Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admits he has smoked 'a lot' of pot -

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admits he has smoked ‘a lot’ of pot


TORONTO – Ontario’s premier and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford threw themselves in the political pot debate Wednesday, confessing they too smoked dope — and more than once.

Ford, who’s been fighting allegations that he smoked crack cocaine, raised eyebrows when he freely admitted to using a different drug.

“Oh yeah,” he said with a laugh. “I won’t deny that. I smoked a lot of it.”

Wynne also came clean that she puffed some pot, but “very, very infrequently” and stopped 35 years ago, before her children were born and she was elected.

“It’s never been a big part of my life,” said the 60-year-old premier.

They’re the latest high-profile politicians to own up to using marijuana, after Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau admitted last week that he took a pull on a joint three years ago while he was an MP.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has said he stayed away from the drug after seeing a U.S. Supreme Court nominee withdraw after it emerged he had smoked marijuana in college.

Trudeau said he hasn’t lit up since, but Justice Minister Peter MacKay condemned him for breaking the law while serving in public office.

He also accused Trudeau of hypocrisy for voting for mandatory minimum sentences for marijuana production before he stopped smoking up.

Wynne said she won’t pass judgment on Trudeau or anyone else.

“These are personal decisions that people make and I’m not going to weigh in on the decision of another politician or individual,” she said.

Ford’s admission Wednesday that he smoked weed came as a surprise since he’s refused to answer questions from reporters about his alleged drug use.

In May, Ford denied that he used crack in the face of reports that he was videotaped smoking the drug, and said he couldn’t comment on a video “that I have never seen and may not exist.”

Three years ago, Ford admitted he was charged with driving under the influence and marijuana possession in Florida in the 1990s. He at first denied the allegations, but later pleaded no-contest to the impaired driving charge and the drug charge was dropped.

Wynne, who lived with her young children for three years in the Netherlands where the drug is legal, wouldn’t say whether she agrees with Trudeau that marijuana should be legalized and regulated.

Proponents argue one of the benefits would be generating much-needed cash to pay for public services.

“I think it’s one of those contentious subjects that we need to debate,” said Wynne.

“I think it’s good that it’s been raised. I think that it’s an important debate to have, but I’m not going to weigh in on one side or other of it at this point.”

Former Liberal prime minister Jean Chretien tried to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana, but it didn’t become law.

For the record, Chretien said he never smoked a joint.

Note to readers: This is a corrected story. An earlier version erroneously said Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has admitted he smoked pot.

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admits he has smoked ‘a lot’ of pot

  1. So far we have a prime minister who didn’t smoke pot because he has asthma, a Foreign Affairs Minister who didn’t smoke because he was concerned about his future job prospects, and a Justice Minister who doesn’t smoke pot because he thinks most Canadians want elected officials to stay straight. What a ringing endorsement for the continued criminalization of marijuana by our most senior lawmakers! Doesn’t any of them even want to pretend that possessing marijuana is morally wrong, harming Canada, and justifiably criminal?

    And given that they are all essentially okay with making a practical decision for themselves, is it okay if the rest of us who are unconcerned about future Supreme Court appointments or electability or asthma just go ahead and make our own choice without fear of prosecution?

  2. Many years ago, I attended a social gathering during which I saw a young lawyer enjoying a few tokes as the joints were circulated. That lawyer now sits on the bench.

    I daresay if people were required to candidly declare their behaviour in this regard and to forgo appointment to higher office as a result, the legislatures and judiciaries of the nation would be much depleted.

  3. No!
    You mean Rob Ford actually admitted to having smoked a lot of pot in the past. Well who saw that one coming? We all just thought that he had a lobotomy.

    • (A) He was caught with some in his possession. (B) He sees how it has helped Trudeau’s popularity. Since everyone knew anyway, why not try to make political hay with it?

  4. So all of these Government leaders admit to have done it… most got by without a slap on the wrist, never mind a criminal record. Is that not completely hypocritical for the people who MAKE OUR LAWS to admit to have dabbled in illegal activity and agree that such activity was next to harmless? Why must we continue to live with this meaningless law?

    Marijuana kills a total of 0 people daily, whereas drugs like tobacco and alcohol kill thousands DAILY. Here are the effects of marijuana use: sudden increase in appetite, laziness, increased positive mood, thoughtfulness, peaceful attitude. And now here are the symptoms of alcohol: depression, reckless behavior, violence, lack of control, dizziness. Which one sounds more dangerous? Think about it. Why is our government allowing us to legally consume things that cause death, heavy addiction rates, and increased health problems? Yet if you mention pot smoking it’s totally viewed as the enemy. Shouldn’t the enemy be drugs like alcohol and tobacco? Not to say that our government leaders should make those drugs illegal either. All I’m saying is that if you’re going to allow harmful drugs to be on the shelves, available for the public to purchase, then they should also decriminalize marijuana use. Kids are going to experiment either way; it is inevitable.