On the campaign trail with Justin Trudeau


Montreal Liberal Justin Trudeau works the riding of Papineau.


Trudeau’s campaign office.

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On the campaign trail with Justin Trudeau

  1. Your point being?

    • Same question, back to you.

  2. ……not a leader.

    • You're right for once.
      He's a candidate.

      Incidentally.. cute shirts.

  3. Another consuming family member that's never had to create wealth.

    • I know…and they're ALL Liberals.

  4. Give youth a chance.

  5. C'mon. You can do better then that. Doubtless your party will one day try to do so.

  6. Luv ya Justin. But do really need to promise to fix that washing machine in order to get a vote? :)

    How old collectively are the folks in that war room? 20, 30, 15..good for them, but.boy am i getting old.

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