On Parliament


“Sure, I can help out. It’ll be just like writing an obit” — An unnamed reporter, upon being asked if he can help cover the Senate appointments today.

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On Parliament

  1. Nancy Greene Raine is now out beating the Harper Drums… saying PM Harper had no choice but to appoint Senators…..Hello where should we start did Steve have a choice to throw Accountability out the Window along with His Word… along with Income Trust… Atlantic Accord… no deficit spending… working with the opposition, respect for the working class, the people of Quebec, the people of Ontario (worst place to invest) and of course we defeatist East Coasters…Kelowna Accord….Fixed Election Date, now there’s a dilly…. and the list goes on and on and on… This man must have without a doubt the largest back pack full of Energizer Bunny Batteries when it comes to broken promises because he just keeps going and going and going and going ….everything he says be them Reform words or Alliance words and yes Conservative words….are broken words… he just keeps going and going on and on…. On broken promises….and 36-37% voters keep buying it….Sad!

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