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Ontario budget could trigger election if NDP rejects it


As expected, Ontario’s governing Liberals tabled a budget yesterday afternoon that will ask tough concessions from public servants. The Toronto Star reports that Premier Dalton McGuinty’s budget proposed to freeze wages for 1.2 million public servants:

…teachers, doctors, nurses, hospital workers and others on the public payroll will just have to make do… “If Ontario does not take strong action, the deficit will grow, which would mean unsustainable levels of debt,” [Finance Minister Dwight] Duncan said as he tabled his $126.4 billion plan, the largest ever.

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak announced his party will vote to reject the proposed budget, arguing there is no plan for job creation. This leaves NDP Leader Andrea Horwath with a choice to either support the Liberal budget or trigger a new election only five months after the last one took place.

Quoted by the CBC, Horwath said she won’t make a decision until she hears from Ontarians:

“Once I get the feedback from Ontarians and Ontario families, then I’ll decide how to proceed,” Horwath said. “Do they like the budget? Do they not like the budget? What do they like? What don’t they like? Are they prepared to consider going to an election over this budget?”

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Ontario budget could trigger election if NDP rejects it

  1. My answer to Horwath’s question is this. I’m sick and tired of going to the polls, and so is the rest of Ontario. I strongly believe that the reason voter turnout is so low is because people in Ontario are tired of the mudslinging campaigns, the broken promises and the constant battle between the three main parties. We made up our minds last fall, it was not the decision that I voted for however if forced to go to the polls again I will support the last decision. Elections so close together waste tax dollars. Why can’t our government work together under the current circumstances?

  2. The NDP should kill this budget as fast as they can. McGuinty campaigned on a series of lies, he’s single-handedly put Ontario in this position, and voters should have a change to let him know what they think of his lies and economic mismanagement. 

    On the other hand, perhaps they should wait for next years budget so Ontarians can see what McGuinty’s really made of. Or maybe they should even let him run things for the next 3 years so that Ontarians can see that he’s completely incapable of managing the finances. 

    I agree that the budget is not what we expected especially based on the promises made by McGuinty; however a new election may not solve the problem, perhaps in a year or two. If we go to the polls now it will just be a whole new set of promises from all sides that I believe will not be met. Let’s say the Conservatives win a minority, their budget will certainly be challenged, and could force yet another election.

  4. As a recipient of odsp, I strongly recommend the NDP to vote against the budget, this budget will further drive m  into poverty, I cannot tolerate a freeze , as I have lost most of my diet allowance, and my appeal was denied for my diet allowance.Please NO MORE CUTS OR FREEZES TO ODSP.!

    • I hear you, a mere 1% increase we received this year which amounted to less than a $ increase per month. We didn’t ask to be disabled and given the choice I think others would agree we’d sooner not be, but that’s the hand we have been dealt. If McGinty wants to make cuts perhaps he should look to the red tape associated with ODSP, take someone who is permanently disabled when they are 20, until they reach 65 every month they must fill in and submit a form in order to receive next months pay cheque. Not only is this an unnecessary make work project for social service offices it is an extra burden on those already suffering. I paid my dues working 30 yrs, and now when I need help I receive $900 a month, as a single person it’s not do able, which is why many days I wonder if this is what the rest of my life is going to be like perhaps I would be better of dead. Thanks Andrea for thinking of the people of this province and what the people want, not what some insensitive stuffed shirt thinks we need.

  5. Kill this budget NOW!!!!.  Make them dump all day Kinder-setting everyone kids.  Follow the Drummond recommendations.  So tired of paying more and more.  I am now retired and cannot afford all these new taxes disguised as fees.  If you kill this sad attempt at reducing the budget you will certainly have my vote for another election.

  6. I hope the budget passes.  I can’t wait to see the reaction of the unions, teachers, doctors and nurses to the Dalton McHarris budget.

  7. I would expect that the NDP will extract some major concessions from the Liberals and pass the budget. If they have any sense, they probably don’t actually want to govern right now, because whomever is in power is probably going to get stuck wearing a lot of the pain resulting from this budget going into the next election. Might as well let the Liberals have it, at least for now.

    I don’t honestly know if any of the parties have the vision to get the province out of the mess it’s currently in. Maybe if they pool all of their resources they’ll have the collective intelligence to figure something out.

  8. Talk about making cuts in all the wrong places! Say no,,, the liberals got to go!