On the other hand …

Ian Brodie’s heir presumptive may bring about a whole new era of openness and transparency to the Prime Minister’s Office — or at least, something other than quiet contempt for the current access to information regime. From Guy Giorno’s official bio on the Fasken Martineau website:

During the 1990s he routinely represented public-sector institutions (respondents) in freedom of information appeals, but Guy now acts exclusively for requesters, helping them to exercise their rights to obtain government records under freedom of information/access to information legislation.


On the other hand …

  1. Did you notice that the biography mentioned Giorno as working for the 22nd premier of Ontario?

    It doesn’t mention Mike Harris by name.

    Why is he–or Faskens–afraid to say he worked for Harris?

    What’s he going to be like with Harper? Could he be worse than he was with Harris? Or will Harper allow Giorno to show his true intellect?

  2. I’m curious as to whether, as speculated by the Toronto Star, Guy Giorno will bring a new era of warmth and good will to PMO media relations. It seems an odd choice, if that’s the case — I mean, even assuming that Stephen Harper wants to make nice with the press (which is, to put it mildly, a bit of a leap, as far as conclusions go), why would he leave that up to his chief of staff? I mean, it didn’t exactly go well last time the current occupant of the post decided to chat up a bunch of reporters, did it?

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