Only gay nightclub in Saint John, N.B. set to close its doors


The Pump Nightclub, the only gay club in Saint John, N.B., will close its doors at the end of the month, largely, say its owners, because younger members of the city’s gay community now feel perfectly comfortable in main- stream clubs—and because their non-gay peers now feel perfectly comfortable with them.

It’s never nice to see a business shut down, and older gay folks in Saint John will lose their preferred watering hole. Still, it’s a welcome sign of positive change when difference gets embraced on the dance floor.

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Only gay nightclub in Saint John, N.B. set to close its doors

  1. There used to be a sign on the front door of a gay bar in Calgary that read… “Please use the rear entrance.”

  2. This is wonderful news! Imagine that …. mainstream…..
    Even here where I live the local gay bar has become a weekend dance hotspot for a large part of the younger crowd. Gays and straights …. just being who they are…..
    We are making progress!

  3. Good riddance!!! Never visited the place, and actually only knew it existed when the news told me it did. Crappy location in a crappy part of town with nothing around it but an old dirty hockey arena. The place is closing because it is a dump. Nothing else.

    • If you actually had visited the space.. it is not a dump. The interior is amazing. Big changes from when it was a dumpy old legion. Many renovations were done to the place. I was there before and after.Never critique something unless you have experienced it.

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