Ontario gov’t won’t release employee Internet records

Journalists want report that shows which websites are accessed


Reporters at the Toronto Star have been repeatedly stymied in their attempts to access the monthly reports the Ontario government uses to monitor what its 60,000 employees are doing online. A mediation between The Ministry of Government Services and the Star has failed and the Information and Privacy Commission will now be forced to adjudicate. “Canada’s pretty much the worst advanced country that I know of when it comes to access to information,” Amir Attaran, a University of Ottawa law professor and an expert in access-to-information legislation told The Star’s Robert Cribb. “It’s abundantly clear that you’re being stonewalled by a government that has secrets to keep,” he added. The government argues that releasing the records could endanger the security of their information technology network.

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Ontario gov’t won’t release employee Internet records

  1. Seriously? Too what purpose and need is there a request for this information other than media sensationalism of slamming bureaucrats. The data will have no more shocking details than any other private fir m. Employees (public and private) will use the internet for personal reasons at work. We are an online based society and EVERYONE uses the internet at work to read newspapers, banking, shop etc. Time of use and duration will tell you nothing as a site being accessed does not mean it is being used the entire time but rather is open for that time period. Do some real journalism for a change and stop your FOX News style reporting.

  2. I’m sure the government’s reasons are valid enough why they wouldn’t share such data publicly. I think it’s purely unethical to share such sensitive information, especially if everything is still under investigation or review. Monitoring the employees may seem too invasive for someone’s privacy but if it’s being used to control any abuse or misuse of internet privileges, then the officials has every right to do the monitoring for the benefit of the majority. 

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