On the campaign trail with Thomas Mulcair


NDP Thomas Mulcair in his campaign office and on the streets of Montreal.

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On the campaign trail with Thomas Mulcair

  1. I thought maybe I'd get a glimpse of a couple future MP's running around his office, but no joy.

  2. Mulcair is the driving force behind Layton's success in Quebec. He's been working since 2008 to strengthen party support. Looks like he's done a heck of a job.
    He certainly scored points when he faced off with Andrew Coyne over that article calling Quebec the most corrupt province.

    • I think that's Mathilde Rogue, who I've seen with Mulcair for ages now. At least I think it's Mathilde, although I really only remember her face, not her name.

      In any event, she's not unknown.

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