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On Quebec’s orange revolution and the Bloc’s future (VIDEO)

Philippe Gohier and Martin Patriquin have it out


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On Quebec’s orange revolution and the Bloc’s future (VIDEO)

  1. Philippe is right, sorry to say, Martin. :-)

    The mistake journos sometimes make is that they go for the fun story (candidate X is away on a family vacation), but then take that as representative of all 75 candidates on the slate.

    In all honesty, in some of those ridings, if Macleans were doing a riding profile you would rate those candidates as mentions in the last line of the story otherwise.

    Meanwhile, the Conservatives filled out their Quebec slate from the McGill University Conservative club, while the Liberals did the same thing with days to go in BC, from out of the UBC Young Liberals.

    There are already more credible riding-level polls putting the NDP ahead than Martin has counted as possible NDP seats. And their eventual caucus will be no less unprepared for the task ahead than was the Bloc caucus in 1993 … a caucus that many independent observers conceded had a lot of very strong members, maybe more so than the Mulroney caucus of 1984, which still produced some exceptionally strong cabinet ministers in the end.

  2. 6-7 max? I say 30 min, probably >40. The NDP vote in Quebec is very spread, just like the Bloc's. This means all the Francophone ridings essentially swing together, so the party winning the Francophone vote gets a landslide. That's the NDP now.

  3. They're incorrect on the polls, saying that the Bloc is in low 30s – all of the most recent polls have the Bloc at 22-25%. Unless they recover a lot on election day, some party is going to be capitalizing on those lost votes, and it seems likely to be the NDP.

  4. Babes on cars behind Philippe? = P

  5. 6-7 seats is too low

  6. Patriquin – 6 or 7 seats?

    not at all helpful!

    my election numbers have to be done tomorrow, don't know what to think, and you throw another opinion into mix. I think I might have my niece randomly pick number between 0 and 60 and go with that for NDP in Quebec.

  7. On behalf of moderate right minded Canadians everywhere,

    I apologize to the various colored revolutions taken place around the world against repressive dictatorships over the last decade, and our callous moral equivalences some have used for partisan gain.

    Some Canadians' ignorance as to the true horrors, the true nature of repressive regimes, and their taking for granted living in the greatest freedom loving democracy in the world sometimes leads to these absurdities.

  8. Wow, first RIck Mercer blogs, and then Ryan from The Office interviews Martin Patriquin! Way to go Macleans!

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  10. Who are these guys? They look like a Bizarro Coyne and Wells.

  11. Why is this video constantly being pinged to the top of the Macleans Blogs page? Forcing it on people doesn't seem to be working. Just saying.

  12. There seems to be a glitch. This blog posting always appears first on the Macleans Blog Central page.

  13. Jack Layton et al,…he has run a very spirited campaign and focused on what matters to Canadians,…he has spoken well and shared his parties thought's as to what plans are in place…if elected!….he is well informed and has not had any surprises,…except for the badly needed Thai massage in TO a few years ago…so what!…prostitution has been legal in Canada since 92?…the party stands by him and so does his wife who is of Chinese origin…and a celebrated Canadian?(with papers to prove citizenship!),…he is fluently bilingual and part crippled since that hip surgery and has he not battled cancer recently,…the guy's a machine and on top of everything,….there has not been scandal attributable to him or the NDP Party,…let's give these guy's a chance….go NDP go!!!

  14. Philippe Gohier needs a haircut. Not the full Patriquin, mind you, but something a little less metro.

  15. I’m trying to comment on the “ch-ch-changes” article, but I’m being sent to “On Quebec’s orange revolution and the Bloc’s future”. This kind of thing is hapening a lot today.

    Besides this, apparently our comments are so ubiquitous that multiple articles are being jammed onto one comment string. Nice way to stymie a conversation guys.

    Sheesh, I hope they get these bugs worked out soon. It’s getting pretty damn annoying.

    I’m off to comment on the Globe and Mail. It may be a clutter and nutter experience, but at least the commenting system makes sense and you can actually disagree with people ie a thumbs down option, rather than the enforced Political Correctness crap we seem to be moving towards here.

    BTW the way Maclean’s, this is politics we’re talking about here, people like to disagree. Duh.