One day into the post-Brodie era …


… but the folks at GEDS don’t seem to be ready to accept the fact that he’s gone:

it's like the opposite of schrodinger's cat

(Screencapped this morning, and will probably be fixed by the time this post goes up.)


One day into the post-Brodie era …

  1. Kady: It is 1:40 p.m. eastern. I just checked GEDS and Mr. Brodie is still there. In fact, there are two guys named Ian Brodies who are listed as Chief of Staff to the PM.

  2. one is for Brodie’s phone in the PM’s enclave, and the other is at Langevin. Brodie wanted to be sure he was Harper’s beck and callboy.

  3. Well, presumably Guy Giorno will inherit both phones, although honestly, wouldn’t he be reachable by BlackBerry wherever he happened to be lurking? I may have to go sit outside the side doors at Langevin to liveblog the Giorno shift.

  4. The PMO/PCO internal directory has yet to be updated also. Me thinks the admin/support staff has taken the week off.

  5. There is NO Giornoverse, just one lonely (chubby almost Constanzaesque) Giorno.

    There IS a Brodieverse and a Buckleroverse. These worlds are now in flux. Eventually, they will merge and either move into Giornoverse or wage pitch running battles hoping to rise from the ashes once again.

    Finally, there is HarperWorld, or if you prefer, Harperdom. Novak, Olsen and maybe a couple of others hang out there. My guess is they want the different worlds, or “verses”, to keep colliding — creative conflict is good, they’ll say.

    Will one of these worlds win the interharperatary conflict? Who knows, but here’s hoping that Kady and her colleagues will keep us posted.

  6. Not sure who would Blackberry Giorno, but it wouldn’t be PM Harper – he doesn’t have one. Didn’t you know that, Kady ?

  7. Fear not, Anon – no power in the ‘verse can stop us. Oh, except for the dreaded Something Shiny Over There, which boasts an excellent track record of distracting us with inanities while the real news disappears into a puff of silence.

    As for Harper not having a BlackBerry – I can honestly say I’ve never even thought about it. But he probably *should*, as should Stephane Dion. (I know Layton is a proud member of the thumbocracy.) Anyway, I’m quite sure he is rarely out of the presence of someone with one, so my point stands.

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