew what it would contain. Horwath looked it over, forced the government to make concessions, and managed to have changes her party wanted implemented in exchange for her support.

      So we have one “politics first” leader (Hudak) who is more concerned about forcing an election than doing anything, and one willing to work collaboratively to achieve results (Horwath).

      Partisanship or pragmatism – hmmm. I know which one is more likely to get my vote when the time comes to toss the Liberals.

  5. One more comment. Why is it that a person’s sexuality is anyone’s business, in politics or otherwise? Why on earth are we discussing her lesbianism? What use is knowing what someone does in the bedroom?

  6. Couldn’t care less whether she’s straight, bi or trans. It has nothing to do with the job. The fact the media keep playing this up means they are trying to cash in on it with the gay community. Unfortunately the gay community is not going to elect the premier by themselves. Either Ms. Wynne represents all of us, or she goes home. Right now, I’m writing her return ticket.

    • I completely agree with you. I’m sick to death of seeing all these headlines about Canada’s first gay Premier. Or Gay Premier attends Pride Parade. I DON’T CARE!!! I want to know what she’s going to do to turn around the mess that the Liberals have made of Ontario over the past decade.
      Her sexual preferences don’t matter to me.

    • Agreed. Anyone who bases their vote on the basis of a person’s sexuality has some serious growing up to do.

  7. What a shameless puff piece Wherry. You just let her say “we’re on track to balance the budget”, which is such a plain and bald faced lie, you should be ashamed that you actually sat there and didn’t challenge her on that. Who cares, let’s talk about her wardrobe and how bloody “progressive” Ontario must be for having a gay Premier. Yes, those are the issues that matter, not the massive RISING deficit. The fact that the Premiers office has been involved in covering up a $700M corruption scandal.

    Ya, forget about the issues. She has a great gay wardrobe. Go Ontario!

    • Exactly! It’s the same old, same old as when McGuinty was in power. Last fall when he was doing his ‘goodbye tour’ around Ontario, EVERY single article that I read as he flitted from town to town was glowing praise for all the work he had done and that he served with such grace and style. It was absolutely nauseating. Not one single journalist, from the major MSMs like the Star or Globe and Mail to the tiniest small town newspaper had the guts to ask any tough important questions. It’s like everyone was petrified to put his feet to the fire about all of the corruption that had been going on.

      • It’s as if challenging the Liberal orthodoxy somehow threatens people’s jobs. Really have to wonder how many cookie jars these corrupt Liberals have their fingers in to be able to continue to propagate their lies and corruption without anybody challenging them.

    • Would you react the same way to a puff piece on Harper?

  8. Here’s an interesting look at Ontario’s projected budget deficits: http://www.ofina.on.ca/borrowing_debt/borrowhistory.htm

    It’s plain as day that the deficit is going to increase by several billion dollars over the next few years. Can a single reporter in Canada please challenge this liar? Can she please explain how a projected deficit of $40B in 2017 can be considered a “balanced” budget? Why on earth do reporters continue to let her lie about this? You have to be a special kind of stupid to believe this woman.

    • Wynne was on a CBC radio interview about a month ago in Toronto. The interviewer kept asking her the same question over and over and over again about how she was going to tackle the deficit. Wynne would just go off an a tangent about every other thing under the sun, except the debt.

      The radio host pressed her THREE times to talk about the debt and each time Wynne would just fly off into another dimension, talking about education and health care and housing and blah, blah, blah. She’s got the Liberal politician speak down so pat, it’s outrageous. If this party was honest and above board with their policies, they wouldn’t be afraid to answer the questions about the important issues, like the debt.

      It’s interesting reading Emily’s comments below. She sounds just like a politician herself, never once answering any of the questions that Valewood put before her.

  9. I was attempting to research how it became legal to be a LBGTQ and the links between politicians and LBGTQ special rights. While researching a certain politicians name with the proper search words , what happened ? I was given notice the search was improper and it had been recorded. Online research of this criminal collusion is being suppressed.

    “Fryer was not alone in the APA. Because homosexuals were not allowed to practice psychiatry, Fryer and others like him had to hide their sexual preference, but they began to meet informally at APA conventions, calling themselves the Gay PA.”

    “81 Words”

  10. What are the odds of the Minister of Education being gay , and the head of the largest teachers union to also be gay ? Long shot odds , very suspicious.

    • In each instance, depending on the numbers you believe, anywhere between one in ten and one in four. So, we’re not talking lottery odds by any stretch.

      • “Just one in 100 people in the UK say they are gay or lesbian, according to statistics on sexuality published for the first time today.”
        Get your facts straight before you bet , that’s the key to being a good tout.

        • “Sacked as a government drugs adviser after it emerged he wrote a study linking homosexuality to paedophilia.”
          You get fired if you ever , spoke your mind.

        • Like I said, the numbers vary. Care to quote your source?

          The numbers I quoted are ones I remembered being bandied about from my university days. They always seemed a bit high to me. But 1% seems low.

          Still nowhere near lottery odds.

          • I suppose it was probably an official government study , just like this study.
            “Adoption by gay couples in Scotland was approved by MSPs in 2006 -despite an official consultation process which showed that nearly 90 per cent of people opposed it.”

    • Who cares? The ONLY people who care are those that are keeping score as if it is some contest to prove that gay people are good or better than hetros! FYI most conservatives don’t really care if you are black, white, gay, upside down with purple dots – they care that you are competent and get the work done!!!

  11. Ran out of under-handed throws? Any softer questions and you might as well let Ms Wynne write them herself.

    Disappointing. 600 million gone and those are the only questions you could come up with?

    • I agree with you 100%. I’m so tired of lily-livered reporters who are petrified of asking the really important tough questions that SHOULD be asked of our politicians. I’m surprised she didn’t ask what Wynnes favourite colours are.

      And get off the damned ‘gay’ topic already. If I see one more article dealing with her sexual orientation, I’m going to lose it. I don’t give a flying fig whether she’s gay or not. I just want to know whether she can do the job.

      And so far, we’re finding out loud and clear that she can’t.

  12. Good Day!!!This topic is interesting..

  13. Same song, just a different singer leading the choir. can’t wait till these people are out of office..

  14. I hope she isn’t planning to introduce that age-inappropriate sex education act again. Are you Ms Wynne?

  15. I hope she isn’t planning to reintroduce that age-inappropriate sex education again.

  16. It’s a little late for Wynne to insert her finger in the dyke. With her leading the dance; this province’s economy is licked.

  17. If we had a good justice system in this province a large percentage of the Ontario Liberal party would be up on Fraud charges over the Power plant cancellations, Ehealth, and Ornge. Any of the other parties would be better then them.

  18. I hope Ms Wynne is not planning to reintroduce that controversial age-inappropriate sex education agenda again. Are you Ms Wynne?

    • I doubt she will, but sooner or later somebody has to.

      Keeping children ignorant is child abuse

      • Who’s the ignorant one? Allow me to inform you: sex ed has been in schools for a LONG time now.

        • Yup, we all know that.

          I meant sex ed that wasn’t from the Victorian age.

          • Oh yeah? It covers much more than just the basics (which they didn’t even do in schools in the Victorian age, btw). Less exxxaggerating, more truth, huh?

          • Yes, today’s proposed sex education is actually sex education….not Victorian fluff about storks and cabbages.

            And not the twaddle they currently teach in schools either.

            If you want to protect your kids, give them knowledge not ignorance

  19. I distrust all politicians as they are all fat pigs constantly dining on whatever is in our wallets. But any politician that says “You can trust me”, well thats got to be a double red flag.

    • Well politicians aren’t some alien species who invaded ya know….they’re our friends and neighbours that we elected to office.

      • For gods sake SHUT UP !

        • Fascinating. A dozen Cons on here spouting partisan nonsense….but it’s me…talking about the future of Ont….. you get upset about.

          Just stick your fingers in your ears and sing lalalalalalalala….it’s what all the other Cons do

          • Hmmm….repeating my comment Emily? What’s the matter? Can’t come up with an original thought on your own?
            Yep, that’s what I thought. Typical of most Liberal lemmings.

          • Emily, no they are not “some alien species who invaded”. As soon as they gain power as a politician, they appear to be indoctrinated straight from the pit of Hell. Absolute power corrupts and you appear to be in that camp. Listening to you is laughable at best and sickening at worst. You have the rhetoric down pat but people can see through you. Are you a retired educational professional that worked with Kathleen Wynne to produce the sex education program for our children that is straight from the pit of Hell. I hope that you can see the error of your ways and change. You people can do what you want behind closed doors, but leave our children alone.

          • Sorry, Valewood, I was posting to EmilyOne.

  20. Wynne: Her demeanor and cavalier attitude would make her a horrible leader for Ontario – P.E Trudeau on the outside and McGuinty on the inside. OMG Save us!

  21. Trusting government is the first step to hell.

    • Kindly don’t repeat American nonsense

      The govt is not an enemy.

  22. When will Premier Wynne admit the cost of the gas plant cancelling should be added to her election expenses ? The liberal party owes that money to the people of Ontario .

  23. The millions of dollars spent on the gas plant scandal – all for partisan reasons… someone should go to jail. wynne was at the table to make the decision but is a total failure in taking responsibility.. no leadership whatsoever! zero

  24. A: Voters can trust me, the public can trust me……..The new party of thieves even sounds like the old party of thieves.Wynnes future liberal economy will be based on tax dollars exactly the same as the past and being ruling liberal elites will help themselves first.

  25. I realize that this interview was probably done before the child porn scandal, but it is just one more thing that the MSM is NOT talking about. Tom Flanagan gets raked over the coals for suggesting the framework for a DEBATE on if prison time has any affect on VIEWERS of child porn, but the MSM is tiptoeing around someone who is actually charged with making and distributing child porn. The Ontario Liberals have bought influence, deleted e-mails, cost taxpayers, millions of dollars and now one of their number is shown to be a
    disgusting pervert.

    And the MSM, in their little isolated caves in Ottawa, still think the biggest issue of the day is Mike Duffy and expenses? No wonder the MSM is continuing to lose viewers and readers!

    • It’s worse than you think.

      Levin was Deputy Minister of Education while Wynne was Education Minister. You know…when she tried to pass that radical sex education curriculum that had the province revolt and forced McGuinty to shelve it? You know, the one that had grade 3’s learning about homosexuality and grade 6’s learning about masturbation and anal sex?

      Is even a single journalist in this province going to have the balls to ask Kathleen Wynne if an accused child pornographer played ANY role in the drafting of that curriculum?

      Levin was on her transition team, and Wynne has stated that she wants to dust off that curriculum again.

      Now you know why they are tiptoeing around it; because if it comes out that this guy had a hand in drafting that curriculum, it’s game over for Kathleen Wynne.

      Heck of a job on this as usual Wherry.

      • Come on Ontarians! Speak up against this crap! Contact your MPP.

      • “Is even a single journalist in this province going to have the balls”
        There is a rainbow theme amongst journalists too , so unless they have an outlet other than the major news organisations the story will not break. The attack on Ford was instigated and pressed by journalists. Ford claims Wynne could have had a hand in having him removed from coaching underprivilged kids football. The CBC and the Boy Scout pedophile files seem to have hit a dead end too.

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