Ontario immigration lawyers defend colleague against Kenney


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Over 80 immigration lawyers have signed an open letter to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, the Globe and Mail reports, in defence of a colleague who suggested that Mr. Kenney had a role in Conrad Black’s controversial temporary residence permit and was later reported by an aide of Kenney’s to the Law Society of Upper Canada for professional misconduct.

In 2001, Conrad Black famously renounced his Canadian citizenship to pursue a British peerage, but was granted a Canadian temporary resident permit in 2011, while he was still serving time in a Florida prison. Toronto lawyer Guidy Mamann told journalists this summer that he found it improbable that such a major decision was made without the minister’s input, and was later censured by Kenney.

The signatories of the letter also agree it was “not credible” that Black received the permit without the help of Kenney’s office, and that they found Kenney’s attempt to suppress Mamann’s freedom of expression “reprehensible”

Kenney’s spokeswoman, Ana Curic, told reporters that the signatories have no proof of Kenney’s involvement in Black’s permit, and that their accusations show they have a “warped sense of professionalism and legal ethics”.

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Ontario immigration lawyers defend colleague against Kenney

  1. This government again “in trouble with the law of this country” day after the Federal court ruling on Attawapiskat.

    • They’re not “in trouble with the law of this country”, they’ve simply annoyed 80 lawyers. Frankly, I wish our government would do more to annoy lawyers.

  2. Good for the lawyers.

    • It is funny how lawyers are always the first to cry foul when their clients are defamed or tried on heresy, yet when the same is done by them they fully support it.

      You can not have it both ways, either support what you say with evidence or shut your pie hole.

  3. Yeah there is no proof it’s a duck, but it surely looks like …, swims like …, and quacks like ….

  4. So a lawyer defames a cabinet minister and he gets a pat on the back?

  5. Lawyers making public accusations without proof? Really? Is that their professionalism I see draining into the sewer?

    It is ironic that this affair took root with the direct intervention of a Prime Minister. Too bad Chretien couldn’t simply let the British grant a peerage to a British citizen and reserve the management of Canadian titles to purely Canadian citizens.

  6. Holy crap Batman! You don’t mean someone’s actually suggesting that a Conservative Cabinet Minister actually used his official status to fastrack Lord Blacktops temporary permit to reside in O Canada. Oh the horror of it all!

  7. Jason Kenney filed a grievance with the law society against Guidy Mamann because Mr. Mamann said that he “did not find it credible” that Kenney was not involved in the decision to grant a residency permit to Conrad Black, a non Canadian, while Black was still serving jail time in a US prison. Jason the Bully claims that highly trained professionals of the government bureaucracy made the decision, not him.

    Probably the same trained professionals that prevented George Galloway, a sitting Member of Parliament from Britain, from entering the country to speak to a church group.

    What is so hard to believe here sheeple? It comes from the Honourable Jason Kenney. How dare they question a federal minister of the crown without having a shred of evidence? How very unprofessional. According to cabinet colleague Dean Del Mastro, it’s not proper to do that even if there is evidence.

    Conrad Black, who has quite a reputation for bitch slapping any critic with a libel lawsuit, was responsible for a rare Canadian book burning event (the 1988 title “Whose Money Is It Anyways – The Showdown on Pensions” by Ann Finlayson.)

    Kenney and Harper obviously feel we need more people like Conrad Black in this country.

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