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Ontario bids farewell to pizza lunch days

Part of the continental war on junk food in schools


Public schools in Ontario that have come to rely on selling fun food on special days to raise money for art supplies, field trips, playground structures or library books are beginning to wonder how they’ll cope without that revenue. They’ll be contending with the new provincial anti-junk-food rules, that are set take effect by September 2011. Ottawa’s Hopewell Avenue Public School, for instance, raises $22,000 a year satisfying the kids’ craving for pizza and subs. Ontario’s new code will mean the healthiest food options must make up 80 per cent of all food and beverages offered at school. That means low in fat, sugar and salt. Pop, candy, chocolate, hot dogs, and doughnuts are banned outright. It’s a continental trend: Mexico recently announced strict new rules on food in schools to combat obesity and a U.S. Senator is pushing a ban on junk food in American schools.

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Ontario bids farewell to pizza lunch days

  1. These fun days are exactly what it says. FUN!!!!!! It is only occasionally that these occur and they are meant to be a treat for the the children.
    It is bad enough that our esteemed government, in their ultimate wisdom, have banned water over pop. Now, this is utterly ridiculous.
    If the government could manage our money properly and give the schools the funds that they need, there would be no need for our schools to have to have this type of day to raise money.

  2. I am a teacher and I have seen enough of this type of thing to last me a lifetime. How about parents start parenting their children, become responsible for what goes in their offspring's mouths and leave the schools out of it. Let me do my job and educate children, thus leaving the parenting responsibilty up to the parent. Íf you want your child to eat healthy send them with a healthy lunch and don't provide money for the pizza days. Such a simple solution.