One toke over the line

Spokesman for Hungarian far-right party resigns after getting caught partying at Toronto’s gay pride parade


András Király, a spokesperson for Hungary’s far-right Jobbik party, resigned from his post last week after pictures showing him smoking pot and partying at Toronto’s gay pride parade surfaced online. A writer for the Képviselő
Funky blog, which posted the pictures, contacted Király, who admitted attending the event, but insisted he’s not gay. As for the pot smoking, Király fessed up to enjoying a toke or two.


Képviselő Funky

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One toke over the line

  1. Not sure it's necessary to use the word "caught" in the byline. It seems to imply one should celebrate Pride anonymously, or that participation at such an event should be shamed.

    • Its a contextual thing. If you are a member of a 'far-right' political party, which is likely against both gay rights and drug use, I would say that 'caught' would be applicable.

      • Agreed, RunningGag. Anyway, this dude is a hypocrite like so many others who are against gay rights.

  2. The photos look like he's having a gay-old-time; pardon the pun. He looks like he's an open-minded fellow having a good time. His resignation from his position as spokesperson of that far-right party was probably a relief for him.

  3. he's not gay , but after a few tokes and some beers….

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