One of these things is much like the other


Our Prime Minister is a cheeky fellow, isn’t he? Old firewall himself has suddenly become more Québécois than the freakin’ Bonhomme Carnivale Carnaval [Thanks Ti-Guy]. He hugged babies in la belle province on St Jean Baptiste – though admittedly in the Anglo enclave of Greenfield Park; next year, he should try it here or even here – and declared himself a “true nationalist”.

“True nationalists don’t want to destroy, they want to build. We (the Conservatives) are the true nationalists,” he said, before he apparently gorged himself on foie gras and had the fleur-de-lys tattooed on the fleshy part of his left thigh.

Nor does it seem that true nationalists mind borrowing campaign slogans from, you know, fake nationalists.

But anyway. Check the current Conservative slogan for candidate Guy Dufort, who is running in the Westmount-Ville-Marie by-election:

Le Québec prend des forces – Québec is getting stronger.

Now consider that of the Parti Québécois circa 1981:

Faut rester forts au Québec – We must remain strong in Quebec. (English translation mine; for some reason, I couldn’t find an English version on the PQ’s website.)

A little uncanny, yes? And to think that all this nationalist pandering is coming from a guy who once opposed the Calgary Declaration, a post-Meech acknowledgement of Quebec’s unique status, because… it pandered to Quebec nationalists. “It’s extremely unwise for a federalist party to say it wants to attract separatists or sovereigntists whether they’re called hard or soft,” Harper said in 1998, while president of the National Citizens’ Coalition.

Plus ça changeplus ça change.


One of these things is much like the other

  1. Separatists and sovereigntists are different than nationalists. And no, there is nothing uncanny about a Conservative using the slogan “Quebec is getting stronger” and some 1981 PQ slogan “We must remain strong in Quebec”.

    Is this really the best you can come up with?

  2. Sure would be nice to see someone pander to federalists for a change. I seem to recall that we are a democracy in this country, and the majority of citizens in this country rejected this kind of stuff when they were finally asked (i.e. Meech, more specifically Charlottetown). Harper and Layton would sell their souls for a handful of nationalist votes in Quebec, Dion seems to have lost his voice, and Dion’s successors-in-waiting seem even worse.

    What does it take to get one federal party leader to act like a federalist these days?

  3. Coming from anyone else, I might support this. Coming as it does from old firewall himself, particularly in the absence of any “conversion experience” along Stephen Harper’s long, tortuous path to finally understanding his own country, it’s nothing but a hoax being perpetrated on the people of a province who’d never heard of Stephen Harper much before 2003.

    I’m still waiting for one of our “journalists” to investigate just how much Quebecers know about him. The results would be illustrative, I’m sure.

    Little nitpick…Bonhomme Carnaval.

    maudits anglais. ;)

  4. Can’t blame the guy for kissing nationalist/separatist arse. Nowhere else for him to go (or grow) really.

  5. Humm yaaas, I too noticed the botched spelling of Bonhomme Carnaval. A 4-second whirl on Google was all that was required to get it right. And you wonder why Quebeckers are thin-skinned?
    Yer in good company, though. The good old, left-liberal, self-righteous Globe and Mail trashes every French name or word it tries to use.

  6. Heh. The correction is still botched.

    That’s it! I’m voting Bloc. ;)

  7. You know what would fun? Happer at the Festival du Voyageur!! (St-Boniface Manitoba) He then say some nice thing about Francophones, Aboriginals, and Westerners and Canadians all in the same sentence. And While he’s at it he can go to Subury and something similar at the Festival Boréal and lets not forget all those festivals in the Maritimes where he can say some nice things about Acadiens (Maybe he can tell us when Parliament will recognize the Acadiens as a Nation!!)

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