One in five English teenage girls pregnant by age 18 -

One in five English teenage girls pregnant by age 18

Survey finds England’s teenage pregnancy rate the highest in Western Europe


A government survey by England’s Department of Education has revealed that one in five sexually active teenage girls in England has been pregnant by the age of 18. The survey, the first of its kind, reported that 83 per cent of girls had lost their virginity by age 18, and that 18 per cent of these girls have been pregnant at least once. More than 1,300 18-year-old girls have been pregnant three times. Figures released earlier this year revealed that pregnancy rates for girls 18 and under in England were higher in 2008 than they were in 2001. The data has reignited the controversy over Britain’s teenage pregnancy rate, which is the highest in Western Europe. Family values campaigners have criticized easy access to contraception and poor-quality sex education that doesn’t teach abstinence for fueling the problem. Girls are less likely to have been pregnant by 18 if they did well at school and their parents have degrees, and children who live with both parents are half as likely to engage in under-age sex, according to the study.

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One in five English teenage girls pregnant by age 18

  1. This isn't the fault of the Need-to-Know writer per se, rather it was written up wrongly in the Daily Mail. The stats are that 18% of girls who are sexually active by age 18 have been pregnant. That amounts to 15%, or about one in seven.

    Granted, it's still a terrible number.

    I would suggest that one could draw conclusions about how best to combat it by looking at the percentage of girls who get pregnant by age 18 among the 17% who are not sexually active.

    • Agreed, Gaunilon. Ugliness is the best method of contraception.

  2. Attention British men: Wrap it up.

    • I'm surprised no one in England has suggested that already. What an intriguing idea.

  3. Is there any indication as to the percentage of these "English" girls that are aboriginal English, and the percentage that are from immigrant backgrounds, "English" by passport only? In many families from immigrant backgrounds, girls of 18 are already married and mothers of a couple of children.

    • "Aboriginal English"? What? You mean, like members of the original tribe of Britons before the Angles, Saxons, and Normans landed?

    • I did not know that England has Aboriginal English, that just tells me how little I know. How come we have not heard from them before? By knowing that number, what does it actually do to solve that problem? Well, unless you are suggesting to deport them? While we are into that, why not get the number of those Non aboriginal/aboriginal English who get them pregnant also? You know a woman, no matter her orientation, do need a squiggly to get pregnant.

    • C'mon guys don't so picky about sematics. Ebonystone probably just thought about non-immigrants.
      Lots of immigrantys in England come from third world islamic slum such as Pakistan or Somalia where 15 year
      old pregnant girls are nothing unusual.
      Kids are forced to get married in age of 12 or less (as second or third wife most likely).
      Statistics in UK are very disturbing and it wil gert worse if politically correct government keeps
      the apologetic and stupi immigration rules.

      • Thank you, Jonathan. Gaunilon and Ariadne are just trying to be cute about words. I was simply pointing out that Britain has received millions of immigrants from Third-World countries in recent decades, and that in their cultures it's not at all unusual for a "girl" of 18 to already be a wife and mother. If their numbers make up a substantial portion of the "under-18 pregnancies", then the problem isn't quite the one suggested by the article.

  4. And here was I thinking that today's youth are no good at multiplication.

  5. I'm a Canadian Teacher living in London. I and my roommates pay approximately 2500$ CND a month to rent a snall townhouse. My neighbour pays nothing for hers. She's 20 with three kids. She has a fairly new car. New clothes. No job. How do I know this? She's proud of it. Why work every day when benefits (welfare) pays more?

    PLENTY of my high school students think getting pregnant as soon as they leave school at 17 is a decent option, since everything will be paid for them and they won't have to work. Of course the pregnancy rate is high!

    • If only we knew someone in a position to encourage those students to do more with their lives…

    • This is a truly disturbing figure. Teachers in England can afford $2 500 CAD a month! Where are those austerity measures?