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On the campaign trail with Steven Fletcher


Winnipeg Conservative MP Steven Fletcher, with the help of his three-year-old niece, Evelyn Sieman, hit the Manitoba Eastern Star Chalet seniors’ apartment complex to campaign.


Fletcher in Assiniboine Park.


Fletcher at his campaign HQ.

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On the campaign trail with Steven Fletcher

  1. Political correctness at it's best.

    • We can always count on Emily to mock the cripple.

      • And we can always count on a Con not to realize when they're being complimented, and see it as an insult instead.

  2. Go Steven!

    • Agreed!!

      • I don't like him politically speaking but he is a great example for everyone on how to continue living a full life.

        • Yes, I agree!

  3. That young campaign assistant is a cutie!

  4. Seriously? regardless of stripes, have you ever seen someone so blatantly lie day in & day out straight to your face the way Stephen Harper does?.

    I helped vote this thing into power & am completely blown away ever time I see a clip of his fear mongering campaign each & every day of this campaign, its unbelievable, literally!.

    I've voted Conservative, PC, NDP & Liberal over my years so please don't assume I'm just an ABC person, I'm not. but this guy is by far the lowest of the low I've ever seen, straight out of the American playbook of say anything to scare people into following you, regardless of TRUTH & HONOR.

    I find it just sickening as a proud Canadian.

    • Hello, Mr. Cut-and-Paste

  5. You’re doing a great job Steven! Cute niece too!