One in ten teens have same-sex partners: report -

One in ten teens have same-sex partners: report

Number is almost double what previous research found


In a new study, 9.3 per cent of teens reported having same sex partners, almost twice the number that reported doing so in a 2002 study of Massachusetts and Vermont teens, Reuters reports. Published in the journal Pediatrics, the study looked at more than 17,000 teens in New York City, and found that those who had sex with only their own gender, or with both, were more likely to engage in risky sexual behaviour and be at risk for sexually transmitted diseases. About half of the 18 million new cases of STDs reported each year are among people aged 15 to 24, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported.


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One in ten teens have same-sex partners: report

  1. Since your post is vague and poorly written, I am not certain of what you are proposing. Are you proposing the development of a vaccine against STDs or against homosexuality? The reference to Uganda leaves this vague. And, are you refering to teens who have sex as "useless entities" or just LGBTTQQ* teens who have sex?

    I await clarification before commenting.

    • I see that the comment has been deleted by the administrator. Thank you Macleans for deleting such bile. I know, I know, Godwin's law….but to suggest that a certain type of person is a "useless entity" which should be wiped out through some program of "vaccination" cannot be described as anything if not fascist.

      • Agree. ..Thankyou Macleans, I had a run in with '' liminator'' on the Blog about Hanging Gays in Uganda (# 10 on the Cover page) This persons opinions are beyond offensive, I know …Free Speech and such but there is a limit…….

        • As a "" great deliverer ''' of children to this society…..Do you Know what your kids are up to, or are going to be up to, or have been up to ?? Do you really know liminator ?? Do ya ? You know,, Kids can do the silliest things !

        • They aren't increasing in numbers. They are increasingly coming out of the closet. Nice to see crazy talk is alive and well in the comments section. I am reporting your ass with regards to this post btw liminator. Hatred and bile should never be encouraged.

          • Increasingly coming out of the closet? Oh, so that explains the World decision to do something about this aberration. And, sorry, you can't have my asss
            Hatred of a societal danger is natural. We welcome and are receiving, more of it. A Darwin thing. You should read about this, and it will indicate the ease of wide spread hatred. Obviously the light in the closet was too poor for reading from the sound of the foolish who believe in all are equal! lol .

  2. Dumm teenagers do not have anything else to do beyond playing with iPods, PSP, Wii and watching brainless TV shows.
    Parents do not care anymore what's going on with young minds……so kids are experimnenting….

    • how I envy them!!

      • Your brain that mildewed? You need a trip to NL, to make some semblance of a man,lol out of you? When one envies the youth, one failed even then eh? There are many of us that I can see, the youth would envy us, if they knew. Unless they know. And same sexing ain't it.

        • ''NL''?? Now it makes sense…sort of.

    • Oh please. Teenagers don't play the Wii.

  3. Are these teens experimenting in our "anything goes" sexual culture, and reacting to what they have been exposed to? When so called family shows like Glee matter-of-factly show teenagers who will have sex with anyone, male and female, is it any wonder that increasing numbers of so called "same sex" and "bisexual" partnerships are rising among kids who are seeped in our oversaturated culture?

    • Do you honestly believe a television show can change your sexual orientation?

      I'd also point out that your characterization of Glee as a highly sexual show is absurd. Dancing with the Stars is more sexually provocative.

      • What is sexual orientation if it involves BOTH sexes? Bi-orientation? Re-orientation? Or confusion by the constant media blitz of our current culture? What if a kid isn't sure about orientation because of all those confusing images seen enacted on TV, in the music videos, on magazine covers?

        As for orientation, how do you explain those who are turned on by objects or animals? What is their orientation??!!

        • It appears they don't have one! Many people are born brain damaged. Don't try to think I'm going to conform to them! You go ahead.

        • Sexual orientation involving both sexes is called bisexuality. It's been around for a while. Just sayin'.

    • It's called feeling safe enough to come out of the closet.

      • Now the feeling is meeting the fact. An ongoing historical adjustment. Safe from what? Show the evidence or statistics. Which will be quite difficult from well trained deceivers.

        • Lol, I love whining homosexuals, the only kind.Every deleted comment is a win. I can take my life but you can't.

  4. isn't this what mainstream media wanted? a world full of confused sexually charged youth wondering what the heck to become? the pressures the youth have to live with is probably incredible!

    • Nope, Children of normal parents are living in the best of times. They are sure not confused! Just your .03%

  5. So your title is misleading. If you read the article is only 3% of teens which reported sexual activity and out of that 3% about 1 in 10 reported a same sex partner which is about 0.3% MUCH less than what you report as 10%.

    • Thanks for this. A mathematician can take the puzzle out of propaganda so easily! We are all aware that if all this stuff is taking place, why do we see no sign of it?
      My observation is that our young people are far superior in every way, morally, then previous generations. Homosexuals love to try and convince you different. Must be a reason? Probably dragging down society instead of raising their morales? Or even acquiring some.
      Don't report my posts pretty please!! I love the facts!

      • Thank Allah its only .03%, but what an arrogant mouthy figment!

  6. Sad. I know the pro-homosexual crowd won't agree with that but I could care less–I have my values and a constant barrage of left-wing news isn't going to have me let them go. Every society ultimately fails. Apparently ours is going to be no exception. Have we ever gone down hill since the 50's. By the way, I am not advocating injuring or even discriminating against homosexuals, just not pretending it is normal.

    • And vacuuming in high heels and a pearl necklace isn't normal either, but we won't begrudge you your 50s nostalgia.

      • Exactly! When my wife vacuumed in high heels and pearls and a few other skimpy accessories, yes, you can be sure, that I love my nostaligia, and laugh at what you missed. I imagine your nostaligia of the past was watching your kind enter the hospital to die from their condition.

        • I noticed vacuumed was past tense. I'm not surprised.

          • I'm suprised he had a wife !

          • Well, ok , she wasn't my wife, but she was a wife!! Among other wow, things.

    • Honestly, do you really believe in that 50's false nostalgia?

    • Ahhh the 50's! When a man could beat his wife and children and not go to jail. When priests could rape children without fear of being sent to another parish because no one would believe what a child said. It boggles my mind that someone would want that back but I've got a good idea why…

      • lol, his daily dragging down of our, society.
        Where are the statistics? Never mind, you wouldn't know how to find any, in the dark.

  7. I thought it should have been higher than that. Personal sexual preference is no one's business. Have an educational campaign about safe and responsible sex (whatever that means) but let them have their privacy.

    • Privacy?! Why, we're raising a generation of voyeurs, haven't you noticed?

      • I thought voyeurism has been with us since people discovered sex. They just did not have internet then. To generalize all teenager of engaging in voyeurism is quite unfair. If people are concerned with deterioration of morals that's another thing, but sexual preferences should be no one's business.

  8. voyeurs! lol, That would be a big step up from what we got. This bunch craves attention, even to instigating abuse! If it will make the media.

  9. I'm puzzled by the commenters here saying that teenagers are "confused". It seems to me that the only confusing thing is raising children to believe in themselves and in the power of love, and then telling them that gays and lesbians are disgusting monsters for being brave enough to love who they want.