One World Trade Center ready to re-shape Manhattan skyline


Mel Evans/AP Photo

The Guardian has released new pictures of the structure that will replace New York City’s Twin Towers, slated to be finished later this year and to be ready for occupancy in 2013. The One World Trade Center skyscraper will become the tallest structure in the city today, rising above the Empire State Building.

But, as Gawker notes:

On Monday [today], the still-in-progress building will reach just over 1,250 feet, which makes the new World Trade Center taller than the iconic Empire State Building. Well, kind of. See, that only works if you don’t count the antenna on top of the Empire State Building, which surpasses One World Trade Center. Luckily for architecture size queens, antennae are usually disregarded when it comes to measuring building heights.

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One World Trade Center ready to re-shape Manhattan skyline

  1. There soo dumb way to set up another attack

  2. I’m a Canadian and even I think it’s a stupid idea….it looks very nice, perhaps this time Obama will act a little more quickly.

  3. How long will it take to evacuate this new building?

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