One apple fritter—and, oh my, what a lovely light fixture!

Tim Hortons to channel restaurant theme


Most people who frequent Tim Hortons expect to find decent coffee and heaps of jelly-filled donuts. They probably don’t expect a refined décor, with “enhanced finishes, fixtures and seating areas.” But this week, Tims oficials announced it would be testing a new restaurant concept in at least 10 of its locations. The restaurant theme is one part of the company’s ambitious three-year expansion scheme, which will see 900 new stores open by 2013, including 600 in Canada. Tim Hortons will spend up to $200 million this year alone on growth. Said Don Schroeder, president and CEO: “Our strategy will continue to transform Tim Hortons.”

CBC News

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One apple fritter—and, oh my, what a lovely light fixture!

  1. The addition of a brewed coffee option that aspires to more than just not sucking as bad as random gas station swill would be welcome.

  2. i wonder if they did their market research on this one
    ..I thought the brand was associated with Canada ..being a kind of average non-offensive polite standard thing that is the same whether you are in a small town or a big city …city hipsters like the charn of it too …they probably don't want a tim hortons starbucks

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