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Ontario halts eco fees program

Charge is cancelled weeks after it was introduced following major backlash


Environment Minister for Ontario John Gerretsen will announce today that the government is halting the program that would add “eco fees” to thousands of household products, such as aerosols, cleaning products and other potentially toxic items. The program has faced growing backlash from retailers and consumer groups who say the rollout has been unclear and confusing, and that it lacked transparency and accountability. “It’s confusing to our customers,” said Mike Arnett, the president of Canadian Tire Retail. “[Customers] have questions we’re just not able to answer.” So just under three weeks after their introduction, the eco fees will be shelved.

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Ontario halts eco fees program

  1. What angers me most is that there was a good idea at the root of this, which has now been tainted by gross incompetence on the government's part.

    Having the true cost of goods (not just manufacture, but disposal) reflected in the purchase cost is ultimately a fair arrangement. Now, we've lost a great opportunity to have the market and consumer decisions truly reflect costs. Thanks for screwing that up, guys.

    • I feel the same way about Dion's green shift…. which hopeless confused putting a price on carbon emission with a zillion other issues.

  2. There would be few disposal problems if we just burned our garbage like Europeans do. We'd generate cheap energy for the grid as a by-product.

  3. Halting? Would be better if it were scrapped entirely, but I guess we'll have to wait for the Conservatives to gain power in Ontario for that.

    Enough with green fascism.

  4. What stuns me is that the Minister of Environment's office, and Waste Diversion Ontario (which together approve every single recycling plan and fee in Ontario) are hiding behind Stewardship Ontario in the media.

    Stewardship Ontario is NOT the government. They were ordered by WDO to develop this eco-fee scheme, which was also approved by the minister.

    But when the fee hit the fan, politicians and bureaucrats duck and cover and let their private sector licensees take the heat.


  5. Corrupt Liberals are too incompetent to manage waste in a rational manner, they wanted to use the public's good will toward recycling to take even more money for their friends in these quasi-governmental organizations – the pay back is that these organizations quietly campaign to get crooked Liberals re-elected of course.