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On Thursday, the jury takes a break—after the disturbing testimony of Terri-Lynne McClintic


The London, Ont., jury in the Michael Thomas Rafferty trial will take a break on Thursday, for the court to hear legal arguments. Rafferty is accused of first degree murder, sexual assault causing bodily harm and abduction for the kidnapping and killing of eight-year-old Tori Stafford. Further details from Wednesday’s testimony  included prosecution witness and convicted killer Terri-Lynne McClintic telling the court that Rafferty said he was disappointed Tori wasn’t young enough. The disturbing declaration by McClintic, who is already serving a life sentence for Tori’s 2009 death, added to the shock of her graphic testimony about the preparations and execution of the kidnapping, sexual assault and killing of the little girl.

McClintic also told the court that on more than one occasion in the days leading up to her being charged, she informed Rafferty that she was willing to “take the fall for everything,” claiming as an 18-year-old junkie she had less to lose than him. McClintic and Rafferty had been dating for a few weeks before Tori disappeared. Rafferty has pleaded not guilty to first degree murder. The testimony should resume Friday.

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On Thursday, the jury takes a break—after the disturbing testimony of Terri-Lynne McClintic

  1. Too bad we can’t have a death sentence….

    • exactly!!!  now we get to pay for room and board for these 2 for how many years?!

      • I’ll pay their room and board forever if it keeps them off our streets.

        • I’ll pay to supply the cell floor with burning coals.

  2. Do we know what legal issues they’re discussing?  I seriously hope the defence isn’t looking for a lesser charge after her confession on the stand…

    • She confessed in 2010, hence why shes serving a life sentence for first degree murder. They MAY change it to life on second degree, but I doubt it, she was an acessory to murder regardless.

      • She pleaded guilty in 2010 of 1st degree murder, but always said she didn’t actually deliver the fatal blows.  It was a shock to everyone, including the crown I think, for her to confess to actually comitting the murder.  He should still be charged with 1st degree murder regardless. 

        • Law Fact: It’s Murder 1st Degree when

          1) planned the person’s death (brought the hammer)

          2) it happens during a kidnapping or sexual assault or attempt of


          …although it pertains to the one committing the assault/abduction to also have caused the death, whether it was meant or not, but according to McClintic, Rafferty made remarks that they couldn’t bring the girl back, so:

          Contracted murder(3) Without limiting the generality of subsection (2), murder is planned and deliberate when it is committed pursuant to an arrangement under which money or anything of value passes or is intended to pass from one person to another, or is promised by one person to another, as consideration for that other’s causing or assisting in causing the death of anyone or counselling another person to do any act causing or assisting in causing that death.

          • I know that legally he should also be found guilty of 1st degree murder… all I said was I HOPE the defense isn’t seeking a lesser charge after McClintic’s confession on the stand. 

    • McClintic is getting her G.E.D. now, in spite of the fact that the little one she killed didn’t even get to finish grade school.

      • McClintic gets to do a lot more than just get her GED.  She was only 18 when she was sentenced to “life in prison”.  In reality, she could be living the rest of her life free as a bird at the age of 43 years old, and Rafferty at 56 if given the same sentence.  Doesn’t quite seem right, does it?  That’s how our justice system works…

  3. Lock em up in general population.. They wont feel very welcome there..

  4. not just death sentence, such monsters should be publically executed.

    • Stoned to death by the public

  5. In this case, a death sentence would be too kind. I’m in favor of slow torture, if only for people just like this. There is no possibility of rehabilitation for such heinous aberrations to the human race.

  6. tie them to an anthill and put honey on them

    • If it weren’t for the limits of reality/nature as we know it, I’ll like to feed Terri McClintic to a giant venomless spider.

      Scientists noticed that spiders that don’t use venom ‘excessively’ bundles their captured prey with silk, and a necropsy found crushed legs and flattened faces – venomless spiders compact their live prey within silk cocoons, essentially crushing them to death, thread by thread by thread.  Fitting end for someone who smashed a little girl up with a hammer.

      The one who committed sexual assault causing bodily harm against a child, instead of a normal cell, he should be housed in a terranium with only the smallest airholes, so that every single one of his orifices could be filled with Tyrannobdella rex, or Tyrant leech king, it’s a species of leech that prefer latching onto soft mucous membranes and living inside its prey.  This leech is named after the T-rex because of its saw like teeth.

  7. i wish we had the death sentence to …. but like one said we get to pay for the room and board for the two of them ….. never have to worry to much about anything …..i really hope that they understand what they did was sooooo wrong…. that beautiful little girl didn’t deserve that torcher….she was a little girl who had her whole life ahead of her but they took that away and the parents have lost one of the most precious things in their life…. i hope these two are filled with guilt the rest of their lives…… and to tori u sweet little girl may you….. RIP….

  8. I hope that there is a hell so that McClintic and Rafferty can both rot in it.

  9. It doesn’t matter what part he played, what they both did was unforgiveable and horrendous.  Irregardless of how this plays out, I hope the jury has the conviction to convict, no matter what…

  10. Ya the death sentence for them is hopefully someone uses Rafferty as there sex puppet and rapes his asshole and slits his throat.

    • Dream on! This is Canada, pal, where even the jails are politically correct.

      • Which part of the jail are you referring to?

        In Kingston Penitentiary, in 1996, an inmate managed to punch Paul Bernardo in the face when he was returning from a shower, and then in 1999, five inmates tried to storm the isolated range where he was housed but the guards fought them off with gas.

        Oh, I see your point now.

  11. I agree, we should have the death sentence reinstated in Canada. But all the do ggoders will say that it is the wrong way to handle things. The old saying a eye for a eye applies here. Back in the day in a another world across the water these type of people woild have never come home.

    • It isn’t do-gooders who say capital punishment won’t provide justice; it’s the fact that many jurors, when faced with sending someone to death based on their assessment of their guilt or not, will find more guilty people not-guilty.  And so instead of rotting in jail, they will be free.  Read up on it.

  12. Canada needs the death penalty for rape  and/or murder involving children. For all the bleeding hearts that don’t support the ultimate punishment for the garbage of the earth like these two killers, put yourself in the position of being Tori’s parent.I would glady volunteer to pull the switch or the trigger on any beyond a doubt, convicted rapist or killer such as these SOB’s.These people have no souls to save. Take them out and stone them !

  13. Against such an iniquity all Canada can muster is a miserable twenty-five years … 25 years of TV and gym. Capital punishment = innocents wrongly sacrificed? So does going to war, but that doesn’t stop us defending ourselves, and the first defense is against the enemy within. Send them down to hell for eternity! (Note how the acceptance of abortion by Canadians came in tandem with their acquiescence in reprieving child killers…)

  14. This is the time I think capital punishment should be allowed but that would even be to good for those two evil people

  15. Not that it matters but I have trouble believing McClintic was the one who struck the fatal blows as cowardly as she was. Rafferty always seemed to tell her what to do and never getting it right the way he wanted. Therefore why she is protecting him now and giving the defense the ammunition to doubt her credibility by giving two different versions of who killed the child. Afterall she said it herself that she would “take the fall for everything”. Who can understand twisted minds and definitely the both of them deserve to be locked away for “life” and “life” should mean just that..till you die.