One million attend Pride parade -

One million attend Pride parade

Rob Ford skips parade as expected, stokes controversy


An estimated one million people attended Toronto’s annual Pride Week parade Sunday, but it was the absence of one man that captured the attention of parade-goers and media. Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford sparked fierce debate in the city when he said he planned to spend the Canada Day long weekend at his family cottage, rather than at the parade or other Pride events. This year was the first year Toronto’s mayor has skipped Pride since Barbara Hall started the tradition during her term as mayor. Hall and former mayor David Miller marched in this year’s parade.

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One million attend Pride parade

  1. Why does the mayor have to go to the parade? What kind of dictatorship is this? By the way the city shouldn’t put any taxpayers money in any parade, Caribana, or any other part of the kind. Who wants the party should pay for it. This ay the mayor would also be freed from this kind of obligation.

    • These are major tourism events, and bring in tens of millions of dollars in economic activity and tax revenue.

  2. Since you ran Potter’s article on this, and took the view that the parade was owed the Mayor’s presence, why not make all events that Torontonians flock to in great numbers mandatory – Christmas Mass at a Catholic Church – probably equally well attended, but no one counts this event – all major season sporting kickoffs, Halloween Parties, Id  (the one at the end of Ramadan – where they kill and eat a lamb/sheep), Bollywood Oscar Week, Diwali, both the Sikh and Christian spring celebrations (Vaisaki and Easter) at the same time,  and Chinese New Year.  Skip any of these and it will prove you can no longer govern this group (unless you belong to a minority, then only attend your own culture’s events and skip everyone else’s).  Too bad if you are a vegetarian (tough to eat the sacraficial lamb), or can’t stand the Pope – your own preferences will no longer be tolerated, you will go and support things for votes!

  3. Andrew_notPorC  –  If the city pumped millions into sporting or movie gala events, they would also draw tens of millions – its only focusing on one group, and no matter what anyone says, it is not family freindly – and if it becomes family friendly, it will lose its appeal to others, The city needs to spread its tourism funding around to include other people.