Online petition to recall Charest so popular that server crashes -

Online petition to recall Charest so popular that server crashes

Anger over alleged corruption


An online petition calling for the resignation of Quebec Liberal Premier Jean Charest was so popular Monday that demand caused the server to crash. Despite the computer glitch, tens of thousands of people have already added their names to the petition, which was tabled by Quebec solidaire MNA Amir Khadir. Rumours of links between the Charest government, the construction industry have plagued the premier in recent months. Much of the anger is over his refusal to call a public inquiry. On Monday, Quebec’s union of municipalities added their voice to the chorus demanding an inquiry. Charest is fighting back; on Monday, he threatened to sue ADQ leader Gerard Deltell after he implied that Charest has ties to organized crime.

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Online petition to recall Charest so popular that server crashes

  1. Corruption is obvious in the construction field and has been present for decades… It's about time a bit more is being done about it.

  2. How many provinces are touched by the taint of corruption in the construction industry?

  3. This scandal has been going on for quite a while without resolution. Campbell (BC's premier) has been ousted faster and for far less.

  4. Again a public inquiry would achieve nothing.

    Why is it that people think a public inquiry would help?! a public inquiry can inform people about something they're not aware of, but that's about it. Even something like the Bastarche inquiry, in the end, achieved absolutely nothing substantial: we found out that political parties offer favours to people who give them boat loads of cash! Who would have thought?! Honestly?!

    • Is there any RCMP investigation done on this scandal?

      • Most of them couldn't track an elephant through a custard pie.

        • Why are they tainted too? Or are the RCMP limited to what they can investigate?

  5. Thousands of Quebecers would like Jean Charest to resign because his judicial appointments were rigged by liberal gagmen , and also for his refusal to appoint an inquiry into the contruction industry .
    We are anger over the alleged corruption and the rumours of links between the charest government and the mob .
    His government is unable to give a response , the rumours is that they are run by the mafia .
    I am ashamed of my Premier

    • Why is your RCMP seems so powerless in Quebec? There have been so many scandals in your provincial past, but they really have not uncovered anything important? How are RCMP officials get their post? A known Mafia god father just died there through violent means but still he reached quite a remarkable free long life without having been subjected by any police investigation. Are your police department in Quebec quite so toothless? Are their arms tied by bureaucracy or others?

      • RCMP doesn't have power in Québec. The Sûreté du Québec (Québec's national police) does its job in this province.

        • Don't they have investigative power and resources as RCMP have? Or are they just there to issue traffic infraction tickets and just literally walking the beat?

        • Wrong, if there is any suspicion of federal or interprovincial issues, the RCMP can investigate.

  6. The big problem in Québec is that either way you're doomed. Who else are you going to vote for? PQ? All they ever spend any energy on is the separation of Québec and millions of dollars down the tube on never endum referendums. ADQ? Who would even have any trust in their governement? Either way they all boil down to no good corruption. Quebec needs new leaders all the way around.

    • I'd rather have the PQ than Charest any day!