Ontario government conspired to keep G20 law secret

Emails show Liberal officials wanted to keep public in the dark


Emails uncovered by Ontario Ombudsman André Marin show Ontario cabinet ministers fought to keep a special law enacted ahead of last June G20 summit secret. Senior officials were discussing withholding information about the changes to the Public Works Protection Act as early as June 7, nearly three weeks before the Toronto Star broke the news that police had purportedly been given additional powers to arrest people near the summit site. (Dalton McGuinty’s cabinet secretly approved the changes on June 2.) Moreover, a press release saying the new law “does not authorize police officers to require individuals to submit to searches on roads and sidewalks outside the zone,” was scrapped at the last minute by government officials because, according to Marin, there had only been one media call on the matter.

Toronto Star

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Ontario government conspired to keep G20 law secret

  1. So many people conspiring to work against free speech and protest in Canada. No level of government or organization is going to be held accountable for the lies, arbitrary arrest or violence, but at least the truth is slowly trickling out.

    • I can see only one sliver of a silver lining: Canada does not have to host that circle jerk again for a good long time.

      • Next time they won't need a circle jerk meeting for arbitrary arrest and lying about police powers; they have set the precedence and so far gotten away with it.

  2. How can we the citizens effectively challenge and when necessary stop such inroads on democratic principles?
    Remember the thin edge of the wedge theory? We are not a classless society!

  3. 'Moreover, a press release saying the new law “does not authorize police officers to require individuals to submit to searches on roads and sidewalks outside the zone,” was scrapped at the last minute by government officials because, according to Marin, there had only been one media call on the matter'

    Is it really possible our freedoms can hang by such a thin thread, or is it down to one crappy govt?

    • this is the worst goverment in the last 50 years and that includes harris and rea

  4. I don't seeing anyone standing up and resigning…

    • In fact, Fantino was recently ELECTED!

  5. The Ombudsman has released what has occurred. The Toronto Chief of Police says he will not resign. The Premier of Ontario says he will not resign. The city of Toronto does not appear to want to fire the Chief of Police.
    Where does that leave the citizens of this province? The protesters that were caught doing damage will be tried but what about the police who took off their name tags and could not control their emotions or their adrenaline?

  6. It's ok, the conservatives did it with Walkerton…

    wait am I being ironic?

  7. Why suddenly the Harper hate squad blaming harper with that event are so quiet now? Hillarious how Mcquinty was so silent at the time and let Harper took the fall for that one when the controversy raged on. At that time the left were extremely vociferous for Harper's head (for being a dictator) and yet now I hear nothing from them. Is it the usual business of Pinko hypocrisy?

    • There's plenty of blame to go around. McGuinty can be blamed for passing that idiotic law. Harper can be blamed for holding the summits in two sites, needlessly costing Canadians hundreds of millions of dollars. See, you can hate McGuinty and Harper!

      • Had they passed around that blame when it happened, then there would have been more credibility in your statement. Can't anyone see the cowardice of McGuinty with his silence when everybody was pointing at Harper, not even an ehkk from him. What kind of leadership is that when you are hiding at someone else's butt.

        • Interesting. Have you ever, EVER, seen ANY politician step forward to accept blame for something until it became completely obvious to everyone that they were to blame? You're holding McGuinty to a standard that no politician I know of has ever met. Ever.

          Secondly, I'd estimate that we're not even close to completely unravelling what happened during the summit. There's still much investigation to do. Whether you're blaming McGuinty or Harper, you're probably jumping the gun.

          • Can't you see the similarity between what Allan Rock did and McGuinty?

          • You're going to have to refresh my memory.

    • Ariadne…I think you are the first person to use the term ''Pinko '' since Don Cherry's welcome speech…Sweet….

    • Strawman argument is a strawman

    • I was wondering how one of Steyn's amen choir would try to twist this around against the pinko commies. Hey, dummy, read the other comments. The pinkos are more pissed off than you conservative clapping seals will ever be.

      • Many right wingers are getting ready to feign anger now that there is some reason to direct it at a Liberal Party.

      • You are the first one I have heard from, yet you are more upset with what I have to say than what McGuinty has done Thanks, from this dummy. Peace, pinko!

        • You're not looking very hard, but what else is new. At least now you have the green light to hate on the police behaviour — now that you know a – gasp – Liberal politician played a role in it. The pinkos (Don Cherry's definition, not mine) have been up in arms for months.

  8. Well this will definitely NOT help the Liberals in the upcoming provincial elections.

    • can you say toast?

      • can you say "will not be reported on CBC or CTV"? i expect less than 100 ontarians even know about this.

        • Yeah, and you could tell a million of them and not get more than 500 to care. We are too lazy, stupid, bloated and ugly to protect our children's rights…

          Dalton McQuinty can sh*t all over us because we are wallowing in sh*t already… and quite content in it. We just don't care.

          • the phenomenon should be called "The Harper Factor".

  9. Shocker! You got a prelude to Premier Dads styled with Caledonia and Ban everything.

  10. I don't suppose THIS might be the sort of thing that would interest a Human Rights Commission? No? Oh, well…

    • I'm sure they'd be all over it if it was in their jurisdiction. Don't be fooled just because the word "rights" is in their title.

      In fact, I don't suppose THIS might be the sort of thing that would interest a Humane Society? No? Oh well….

      (I can't figure out if this is one of those right wing things where the poster knows the answer or not…)

  11. Typical Liberal crooks. Fire them all.

  12. High status people tend to break a law. Now that they have everything, what are they haunting? Greedy… can people live overcoming the sin?

  13. "there had only been one media call on the matter."

    This line is symbolic of what's wrong with the media; they're reactive, not proactive. Try selling this story in the headlines; "The police gets new powers for the G20…" and there's nothing you could write to conclude that sentence without sounding like an alarmist.

    Reactivity is how the media turned the Gomery inquiry from a chance to inform and involve canadians to a flying circus: "Sell, sell, sell those headlines… democracy be damned!"

  14. A lot of posts on here complaining about Human rights and freedoms being eroded by all levels of government yet one riding in Toronto elects an ex cop (fantino) as a conservative MP.

    And he got elected without making clear what his views on Human rights and freedoms, as opposed to what the police can do, in situations like the G20.

    You people deserve the government you elect.

    Too bad the rest of us have to suffer because of that.

    • You deserve the Government you elect….All the more reason for all eligble Citizens to get out and Vote !! ……but they won't .

  15. liberals believe government knows best. this is how that mistake plays out in practice.

    maybe someday liberal supporters will see the connection. probably not though – that would mean all the stupid evil conservatives were more right than they were.

  16. Dalton McUnion-the quiet sleaze.

  17. While several peole have various degrees of responsibliity for what happened, the Chief of Police for the city has by far the greatest responsibility. He is responsible for all policing that goes on inside city limits. Since he has not the integrity to resign, the citizens should force him to. If we were not sheep we would immediately dismissed him for the lying excuses he has made since then.

    • absolutely! while the law the Liberals passed was bad, had the cops stuck to it, it would have been a much smaller matter.

  18. Sounds like the the next move is the voters

  19. The police state goose steps on. Remember this everytime your governments implement new rules. Seig Heil.

    • And suddenly Mr. Bean's heart is bleeding all over for the Adam Nobodys of the world. The irony is so rich my cholesterol level just went up.