One of the Hill’s most fashionable staffers says goodbye


Joanna Bailey, Bev Oda’s aide, left the Hill before all the prorogue drama unfolded. Bailey brought much-needed style and panache to Parliament. Prior to working for Oda, she worked for Rona Ambrose (below). Before politics she was with Fashion Television and is now the SickKids Foundation’s Senior Communications Specialist in the Office of the President . She had a goodbye bash at the Met in Ottawa.


Bailey and Rob Serpe, from Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s office.


Bailey and Chisholm Pothier, Flaherty’s press man.


Adam Chambers, Flaherty’s aide.


Alykhan Velshi, Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s aide.



One of the Hill’s most fashionable staffers says goodbye

  1. High school with money.

  2. It’s “prorogue,” not “perogue.”

  3. Wow Ti-Guy, you’re right. I switched careers all the time in high school, and often celebrated it at bars.

  4. One of the mysteries of this whole FUFU period has been the universal lack of puns on “prorogue” and “pierogi”.

  5. Wow as if this is called reporting?! The lives of the not-so-rich Conservative staffers!! Fascinating.

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