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Ontario court frees Abdullah Khadr

U.S. extradition request rejected due to “shocking and unjustifiable” human rights violations


An Ontario Court ruled Wednesday that Abdullah Khadr cannot be extradited to the United States on terrorism charges. The 29-year-old had been held in a Toronto detention centre since 2005, after a Boston court had him arrested on terrorism charges. But Ontario Superior Court Justice Christopher Speyer said Abdullah has sustained “shocking and unjustifiable” human rights violations during his “illegal and arbitrary” detention. Abdullah was immediately released following the decision. “[I want to] try and get on with my life. I feel very happy,” Mr. Khadr said outside the Toronto courthouse. “I always believed that it would happen one day, and thank God it happened.”

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Ontario court frees Abdullah Khadr

  1. I am not very well read on this file, beyond the headline level of detail. Nonetheless, I take the naive and innocent position that human rights are human rights. Abuse of power is often accompanied by pragmatic excuses that appeal to our basest fears, insecurities, vanities, etc..

    I do believe, though, that our society is what it is largely because of the protections we enjoy against state tyranny. Many will disagree over the ideal balance point between collective versus individual rights, and that debate is an important and valuable one to have on a regular basis and the balance point may vary a few degrees over time.

    But certain fundamentals should never be in doubt: security of the person, habeus corpus, natural justice. If we betray these out of fear, mistrust, ignorance, it is the foundation of our society we imperil.

  2. Abdullah Khadr can't be all bad if he thanks God. [Beware the tyranny of the human rights sword.]

    • I wonder, what the Justice Christopher Speyer would say, after some of Khadr's cronies, or he himself ( he wants to get on with his (terrorist) life) would kill some of the Justice's relatives.

  3. Khadrs familiy should be imediatelly deported back to Pakistan.
    They hate Canada and Canadians but enjoy free welfare and passports.
    Let's put aside spin-less apologetic correctnes and clean our sandbox from all junk.

  4. Does this mean he is free to attend his brothers trial at Gitmo ?